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Kim Kardashian

Mama's Working Out


1/2/2013 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget Lamaze classes -- Kim Kardashian's fetus is already getting its daily workout ... at the gym.

Kim -- who's roughly 3 months pregnant with Kanye West's baby -- took her barely-visible baby bump out for a cardio sesh this morning in L.A.

From the looks of it ... Kim's taking a page out of Jessica Simpson's maternity wardrobe playbook -- lots and lots of black clothing.

But we'll give her credit for the spandex. Then again ... she's only 12 weeks into this.



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If there is any hope for society this dirty c*nt will miscarriage. FU*CK the Kartrashians.

661 days ago

I am Spartacus    

The WORST couple in 2012 now leads to the most unbearable and annoying story of 2013. She's a gross whore with a saggy, cellulite, diaper looking ass. She's not attractive at all. She's short & stumpy. That is going to be one ugly looking kid.

661 days ago


My money is on that she isnt even pregnant... Just like the marriage, this is all a stunt to make more money. Im sure something will happen and the baby will never be born. That entire family needs to come down to earth and start living in reality where you dont make up crap to make money. If she does have a baby, her comes the next reality show "Kim 1" starring the nanny because Kim will still be at every photo shoot possible instead of with her child...

661 days ago


She sure looks like a used-up baby mama

661 days ago


Bullshyte, this was taken months before today. We saw the pics from NYE. If this was actual footage she's have huge calves and huge thighs. Thanks for trying to fool us, TMZ.

661 days ago


This is one ugly tramp. We don't need to know every time she farts or sucks Kayne's D**K while she's blowing up like a cow. She is so disgusting to look at, and her voice is sickening. Her mom should be so proud of raising so many whores including herself.

661 days ago


This will be the ugliest baby of all time! Kanyes ugly genes will scar this baby for life. At least Beyonce adopted a kid she was able to see 1st!

661 days ago


Do we really need a Kartrashian update every day? Who gives a sh#t about this skank? Is Mama Kris paying to have daily updates on TMZ? Just another married ho whoring around and getting pregnant.

661 days ago


total trash, not even divorced yet

661 days ago


Wel, we are all bad. As Harvey gushed, and Charles on TMZ live today, they posted all the threads they did about Kim and Kanye and guess what, IT WAS THE HIGHEST RATED THREADS EVER> It didn't matter than 99% of the threads were negative, it was all about the clicks and they let the cat out of the bag. We should, and even myself, we need to stop commenting on the Karstoogian threads. If we only get two pages and it gets tossed to page two that quick, they'll stop posting about these azzholes.

661 days ago


She looks pretty. Sorry, not a fan of hers but I hope this changes her for the better... Life as a single mother will be hard ;)

661 days ago


REALLY....TMZ?? How many flippin stories do we need about stupid Kim K and Kanye and their demon spawn child? TMZ, do you realize, how many stories you put out about stupid Kim K and Kane being pregnant in 24 hours time?? It's ridiculous!

661 days ago

Menace to society     

Can u imagine all the press shes going to get when she has that baby than he gets another Ho pregnant than forgets his has a baby mama to support??Whats the under over? Typical

661 days ago


Okay well I think all of yous are wrong who are u to be judging her because shes still not divorced and shes having a baby nobody is perfect in this world and yous ain't nobody to be judging her and her unborn child her baby got nothing to do with Wat ever is going on in her life and me. Being a mother o think yous are all selfish people wishing the worst for her baby ... if yous guys dnt like kin den when u see a story about her dnt ****en bother reading it yous need to grow the **** up because am sure yous ain't perfect ..

661 days ago


#79- they just said on t.v, that she has 40 million dollars(ludicrous, isn't it) anyway, it will not be hard for her at all. She will no doubt have a team of nannies, house keepers, maids,chefs etc, just like Kourtney does. No worries-

661 days ago
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