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Kim K.

Sex Tape Sales Erupt

After Baby News

1/2/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0101_kimk_sextape_compositeKim Kardashian's sex tape sales have exploded since Kanye West told the world they're expecting ... TMZ has learned.

We spoke to the folks at Vivid Entertaintment -- which owns 'Kim K. Superstar' -- and discovered lots of Kim's fans are celebrating the baby with umm ... visual aids.

Vivid says video-on-demand purchases of the sex tape have spiked 80% since Sunday night ... the fattest increase they've seen since Kim's wedding to Kris Humphries.

Further, Kanye's been boosting biz for months now. We're told overall sales of Kim's sex tape -- be it VOD, online, or DVD -- have steadily increased every month since he and Kim hooked up last Spring.

So, the real winner in the whole Kimye baby hysteria -- Ray J!

Dude, just keeps raking in those sex tape dollars.


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So what's the problem? It's more money.

660 days ago

BB not bb    

What is wrong with people that they want to watch porn? They must be driven by demons. This is such a cheap and empty society. People are into fast food and cheap sex. Everything is empty, meaningless and sickening. It is hard to have a serious relationship with someone with all of their low expectations.

The porn industry could be casting spells over the tapes they sell just like the record industry does allegedly over rock alublms and pop alublms and mainstream country albums. I don't necessarily think music is bad but porn is just not right on any level. Many people are addicted to it and can't break away. Now with it on the internet and calbe TV, people can see it without having to slink to a shop or dirty movie theater.

It is beyond disgusting. Kim might have made bad persoanl life choices, but I don't think she ever intended to be in porn.

660 days ago


She's lying. She's not pregnant, they're just saying that to sell more sec tapes and albums, the money hungry ho's.

660 days ago


Kim lives in her own world, her shameless ghetto anal pee video doesn't seem to bother her because she made big bucks of it.

660 days ago


who the hell would pay for it when its all over the internet already. idiots

660 days ago


Well at least when it is time for her to give birth ... her baby will be taking “a road well traveled” ...
in fact, it should be much like traveling down a well traveled 6 lane highway ... with a HOV lane.

660 days ago

BB not bb    

Imagine your boyfriend did it to you, woudln't you be embarrassed to death? This is what I like about the Kardashian women, they are all strong characters. Someone else could have been devesstated by this. Kim has been through this and much more, such as Kris Humphries and that humilitation. That she can still hold her head high and walk with dignity is a credit to her.

660 days ago


Stupid people shouldn't procreate. pfft. END OF THE STORY TMZ KIM AZZ SUCKERS. FARKIN A

660 days ago

BB not bb    

Do you know how tiresome it is to go through life with everything having a sexual connotation? You can't look at someone directly, you can't wear what is comfortable, you can't be friendly and take and interest in someone, without it being taken as a come on. Then these sleazy men, they will hold open a door for you and then demand to be thanked like you just accepted a huge favor from them. This whole society is twisted and men think women are just there for their sexual gratification.

I don't remember it being like this years ago. I think the atmosphere that porn creates causes men to devalue women, just as the feminists said. They are not seen as people with their own opinions, goals and intersts, but merely as specimens whose only thoughts are about how attractive they are.

I don't think it is thin models in magazines ruinging women's self images. I think it is porn that makes men expect so much in return for so little and makes them judge on the visual rather than the material.

If someone is attractive they don't want to be taken for a sex object and if someone isn't, they don't want to be dismissed as of no use. There is something called respect that is sorely lacking in today's society, and I think porn has alot to do with it.

660 days ago

Darla Gee    

Why pay, it's free if you can google worth a flip...

660 days ago



660 days ago


Omg Ray J this bitch is a cash cow, which she is literally turning into as we speak, congrats Ray J to you for all the money you makin off this cow and of course Kris gets her usual 10%.

660 days ago


funny how tmz ripped kris and that girl for hooking up while married to kim.yet they have not ripped into whore kim one time for getting knocked up while still legally married to kris.fact is there is no proof that kris slept with that girl while turning up preg is proof that she slept with someone.kris should bring this up in the divorce.

660 days ago

BB not bb    

"But I say to you, whosoever looketh at a women with lust, he has already committed adultery in his heart."

"If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out. It is better to enter heaven blind than to be cast body and soul into hell."

If this is a Christian nation, how come 75% of married adults are reportedly looking at porn? This is a sick and hypocritical nation. It is asking for judgement. Plagues are befalling it that will only get worse and worse. People say they will rebuild better and stronger, but YHWH will not be mocked.

People are livnig in a prosperity bubble where they think everything will get better and everything is forgiven. When you turn away from God he will turn away his hand of blessing from this nation. Nearly every foul thing is going on here not only unpunished but celebrated. A mother is having a baby so instead of sending flowers and well wishes, people rent porn? Porn needs to be done away with.

660 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

she can show it to her kid
this is how mommy got rich and famous

660 days ago
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