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Lil Flip Fights Gun Charge


Pack Heat

1/2/2013 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lil Flip
is vowing to fight his recent drug and gun arrest because he claims he can prove the assault rifle found in his car is 100% legal ... TMZ has learned.

The rapper was busted Christmas night in Louisiana when a cop pulled him over for speeding ... and then allegedly found ganja and an AR-15 rifle in the car. Flip was booked for possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm in the presence of drugs.

Flip tells TMZ he has a valid license to carry the gun -- which he claims is not automatic firing -- and says he needs to carry it because he's an entertainer who's been shot before.

Flip -- real name Wesley Eric Weston-- gave TMZ a photo of his Texas concealed handgun license ... which he says is also valid in 22 other states, including Louisiana.


As for the weed ... Flip claims they were "Black and Mild" wine flavored cigars and clove cigarettes, and says he is "not one of those rappers who would carry drugs on me. I know better."

Flip says he intends to plead not guilty, and adds ... "I know they don't mess around in Louisiana and I wouldn't do anything to make me go to the big house. Especially on Christmas night."


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629 days ago


These idiots go out and get their concealed firearms licenses and think its a blanket immunity to do whatever they want with guns. The only thing the license does (in the state it is issued) is give you the ability to lawfully carry the weapon concealed on his person. As soon as you are found committing a crime or in the presence of drugs, the license is worthless. Several states recognize each others concealed carry license but that isn't a guarantee either. I hope he fights it, he looks like he'll make some lifer a sweet treat in prison.

629 days ago


Little Dick isnt very smart.

629 days ago


Since when is an AR-15 classified as a 'concealed weapon'? That boy is still smokin' some ganja...

629 days ago


Guns yes, assault rifles....? What are you kidding me...? NFW...!!! That's what society needs another rapper carrying a weapon of mass destruction to what, to Make a name for himself? Until this article I never heard of this dude...

629 days ago


I wish TMZ would get firearms definitions straight - You're interested in accuracy, right?

An AR-15 is, by definition, not capable of auto or burst fire and is not, therefore, an "assault weapon" (i.e., a military weapon capable of auto or burst fire).

An AR-15 operates functionally the same as most rifles (and handguns, for that matter). It operates no differently than the little Ruger 10/22 carbine I was given as a child for "plinking" (firing at various targets, commonly metal 'spinners,' at shooting range).

If you continue to use "assault weapon" inaccurately I will assume your are using the term as sensationalism and believe the majority of your audience is too stupid to know the difference.

I know, I know, "What? TMZ sensationalize a news story?!? Never!" ; )

629 days ago


I swear some people cant find their butt with both hands tied behind their back!
One: An AR-15 is not an automatic weapon, it's single shot unless illegally modified.
Two: His permit is to Conceal Carry a handgun. A rifle is not a handgun, therefore no permit is needed.
Three: It all hinges on the drug charge. If he was holding or carrying and had a firearm with him, he gets more trouble. If he was clean, the firearms stuff goes away.

629 days ago


Another rapper carrying a weapon of mass destruction!? LOL trust, he wouldn't shoot a target in a shooting range. Ganster rapper with a permit! He needs to let that go and get something real going for hisself in life.

629 days ago


Read the charge stupid. You're permit is not valid during the commission of a crime, and last time I checked possession is a crime.

629 days ago


Young blackk males are always getting locked up for non violent crimes. And then there is always that question about why this or that in the way and shape of our cities. What are the headlines in your newspaper and what are the main headlines recently in your newspaper.

. Why did this or that happen and then the blame game begins. People should start looking into the laws that get thousands of young black males and minorities locked up each year for non violent crimes while the people who are violent are the ones that are free they are walking the streets and living in your neighborhood right now.

629 days ago


if he has a ccw then not a damn thing they can do...

and BTW TMZ a AR15 itself is not a assault weapon and can be configured to be classified by ATF as a Pistol...

Hire someone on your staff that knows anything....

629 days ago


There is this saying people hear every day .It's The right to bare arms and own a gun . True , But there is another law maybe only a few people know it's a common sense law amongst dealers . If a holder dealer with a FFL Lic. feels for any reason uncomfortable .The dealer has the right to stop and refuse the sale . This guy should never own any type weapon .Plus convicted felons do not have the right to own weapons .If he is that big of an entertainer let him hire security .It's people like him that give legal owners a hard time with gun laws .

629 days ago


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628 days ago

Spicy mag    

Lil douche.

628 days ago


Never heard of this piece of sh*t! Harvey and his rapper fetish again!

627 days ago
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