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Justin Bieber's Ferrari

Lil Twist Was Driving

When Photog Died

1/2/2013 7:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0102_lil_twist_justin_bieber_instagram_articleRapper Lil Twist was driving Justin Bieber's Ferrari when it was pulled over Tuesday night ... moments before a paparazzo was hit by another car and killed -- TMZ has learned.

According to sources, 19-year-old Lil Twist was hanging with Bieber at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon ... when, for some reason, he left in the white Ferrari without Justin.

Multiple sources tell us Twist -- who is a Lil Wayne protege -- and Biebs have been hanging out and partying together for several weeks now.

They even celebrated New Year's Eve together in Mexico ... where they're both of legal drinking age.

A rep for Lil Twist tells us the rapper did not see the accident happen ... and sends his thoughts and prayers to the family of the photographer.



No Avatar


Aww...j.b. looks all Used up from bein reamed

660 days ago


Lil Twist was going out to get the marijuana or drugs, because Justin's image he can't be seen with the drugs!

660 days ago


Biebutt's head is almost as large as his ego. May the two never meet.

660 days ago


Sad to think a guy died chasing these d-bags.

660 days ago

Yu Lee    

This happens when the silly courts drop charges against Paul Raef, the aggressive pap who was dangerously speeding and stalking Justin!

Paps chase Princess Di; SHE DIES! Paps chase Justin; PAP DIES! Obviously someone in Heaven looks after him!

..BREAKING NEWS ... police reveal name of driver who run over and killed PAPARAZZI who chased Justin's car = CHUCK NORRIS .................LOL

Tonight we can all sleep peacefully cuz not only there's "One Less Lonely Girl" but also there's "One Less Pap Chasing Justin" !!! ...........LOL

How sad = the Pap died but HEY his photo survived = Hurray !!!

Did anyone snap the Pap getting splattered? Now that's a picture I'd pay to see!

Seriously, its so cruel to say the PAPARAZZI finally got what they deserve! but they ARE ALWAYS chasing, stalking & harrassing, they rob all his privacy, make his life bitter, and drive him into real danger when he lost his temper! and the hypocrite calls that a good photo!

Basically Paparazzi are now irrelevant cuz both Alfredo and Justin takes his own photo and posts himself on Instagram, facebook and links on Twitter!

Copyright laws must be changed = celebrities should own the rights to their own images = taking photos without permission would become illegal = finally making paps totally redundant !!!

Finally, i sure hope Justin does NOT feel guilty over PAPARAZZI death! Please don't give up now - you're the one telling the world to NEVERSAYNEVER!

660 days ago


Is Lil Twist related to Lil "Crappy"?
Autotune can even make your DOG a powerful artist...

660 days ago


I feel sad for someone to lose their life's but just like the rich and famous have to live with the cameras always in there face. Put really the paparazzi puts them selfs in danger for that one SHOT!!! It's the price you pay!

660 days ago

Yu Lee    

every 2nd car is speeding on our freeways but so Weird how only Justin Bieber's Ferrari gets pulled over !!!

660 days ago


Ok, you stalk a person ALL day. Then find out that the person you were stalking was not in the car. You disobeyed a Police Officer. Die in a crash, and the person driving was black....yeah he and Bieber could be twins

660 days ago


Does it have you be your life, NO! Your so focus on the paparazzi and Justin. It was a different car that hit this man. Come on take the focus off the celebrity and the person that did hit this man.

660 days ago


Papparazzi aren't members of the press. They live by stalking 'celebrities' & the children of 'celebrities'. Justin Bieber is not who he tries to appear to be either. He's NOT an innocent young boy. That's a ruse to appeal to his very young fan base & have their parents think he's "safe" He's a marginally talented young man who postures in photos, gets tattoos & tries to look what he thinks is 'sexy'.
Has anyone, outside of Cash Money ever heard of Lil Twist before yesterday? This terrible, easily avoidable accident has put Twist on the map.
Why is Twist referred to as a 'rapper'? If you watch the video attached to this article, you'll notice that the only person who raps is Lil Wayne. Twist sounds like another flavor of Justin Bieber.

660 days ago


umm, TMZ, sees how much you know!! Lil Twist and Justin have been friends since 2009, its not like they just started hanging out weeks ago!!!

660 days ago


I could be mistaken , but I thought Justin Bieber was in New York , at Times Square performing on New Years Eve.
unless it was pre recorded or something

660 days ago


Awww look at the little lady sleeping, with her boyfriend by her side, the rest of the rich, not a care in the world, priceless.

660 days ago


How could Justin have been celebrating New Year's Eve in Mexico? I watched him perform on Dick Clark's/Ryan Seacrest's Rockin New Year's Eve...come on, TMZ, pay attention

660 days ago
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