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Photog's Last Call

He Absolutely Believed

Justin Was Smoking [AUDIO]

1/2/2013 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The last person to speak with the photog who was killed Tuesday following Justin Bieber's car tells TMZ ... Chris Guerra was quite sure Justin had been smoking pot while driving earlier in the day.

The person who spoke with Chris at 5:16 PM -- less than an hour before he was killed -- did not want us to use his name.  He's also a photog who took Chris under his wing, and says Chris was one of his closest friends.

He also says he believes Justin is partly to blame for Chris' death because of the singer's reckless driving history and alleged pot smoking which made it a big story to follow.

As for Miley Cyrus' comments, he says, "Good Christians that I know ... don't throw stones at people who get killed."


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We're supposed to feel sorry for this pap leech? Put all paps out in the middle of the street. Let God sort them out.

659 days ago


Justin Bieber is responsible because of the story paps made up about him to use as an excuse to follow him around? You guys are in the wrong town. You should be in Washington DC with that kind of logic.

659 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Same thing happened to two of my tennis buddies from the Las Vegas area about six or seven years ago. Both now have an abacus type hip replacement and both were pronounced dead after their auto accident. Both men were resurrected by the hospital
surgeon! What a drag. The reviving syrum is known ancient turtle medicine that encourages growth even at the morturary with wilkes-barre syndrome setbacks and a knarly type of walking pattern as if they played soccer for a decade non-stop and an increase in height of three to six inches taller.

659 days ago


As much as it pains me to defend Justin Bieber... how could his reckless driving history have possibly contributed to this man's death when he was neither behind the wheel of a car, nor in the vehicle that ran him over. That makes no sense.

659 days ago


Ruh roh! Justin was smoking weed?!?! Weed is not that big of a deal, alcohol is so much worse. Legalize it! I can just picture it....the biebs (or whatever he is called) smoking a big fat blunt.

659 days ago


Justin wasn't even driving the car nor was he even in the car!

659 days ago


This is very sad. I think his friend is a dirtbag for calling and sharing the's too soon. Accusations regarding fault aside, there is a family grieving right now.

659 days ago


So,it's partly his fault that the paparazzi stalks him looking to cash in on photos that they take of him? It was the victims own damn fault. You would think that he[Justin Beiber] mowed him down,instead of the person that actually hit him.

659 days ago


This guy sounds like a complete idiot!!! I hope its just his grief talking, because no person in his right mind would ever try to blame Bieber for this guys death!! Come on!!!!!!

659 days ago


justin isn't partly to blame at all the officer told the guy to move out of the way to the side of the road and he didn't listen so it is all this is chris's fault

659 days ago


How in the f*ck can this guy actually blame Beiber when he was not in the car at all? How about blaming the idiot that got himself killed chasing a story instead of working a real job.

659 days ago


He was going to stay on the "story" all night or as long as it took. What friggin story?

659 days ago


better he die than kill an innocent driver while chasing a celeb

659 days ago


This is being blamed on Justin, to expose he smokes weed...So Damn What. Being stupid and disobeying an Officer is the issue. Thinking you can do whatever you want has consequences. Yes the death is tragic, but no one is to blame but the photographer.

659 days ago


Somebody please tell me that the accident record isn't going to be released by L.A.P.D. and they find out the name of the poor driver that hit this man. I can just see you A-holes pulling that. I couldn't imagine having to deal with hitting and killing someone even when it was the Paps fault. That's a very traumatic event to go through. Condolences to the man's family.

659 days ago
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