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Justin Bieber Photog

Followed the Singer All Day

1/2/2013 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the identity of the photog who was killed while shooting Justin Bieber's car -- he's freelance paparazzo Chris Guerra.

Sources tell us -- Guerra, who was in his late 20s -- was following Bieber all day Tuesday.  Guerra called someone connected with a paparazzi agency at around 5:30 PM to say he was waiting for Justin, who had pulled into the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills a short time earlier.  Guerra abruptly said the Ferrari was pulling out of the hotel and he had to leave.

Guerra apparently assumed Justin was in the car.  As we first reported ... he was not.

Guerra had been working in a Las Vegas casino for several years, when he moved out to L.A. in March to become a photog.

In recent months, he worked the Bieber detail exclusively.

Guerra was not married and had no kids.


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As much as I love celebrity gossip, just like everyone else on this site I'm sure, I truly think there needs to be some laws in place when it comes to paparazzi. It's out of hand. Sad that this guy thought some average Joe was worth following around all day. Sad that he met his demise that way.

660 days ago


There should be laws banning photogs and media outlets from pictures that put the public at risk. Sorry for his loss. Maybe something positive can come of this. Maybe in his honor someone can fight for these laws. I hope the chp doesn't have some silly lawsuit thrown his way for this death.

660 days ago


Id the paps put my life in danger like when Princess Diana died or that moron chasing Bieber on the freeway a few months ago then i could care less about if they die or not.

660 days ago


Well Harvey's week just did a total flip-flop. From his dream headline "Kim Wh ore K's pregnancy", to a Papper death...I used to love both Harvey and TMZ, but I'm starting to really lose respect for them. Their true colors really start to show during the slow times, when they're posting garbage and hearsay just to keep fresh stories up. Everything about Kim K is icky, and there's something fishy about Harvey's refusal to post anything negative about that Wh ore. His association with that family will only bring him bad Karma:(

660 days ago


Well now, was just a matter of time that someone would die,....whether it be a celebrity or a pap,.....I was under the impression that there were laws to protect celebs,celeb family, and keep the paps at a safe distance,.......really??? one of you finally dies,...from what I read,....did he )Chris Guerra) dart out into traffic, and brought this on himself? I am well aware how the 'money shot' works,...but now someone is dead because of it. His poor family,.....
Is the money that great,so you put your life on the line? Sure wish Lady Di was here, to answer that for you. Be aware Paps,....with this horrific accident,...don't be surprised 'if' some pissed off celebs, will now start aiming for you,.....just sayin'...

660 days ago


I am sorry he caused his family so much pain just to get a picture of Bieb's car. He's lucky his stupidity didn't lead to deaths of other innocent people. I'm glad people are speaking out against this and it's getting attention. They are professional stalkers taking risks that put themselves, their victims and innocent people in danger.

660 days ago


So he made a living being a nuisance and like all pests he got there anything more interesting to read, like are Twinkies going to be available much longer?

660 days ago


who is Lil Twist? And was He worth dying for cause Bieber wasn't driving?

660 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I wish this had not had happened. Whatever your job is, it's important to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly. People belittle others who work at Wal Mart or in a fast food joint but they don't realize that an honest day of work beats being on welfare.

660 days ago



660 days ago


Yes .. its HORRIBLE we had to loose a life just to get a picture of human being .. My prayers go out to his family . But the truth is, paparazzi laws NEED to be made. I don't want to see another paparazzi loose their life. Justin has had so much stuff go on in his life since the day he was born, I just wish someone would give him a break! Its idiotic and ridiculous to stalk him, chase him, etc. Just go on with your OWN life.. and dont try to ruin someone elses. Paparazzi really sickens me.

660 days ago


You live
by the
you die
by the sword!

660 days ago

Ozzie X    

The State should regulate papz and require them to be certified after taking a basic course on common sense.

660 days ago


Died over a picture of Justin Bieber, that is truly tragic.

660 days ago


"He had no wife or kids" well of course not, who wants to be with a man that follows Justin beiber around all day.

660 days ago
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