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Jonas Bros

Fan Sues -- They Have

A Huge Crush On Me

1/2/2013 4:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Jonas Brothers fan has sued the group, claiming they're so popular, she was crushed during a concert by crazed groupies.

Ashleigh Johnson filed the lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- in which she claims she was at The Grove in L.A. back in May, 2010, watching the boys perform an early bird special (3 PM), when she was pushed by an uncontrolled crowd against a guard fence.

Ashleigh says she was "agonizingly crushed" into the fence and suffered serious mental, emotional and physical injuries as a result.

Ashleigh -- who didn't ante up her age -- is suing the group as well as Caruso Management, the folks behind The Grove.

Here's a good defense.  Who knew The Jonas Bros. were still popular?


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Jennifer Pena    

No shame in being a Jonas fan. They're more talented than Bieber and 1D combined.

And it's idiotic to sue, especially after almost 3 years!

625 days ago


I can never like or hate on this TMZ site!

625 days ago


20 years ago I bumped out of first class by Jerry Lewis and his entourage. Who do I sue for the emotional distress of having to fly coach...

625 days ago


Sorry, DUMBAZZ, a mother already tried to sue Bieber for losing her hearing at a concert. The judge ruled that you should've known the decibal count at a concert like that. You had front row tickets and expect the JONAS BROS to control the crowd when they rush the stage?
How the HELL is a court of law supposed to rule in this FAN's favor. A big group of fans, rush the stage, crush her and we're all supposed to believe that these HAS BEENS caused it. Nice try.

625 days ago


lulz her name is "Ashleigh".

625 days ago


If she's physically injured, she may have a case against the venue, but not the Jo Bros. It's the responsibility of the venue to provide safety and security to attendees, not the group. It's all part of the painstakingly detailed contract. Since they didn't hurt her directly, they're not at fault. Had they, for instance, thrown a guitar and smashed her face, they would be liable. But she made a good move, because not only will her attorneys attempt to prove the liability of the venue, but the Jo Bros attorneys will do the same in order to take the heat off of them. Of course, if she's not physically hurt, then she's a lying little blood-sucking cry baby looking for a pay day.

625 days ago

BAAAAA BEEEEE! they sung that and the crowd went crazyy

625 days ago


Tmz writers are terrible. The title of this story is misleading as always. I love the Jonas boys to death......girl dies while looking at Jonas poster on wall. Seriously try a bit harder to be real journalists

625 days ago


My mother took my sister too one of there concerts fell to the ground got was trampled, and broke her arm. Did she sue? No

625 days ago


Bit too late, and wrong people, otherwise under regular cirkumstances it's a shame kids have to worry about getting crushed and disabled or die because of so many rude, thoughtless idiots in the audience pushing and shoving their way forward because of our society's common me-first attitude

625 days ago


The John Holmes Bros need to score some groupies. Oops, sorry wrong ratings genre and decade.

625 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...I wonder how Kevin's wife is doing...think? he is the married one..anyways...watched their reality show..she sure comes off as one medicated bi-polar kinda gal.....wish them well!

625 days ago


What? Does she really think the band is personally responsible for every single horny screaming tween that sees them live? It that was the case, there would be no such thing as live concerts anymore. If the injury was serious, I can see suing the venue/management, but not the talent!

625 days ago


Right up there with Cyrus. She hasn't been able to make it on her own either.

625 days ago


Not too exciting a story, but I'll take this story--at least it isn't about the K-clan.

625 days ago
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