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Bieber Photog's Death

Who's to Blame?

1/2/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


The paparazzo who was hit by a car and killed thought he was documenting a huge Justin Bieber story. One of his closest friends called in to talk about what went down right before the deadly accident.

Plus, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's unborn baby is making tons of money ... for the porn industry! Yeah, it's weird ... but, good or bad, everyone's got something to say about the latest celeb fetus among us.

And, not surprising ... Katt Williams was arrested again. But what is surprising is the lucid, yet controversial, point Katt made about gun ownership and kids.

(0:00) A tragic turns of events when photographer Chris Guerra is killed while trying to snap photos of Justin Bieber. We speak to one of Chris' closest friends -- who was the last person to speak to Chris -- who explains to us what happened leading up to the deadly accident.
(7:00) Miley Cyrus blames Chris for his own death -- and most people agree with her Twitter rant.
(10:00) Viewers sound off on Chris' death.
(14:00) Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West's baby -- proving one thing once and for all ... people care too much about the state of Kim K's uterus.
(18:00) Jessica Simpson -- totally overshadowed by Kim K.'s pregnancy.
(24:00) Charlie Sheen hurls a homophobic word while MC'ing an event -- then gives a silly excuse as to why he let the f-word slip. Plus, one caller's point about using the f-word SHOCKS Harvey and Charles.
(30:00) Katt Williams was arrested for the four millionth time -- but this time it was for having guns at home. Now for the surprising part -- he makes a legit statement about gun ownership after bailing out of jail.
(34:00) Brooke Mueller sues a rehab facility for leaking information about her ... and she wins, big time.
(36:00) Kobe Bryant and Vanessa are far from divorce -- flaunting their relationship at one of the swankiest restaurants in L.A.
(38:00) The floor is yours!

No Avatar


Jessica is probably happy the spotlight is off her and your relentless harping on her weight. I bet Lohan is angry she's not in the news this week. Seriously, Kims baby is not the second coming, enough!

661 days ago

Wow ...    

Complete foolishness to blame the driver. The police and an eyewitness - a CHP officer do not hold said driver liable. So STFU! Put the blame where it belongs!

661 days ago

Flying Blind    

Jessica could buy and throw Kim K and her whole bunch away. And never miss the money ...........

661 days ago


Oh good god. Harvey, we aren't stupid. Presume all you want, everyone and their newborn dogs knows that Humphries is NOT the father, nor will it end up that way whether they are still married or not.
THE RESPONSE WAS ALL NEGATIVE YOU STUPID AZZ. Okay, Charles has just fallen off my hot radar.

661 days ago

Wow ...    

Peace out TMZ. I have no interest in Kim and her offspring. I understand she is a money maker for you, but please keep the articles to a minimum.

661 days ago



661 days ago


Right, Jessica Simpson is semi-relevant because Kim is all that and a bag of chips. (ROLLS EYES). Man, we really need to ban together and boycott anymore news of baby from the karstoogian camp. We really need to make a point.

661 days ago

Flying Blind    

Course if sales last month for the Kim K tape was "1" and this month they are "2". Then that's a 100% increase ................. or something like that, it's all about the numbers.

661 days ago


Oh Harvey, get over yourself.

661 days ago


Just a side note. Jessica posted that pic in Hawaii. She did it because the paps were stalking looking for the belly pic. She gave her tweet so that no one made money & would quit stalking them at the beach. Next Kanye gave hin announcement & knew all the attention Jessica was receiving. If you note in the past Jessica looks the same size as when she posed for her cover with MAXWELL & that was between 4-5 months. Now Kournety comes with her cover on how she lost weight. Now you tell me who is stalking who for attention. Its not Jess but the K's past histpry in many areas proves they follow what Jessica Simspon does quite closely & she indeed is there main target. So don't laugh Simpson off. KIM can have her attention but there will always be a Simpson too & one that the K's will follow very closely.

661 days ago


Wish list of People, Things, Words and Phrases I don't want to hear in 2013:

Knight Rider Biebs
Katt Williams, Suge, and their club brawls
Ariel Winter and her chubster mother
Brooke Mueller and her black fingers
Madonna the fairground stripper
That jerk who keeps going missing for days only to turn up spanking his monkey in a porno den.

Am I forgetting anyone/thang?

661 days ago


Bieber's to blame. Alleged Weed smoking canadian.

661 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

Miley Cyrus

661 days ago


Harvey, if you want to address Charlie Sheen using the word how about this: You address Raquel making the comment that because Travis Barker is white and head to toe tats that he LOOKS LIKE A CRIMINAL and deserves to be pulled over? How about you address Raquel's remark on the Lesbian WBNA hall of famers and Raquel stating "That's a man baby", all the while you are giving another lady crap for saying that Rachel Maddow "IS an Angry young man". You are sooo fcuking hypocritical.

661 days ago


Harvey must not be getting any, he sure is cranky today.

661 days ago
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