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Lindsay Lohan

End of 2012

Shows Wear and Tear

1/1/2013 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The photos tell the story -- it was a rough year for Lindsay Lohan.

These pics of Lindsay were snapped as she returned to her London hotel just before the stroke of midnight.

Lohan looked disheveled and a little bloated after celebrating the end of a year that included --

-- a car crash
-- 3 fresh criminal charges for lying to cops
-- getting her probation in the jewelry heist case revoked
-- arrested in NYC for assault
-- arrested in NYC for hit and run
-- calling cops after epic fight in NYC with Dina
-- huge tax problems
-- Liz and Dick
-- Liz and Dick
--Liz and Dick

Happy New Year.  May 2013 bring you peace ... just a little.


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LILO - the Tmz bullying bashers offer nothing but negative insights. Their comments are meaningless and their pointing fingers will come back to haunt them least they forget they have nine fingers (inc thumbs) pointing right back at them. What goes around comes around ... especially for bullies.

625 days ago


I thought she said she was staying IN and celebrating with family and friends? She LOOKS like a piece of crap here and a little BLITZED if you ask me!

625 days ago


I hope this very sick young lady gets help before she dies so young.;(

625 days ago


Funny how TMZ selects the picture where Lindsay is between blinking here eyes so it will appear as if she was drunk or high!

625 days ago


TAUNTING Taunting is a choice to bully someone for whom you have contempt. There is no intent of playfulness, even if the bully says, I was just teasing, or joking. Taunting is intended to isolate the target, to hurt, and words used are demeaning and cruel. The bully may laugh, and so may the bystander(s). The target is embarrassed, humiliated, or shamed, living in fear of what may come next.

625 days ago



[BlindGossip] She’s not a regular Mom. She’s a cool Mom! When her daughter has a gig, she doesn’t just show up and clap. She parties hard with her daughter’s friends until the wee hours of the morning. And when Mom’s partying, she and her mouth get totally out of control.

On a bender last week – and while her daughter was on the other side of the room – she regaled a large group of people with the most intimate and disgusting details of her daughter’s sexual conquests. She told stories about a famous singer who thought her daughter was beautiful (“He likes to take the virginity of his groupies!”), an heir to a family fortune (“Good thing he has a handsome face, because his penis is really small!), and a slimy actor (“He likes the back door, and he said that [my daughter] was the best sex he’s ever had… and he’s had everybody!”). It’s nice to see a Mom so proud of her her little princess.







It’s Dina Lohan, mother of Lindsay Lohan! Source:

Mom: Dina Lohan

Daughter: Lindsay Lohan

Singer: James Blunt

Heir: Harry Morton

Actor: Wilmer Valderama

Dina Lohan has a big mouth. And when she gets drunk, she spills secrets even more often than she spills drinks.

Of course, we don’t know if Lindsay Lohan actually slept with James Blunt, Harry Morton, or Wilmer Valderama. And we don’t know if James thinks she’s beautiful, or if Harry has a tiny peen, or if Wilmer likes the back door. We’re just telling you what Dina said.

Clues: At the time this blind was published, Lindsay Lohan had just appeared on Saturday Night Live, where she played a Disney princess. Of course, she was also a Disney girl herself in her younger days. “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” is a line from Mean Girls, which starred Lindsay Lohan.

Although we don’t see anyone who got all of the players right without making multiple guesses, many of you got pieces of this right. Congratulations!

625 days ago


What I find interesting is how no else in the family steps up to intervene. Ali is of age isn't she? and Michael Jr is an adult and then their is Granny. Does Dina have that much of a hold over them that they cannot see their sister is dying in front of their eyes? Disfunction runs deep in the Lohan clan.

625 days ago


Failure to Parent


BlindGossip – It must be really difficult to come out of reh*b and resist the temptations that are all around you in Young Hollywood. It must be even more difficult to come out of reh*b expecting the support of your family, and instead have them enable you. Her first week out of reh*b, this young actress spent some time with one of her parents. How did the parent celebrate their child’s recovery? By doing shots with them. No, we’re not kidding.


It’s Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan! Source:

Is it any wonder that Lindsay Lohan is the mess that she is? Both of her parents have substance-abuse issues and have trouble keeping themselves sober, never mind trying to raise their kids to be sober, responsible adults.

When we heard last year that Dina did shots with Lindsay as soon as Lindsay got out of rehab, we were incredulous. Could a parent really be that stupid? Yes. And when we saw this report that the two of them were doing shots together to celebrate Dina’s birthday last week, we knew it was time to reveal this one.

From The New York Daily News:

Dina Lohan celebrates boozy 50th birthday party with daughter Lindsay Lohan; ex Michael Lohan calls her ‘pathetic’ and ‘disgraceful’

Lindsay Lohan partied like it was her birthday on Saturday — because it was her mother’s.

According to the manager of Mio Posto in Hicksville, L.I., the 26-year-old “Liz & Dick” actress had “double vodka and club soda” during Dina Lohan’s 12-person 50th-birthday dinner.

The small but rowdy celebration comes on the heels of the mother of four being accused of being inebriated during a tease for an interview with Dr. Phil (the show will air today).

“She drank mixed drinks,” the manager tells us of Dina Lohan. “She had a few.”

While a spokesman for La Lohan says it’s a policy to not comment on things regarding family, Lindsay’s father Michael, who divorced Dina Lohan in 2007, felt otherwise.

“After finding out Dina was drinking in front of Lindsay on her birthday, not only do I think it’s pathetic, but obviously she doesn’t think what anyone thinks of her as a mother,” he told Confidenti@l. “It’s absolutely disgraceful that a mother would appear on ‘Dr. Phil’ in the condition she was in and continue on the same path. Even more troubling is now she was drinking around and with Lindsay.”

When Michael Lohan is telling you that you’re disgraceful, you’ve sunk to a new low.

Dina Lohan’s own lack of sobriety has become very public lately.

625 days ago


Read the earlier comment about alchoolics and big bellies.

Her liver is possibly falling apart on her. Common sign for this is jaundice. The bloat speaks for itself.

I'm thinking the fake tan crap she wears and hocks might just be a ploy to cover that up.

I don't think she'll make it to her birthday and thus the 27 Club.

625 days ago


A little FYI, Dina is NOT HELLp/Ginger or Ernie.

625 days ago


She looks REALLY bad, folks. I don't think this drunk and druggin slore is going to make it another year. Seriously. I bet on New Years Day next year, we'll be talking about where she's being buried. Betcha. She looks THAT bad. Bloaty stomach area (probably in early signs of sclerosis and fat/puffy face "alcohol bloat") -- Not good. And to think her mother continues to deny LiHo has a problem and continues to party with her. I'm afraid Dina is scared of the "GRAVY TRAIN" ending, that's why she doesn't get her help. I'm afraid she's so scared once LiHo gets sober, she'll cut her out....and cut her off. Fact.

625 days ago


Lindsay And Dina Lohan Ring In the New Year With Nonstop Partying

90 7
Posted on Jan 01, 2013 @ 05:33PM print it send it

Pacific Coast News
By Radar Staff

Lindsay and Dina Lohan LOVE to party together and they got their New Year's celebration started early when they hit up C London restaurant Sunday night.

The mother-daughter duo had glazed eyes when they left the trendy restaurant. Dina stumbled and had to have help staying on her feet.

PHOTOS: Lindsay & Dina Lohan Party Hard In London

Both wearing furry jackets and mini dresses to show off their legs, the ladies dined at the eatery in the heart of London's Mayfair district.

At one point, Lindsay looked strangely out of it while talking to a female friend during the dinner. And later, when leaving the restaurant, the actress looked at the camera with an vacant expression and her long red hair disheveled.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Strips Down Into Elizabeth Taylor's Iconic Swimsuit

Dina, who made a bizarre appearance on Dr. Phil last fall, also appeared to be worse for wear.

As previously reported, Lindsay continued to display a haggard look on Monday, New Year's Eve, as she was photographed entering the Dorchester hotel in London.

625 days ago


Classy chic. Does anyone else immediately think of serious grooming issues?

625 days ago

Chief Gall    

WARNING!!!!! The photo below is not contorted or distorted and is therefore likely to annoy and upset haters. Please do not look if you desperately wish to keep your delusional bubble from bursting. Look at the TMZ photo above and convince your delusional selves that Lindsay looks exactly like that when she's standing with you in an elevator. SUPER MAXIMUM LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy your delusion.


more wine, please...............................

625 days ago

Chief Gall

625 days ago
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