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Justin Bieber

'Harassed and Stalked'

By Dead Photog

1/3/2013 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber was stalked and harassed by the photographer who was killed while taking pictures of the singer's car on New Year's Day, and he lied about J.B. smoking pot ... sources connected with Bieber tell TMZ.

Our well-connected Bieber sources tell TMZ ... photog Chris Guerra made Justin's life hell ... following and chasing him at every opportunity. 

The sources claim Chris flat-out lied when he called a friend shortly before he was killed, claiming he saw Justin smoking pot in a pipe while driving his Ferrari earlier that day.  The sources say multiple witnesses will say the only time Justin left the Four Seasons on New Year's Day was to go to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood for lunch, and there was never a pipe in sight.

Sources connected to Justin and Selena say the photog was lying when he told the friend he saw a car belonging to Selena Gomez on the Four Seasons property.  The sources tell us ... the two of them flew to Mexico for New Year's Eve, but had a blow-out argument on December 30 and broke up. Selena left Mexico that same day and Justin left for L.A. on the 31st. They haven't seen each other since and she was never at the Four Seasons on New Year's Day.

The sources say Justin had "very little respect" for Chris Guerra but was trying not to say anything out of respect for the family, but Chris made it "very difficult by telling this guy (his friend) lies about Justin."


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Huh. I'm not so sure they broke up(again). There have been several tweets from people in Utah saying that Justin, Selena, Harry, and Taylor are back there vacationing again before JB performs there on the 5th.

665 days ago


Ha! If JB were being "harassed and stalked" by the photog, why didn't he ever call a cop on the guy? Harassing and stalking are crimes.

665 days ago


No celebrity's photo is worth endangering lives. Walking out into a very busy roadway to take pictures was just one bad decision the paparazzo made. His decision to get pictures cost him his own life.

It's time to get smart about this. This photographer was stalking Bieber. He made claims that are questionable--and the car was not being driven by Bieber, nor was Bieber in the car! The photographer just wanted to make money so he made up a story to go along with the pictures. His lies and the decision to walk into a busy roadway were bad decisions. Only one life was lost that day, though. These car chases that take place can end up killing many more.

665 days ago


I wonder who will pay the most money for the memory card inside the camera he had. Only the card knows the truth. You have to take responsibility for your own actions Sad that a young man lost his life for the picture.

665 days ago


I like Justin .. hate the Paparazzi

665 days ago

idiots_abound where is Justin directly quoted in this article. This is second and third hand info from various "sources". So to say Beiber was "bashing"this guy to defend his reputation us just stupid. I've come to realize that 90% if the commenters on this site probably struggled mightily with the reading comprehension section if the SATs

665 days ago


Yeah, smear the VICTIM, you lying lil dumbazz beebs

665 days ago


Source says this. Source says that.

If you don't attach a name to the source stories are horsecrap.

Whoops. A source just told me Beiber was dropping acid has a vagina and likes hanging the LA Lakers dressing room after. A source told me.

665 days ago


Justin bieber is a big sensation, but i think that chris, wanted to see a big story behind him just following him, so he thought he saw him smoking pot, but it never happend and i know everything there is to know about justin and justin would never do drugs. The press just wants to pin something kn him.

665 days ago


I think everyone is missing the point! He left in the afternoon to go to a chicken and waffle joint, he musta been high!!!

665 days ago


if that photog hadnt died i would have had him charged for endangering the lives fo drivers for standing in the middle of a road like a dumbass i do belive what he did was ilieal like jay-walking or something in a road. the driver of that suv could have been seriously hurt by the photog greed for a payday on a photo. is this not what nightvision telephoto lens are for so you dont have to get close

665 days ago


There is something about Beiber that just makes me want to smack him all the way back to Canada. He just looks like an @$$hole. That being said, stupid photog should look both ways when crossing the road. I feel sorry for the person who hit him (and will have to live with the guilt the rest of their life), and the photogs family (if he has one). Why, oh why do people want pictures of this little stuck-up looking twerp.

665 days ago

Mike Hockslong    

Bieber was HIGH Like a Giraffe's ASS...
He was at Roscoe's with SnooP DoGG, DuH...
HigH 5...

665 days ago


damn these paps are crazy.cant blame justin for that

665 days ago

Princess Patra    

LOL, the story is lame and now JB wants to say he was stalked because he was smokin medical marijuana, wasn't he...

665 days ago
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