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Jonas Bros

Fan Sues -- They Have

A Huge Crush On Me

1/2/2013 4:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Jonas Brothers fan has sued the group, claiming they're so popular, she was crushed during a concert by crazed groupies.

Ashleigh Johnson filed the lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- in which she claims she was at The Grove in L.A. back in May, 2010, watching the boys perform an early bird special (3 PM), when she was pushed by an uncontrolled crowd against a guard fence.

Ashleigh says she was "agonizingly crushed" into the fence and suffered serious mental, emotional and physical injuries as a result.

Ashleigh -- who didn't ante up her age -- is suing the group as well as Caruso Management, the folks behind The Grove.

Here's a good defense.  Who knew The Jonas Bros. were still popular?


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I fail to see how that's the Jonas Brother's fault.

627 days ago


Who is a worse person ? This fine work here or the guy that tried to sue the Sandy Hook school for money because of the shooting.

627 days ago

tleeg it took u two years to develope this distress, huh? You stupid bitch.

627 days ago


The only thing she has a huge crush on ... is $$$$!

627 days ago


Girl please

627 days ago


As a veteran of concerts back when nSync and the backstreet boys were the ****, girls knew the deal when we went there. You will get crushed, pushed and punched to get a closer glimpse of the guys. I can't tell you how many girls my friends and I elbowed in order to reach the front of the stage. This girl isn't getting nothing. LoL

627 days ago


There has to be a point when accountability rests on your own shoulder. I'm sick of theses lawsuits that blame everyone for a quick buck.

627 days ago


Hey if she gets money..I wanna get my part to Lmao!! I went to a Mariah Carey Consert in 2006. I got punched and elbowd and pushed ect but I didn't sue jajajajaj . MARIAH I WANT MY MONEY..LMAO! ppl theses dayz

627 days ago


B Please.

627 days ago


This is too stupid!! Like the Jonas Brothers could "control" their audience. No one is able to control any audience in any cir***stance, Your only hope is to have an audience with relative common sense so nothing goes absolutely haywire. If not, absolute PR nightmare in trying to figure the 5 Ws and H. And if you don't know what I'm referring to, well, god help the next generation

627 days ago


Ashleigh ?? who names child like this (cottonpickers?)?? ... Ashleigh ?? This must be some african counterpart for Ashley ?. She should have climbed a tree to avoid the stampede , not much tribe consulting, eh?

627 days ago


But shouldn't she be suing the ones who ran her over and not the Jonas Brothers? I swear people will do anything to get a celebs money.

627 days ago


The Virgin Boys...

627 days ago


The Jonas brothers are talented. Could be not your taste of music. They each have their own thing they do apart from the name Jonas Brothers. They also do alot in the name of charity. They are not responsible for what happened to that woman. They dont set up the venue, they dont do venue security.You never see their faces plasted around for doing stupid things once after another. They genuinely care about their fans. This woman might think doing this will be her one shot of meeting them. Either that or bank roll has stopped and looking for another free ride.

627 days ago


oh c'mon mental illness from this? and injuries? maybe injuries can be proved if you provide pictures of the actual injuries if they coincide with her story. honestly my opinion its just another chick wanting money. so get a life and get a job! i know the economy sucks but leave the jo bros alone!

627 days ago
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