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Jonas Bros

Fan Sues -- They Have

A Huge Crush On Me

1/2/2013 4:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Jonas Brothers fan has sued the group, claiming they're so popular, she was crushed during a concert by crazed groupies.

Ashleigh Johnson filed the lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- in which she claims she was at The Grove in L.A. back in May, 2010, watching the boys perform an early bird special (3 PM), when she was pushed by an uncontrolled crowd against a guard fence.

Ashleigh says she was "agonizingly crushed" into the fence and suffered serious mental, emotional and physical injuries as a result.

Ashleigh -- who didn't ante up her age -- is suing the group as well as Caruso Management, the folks behind The Grove.

Here's a good defense.  Who knew The Jonas Bros. were still popular?


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Can I just say that this girl is a stupid bimbo?! Seriously! When you're a fan of something, you'll go through hell and back to meet/see your favorite actors/singers.. you would be happy and take your pain as battle scars! I wouldn't mind getting a bit ruffled up if it meant I could see them! If you're trying to get money out of someone and putting then in a bad light; you're no fan. Shouldn't have been there in the first place!

627 days ago


1. This was almost 3 years ago. 2. It's called GENERAL ADMISSION for a reason, and if you get hurt it is not the venue's or the group in which you saw's fault. It's your own. 3. Real Jonas fans don't mind getting pushed around at a Jonas concert. Dear Ashleigh, Since you suffer emotionally already, I would mentally prepare yourself for the verbal content you will be receiving from the Jonas' fan base. Dear TMZ, I would also like to tell you to prepare yourself for all the hatred for this article you have posted from the many Jonas fans. I personally take offense to your rhetorical question at the end of your article because I am one of the millions of Jonas fans that stuck with the boys when others were leaving them for upcoming artists. The Jonas Brothers never were "infamous," so please set your facts straight from your rumors. P.S. TMZ is as irrelevant as oceanup

627 days ago


what an idiot.

627 days ago


Whatever,15 years ago I fell over in the mosh pit of a metallica concert and got my ass kicked. it was awesome!

627 days ago


Why do boy-bands sing about how much they love women and how many nice things they'll do for women...but girl-bands sing about men being losers, and about all the bad things they want to do those men, and use videos to show themselves slapping and smacking men around?
Is it perhaps a natural repercussion of feminism teaching young girls and boys that boys/men are to worship girls/women and girls/women are to spit on boys/men and insult them?
Things that make you go hmm...

627 days ago


Another s***bag trying to cash in without working, unreal!!! Emotional distress? Give me a break. What did you think would happen in the front? Idiot!! Hope it gets tossed AND has to pay legal fees. That's the only way to stop these type of suits.

627 days ago


Freakin ridiculous! That's like then suing their parents because they gave birth to them.

627 days ago


Sure the crowd was surging towards them? They were probably doing the opposite trying to get the heck out of there and she got "hurt".

627 days ago


What a pointless lawsuit. It wasn't the Jonas Brothers fault that she got pushed , it was the crowd. Plus for that being 2 years ago you'd think that she would of filed when it happened. I got my hand broken at a LMFAO concert and you don't see me filing a lawsuit on them. It wasn't their fault that my hand got broken. People are craayyy

627 days ago


It was like 2.5yrs ago why she only putting this out now? Is it because she's a fake fan

627 days ago


Jonas Brothers make good music. Their live shows are awesome, and you idiots who use this story and every story about them to add a comment repeating your stupid jokes and insults over and over just show what immature idiots you are. Even stupider than this lawsuit. The Jonas Brothers were nice talented boys years ago that teens loved. Today, they are men with older fans, mature music good music even if you haven't heard it. They are mature, hotter, more talented and better than most of you uninformed like-to-make-jokes-to-make-yourselves-feel-better-about-yourselves people.

627 days ago


People will do anything for money

627 days ago


MMMmbop guys , right?

627 days ago


i don't get this it all
why the **** did you wait like 2 years to do this? i mean this is not even the jonas brothers' fault, this is your ****ing fault for being so ****ing idiot. Srsly.
This web site sucks by the way.

627 days ago

Miley is a whore    

hope they countersue

627 days ago
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