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Miley Cyrus on Photog Death

Don't Blame Justin ...

'This Was Bound to Happen'

1/2/2013 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Miley Cyrus says the photographer who was hit and killed by a car should've known better because ... "Your mom teaches you when you're a child not to play in the street."

Miley unleashed a series of angry tweets over the death of the photog -- who was taking pics of Justin Bieber's car at the time.

Miley says, "It is unfair for anyone to put this on to Justin's conscious as well! This was bound to happen!"

She goes on to say, "The chaos that comes with the paparazzi acting like fools makes it impossible for anyone to make safe choices."

Miley also seemed to call for new paparazzi laws and added, "Wasn't Princess Di enough of a wake up call?! "


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Miley, until you have something intelligent to say shut your mouth.someone lost their life. Can you pull that self riteous stick out of your butt and STFU you dumb, spoiled, ****

636 days ago

Miley is a whore    

what a stupid attention whore. shut up miley

636 days ago


The girl is completely illiterate. I'm embarrassed for her.

636 days ago


Miley is right. The death of this mam is the mans fault. Too bad too sad. Pfft. I really couldn't care less that this man was hit. I hope this happens mlre often so that the papz learn to go away. All the celebs should carry tazers too. :)

636 days ago


NO!...It doesn't. Just imagine you hitting the biggest lottery jackpot in history. The paps are parked outside of your home day and night. They follow you when you take your children to school. They're snapping pics while you're at the grocery store or doctor's office.

Those of you that say celebrities give up their right to privacy are full of CHIT!

636 days ago


Shoot me for saying this...but i agree with her 10000000000%. He did it to himself and now his family could say he died cause he was a sc*mbag papparrazi photog and he could have prevented his own death but nooooooo

636 days ago


People r idiots. What she said is the truth. The guy killed himself by being selfish and more worried about a picture and money then not just his safety but the driver he ran in front of. What if the car swerved to Miss him and hit another car and killed them .would you idiots be sticking up for him them? DOUBT IT

636 days ago

Joe t. Pico    

Why would onyone waste their time to snap a pic of justin BEAVER, **** him..... Clown has fake swag and deserves to get slapped for being such a s***bag

636 days ago


I love the way TMZ is exploiting the death of a paparazzi.

636 days ago


No one blames Justin, but for you miley, u little southern redneck girl who changed over night should not make stupid and disresiectfull comment like "Your mom teaches you when you're a child not to play in the street." couse the photog guy might not have been ok guy but he s got a family.

635 days ago


somebody get a pick of her shutting the hell up

635 days ago


Of course this isn't Bieber's fault. But he's still a douche bag, for other reasons, of course.

635 days ago


Did Justin ****ing run the pap over? NO. it's not like he intentionally wanted it to happen. He was responsible for his own death.

634 days ago


I can't stand Miley Cyrus, and these tweets are just another reason why... It's highly insensitive to the family of the man that died and she's a spoiled bitch! Honestly, he was doing his JOB. He was getting paid to take pictures of Justin because he was making an honest living. Without these paparazzi's she would probably be forgotten by this point so she should be grateful they are around! Oh and another thing, RIP to the photographer. Not all of us are pieces of **** like Miley Cyrus.

632 days ago


Karma to Justin Bieber because of what you did to Manny Pacquiao!

632 days ago
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