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Kathy Griffin

Blasted for Oral Sex

Antics On CNN

1/2/2013 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kathy Griffin
was obscene and unhinged with Anderson Cooper on CNN's New Year's Eve Live ... so claims an angry Parents Television Council.

The Prez of the PTC tells TMZ ... Griffin "has shown increasing contempt for the audience ..." referring to her multiple attempts to offer Anderson a BJ just after the ball dropped in Times Square.

Tim Winter goes on ... "The onus is now on CNN.  Either the network has a policy that allows its on-air talent to fondle a co-anchor's genitals, or it has a policy that forbids such conduct."

Winter also says he's not buyin' the whole, "The-kids-in-bed" argument, because New Year's Eve is the night kids stay up.


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shes a genius! why else would anyone even be talking about what happened NYE on CNN?

658 days ago

Duck Duck Gray Duck    

Does she know he only wants a man mouth?

658 days ago


Kathy has ruined Anderson Cooper's career. His ratings reveal that I am not the only person that stopped watching his shows because of his behavior with Kathy Griffin. I lost all respect for him. CNN made a huge mistake by pairing Cooper with Griffin.

658 days ago


She one nasty low class ugly bitch !

658 days ago


WTF waht about the whole world eithernet?? with full on XXX 247 365 lock your kiddys in thier room and blockout the whole world OR they mite turn out bad with only thier parents to blame.The networks JOB is bleep out and block and the parents jobs are to be in control of what thier kids do.Anyway you look at it,it`s the parents JOB to inform and control thier kids even if the world is shooting each other to deaths with for profit USA arms sales.GUNs are the biggest problem and arms dealers pushing lead up our tassys for thier 1%^^^er`ss is way out of control kids that didn`t grow up or learn how to make a living ot how to love each other without killing them for a living

658 days ago


I can't figure out for the life of me why anyone finds anything she does remotely humorous. And, frankly, Anderson Cooper's willingness to tolerate that kind of behavior from a co-host makes me lose a little respect for him as well. I do not believe in double standards, and if a MALE host had made such crass gestures to a a woman, he would have been fired on the spot. And, regardless of what time it was, it is inappropriate for network TV to be broadcasting stimulated porn as part of a holiday broadcast of any kind.

658 days ago


I love how she tries to embarrass Anderson. He's a perfect foil for it. It sure beats that obnoxious, loud, unfunny bimboid Jenny McCarthy, who bores me to tears.
Dick Clark's legacy was left to Seacrest? All he has to say is 'let's go to Jenny' like she has anything to contribute, other than shouting over the douches around her WooHooing at the top of their lungs.
Too much excitement for one person to stand. @@
(Eye. Roll.)

658 days ago


I could care less what the so-called Parents Television whatever thinks. What are they anyway, like a dozen people with a laptop??? It's midnight and your kids should be in bed, first and more importantly, Kathy Griffin is HYSTERICAL, that is why I watch, an Adult 18-49 year old. They could have watched the sainted Ryan Seacrest on ABC. In fact, they probably were and this Parents group is just looking to cause an issue. Ignore them and re-book Kathy for next year.

658 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

I wouldnt let her touch my stuff either she is nasty pile of poop

658 days ago


i love kathy!!!
if my kids were little i wouldn't let them watch kathy because she is adult entertainment.

658 days ago


Did Levi Johnston TRAIN Kathy to do that?????

658 days ago


She is stupid....

658 days ago


STOP THE FOR PROFIT ARMS SELL first than maybe your lit white babys will live to grow up and be whoever that want to be.The networks push for profit arms sells worldwide and that feeds about half of the 1%er`ss^^^ plus the same networks you are watching are makeing money off war game videos and real death from gun shot wounds.Teach your kids to zig&zag or the 1& will send them off to die in a for profit war to end all wars of the next wars for wars for arms sells build it and they will come...WAR is the biggist problem and you can`t have a getto without gun`ss

658 days ago


This is a serious double standard! If a man kept sticking his face in her crotch she'd..... Probably accept it bc she's butt ugly but most of us would have sued or hit him and sued! I couldn't imagine how it would go if the woman had a man.

658 days ago

Say It Isn't So    

There's a huge difference between being vulgar and funny at it w/some class about ya, and being vulgar only because you're pathetic, ugly and SO need attention as a way of validation. Kathy is the latter. I can't stand the fugly kuunt. She thinks her way of shock and awe/vulgarness is actually funny, but it makes her look desperate for attention and pathetic. I almost feel sorry for her. SHE SO NEEDS TO GET LAID, but who would seriously want to do the deed?!? Gross. Oh, and the sound of her voice is like "finger nails on a chalk board."

658 days ago
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