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'Buckwild' Stars

Don't Compare

Us to 'Jersey Shore'

1/4/2013 10:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0104_buckwild_videoThey're both reality shows on MTV that feature a subculture of America doing crazy things on camera and bringing notoriety to their region ... but the stars of the new show "Buckwild" say they're nothing like their "Jersey Shore" counterparts. 

Our photog caught up with two of the show's stars, Shain Gandee and Shae Bradley, yesterday in NYC ... fresh off the premiere of their show, which is set in the backwoods of West Virgina.

When our photog asked how "Buckwild" compares to the now-complete "Jersey Shore" ... Shae was quick to kill any comparison: "We don't [compare]. They're both reality shows. We're both just living our lives, but they're not alike at all."

Seeing as the majority of the cast of "JS" made millions off their sudden fame ... perhaps Shae should re-consider.


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Lmao to JS was way better

602 days ago


Most new reality-tv shows make me wanna slap mah knee and yell Yee Haw

602 days ago

BB not bb    

These people are harder to understand than JS but I figured out this much so far. I think Anna secretly likes Tyler and he would probably like her if she told him, but she is scared because she maybe thinks he wants someone who looks like Cara. Then Cara secretly likes Shain but she is afraid to date him because he is a garbage man and she is in college.

I think they both should just admit who they really like and stop fighting with each other. You can't make a relatonship on looks and position, you need someone with your same outlook on life. This is going to be depressing if they don't straighten it out. It is like a double Sam and Ron situation.

What I figured out there is that Sam probably really liked Mike all along but was so mad at him for having girls in the hottub after coming on to her, that she just went after Ron. Ron is a little too slow for her so she is always getting mad at him. Then he gets mad at her for making him feel like an idiot.

What I think the lesson is is that girls need to slow down and think about who they are going out with.

602 days ago

She's baaaack    

Absolutely correct that they are not like Jersey Shore. These inbreds make the Jersey Shore bunch look educated and classy. EEEEHAAA!!!

602 days ago


considering the BW kids work and go to college, theres one HUGE difference.

601 days ago

Laurie t    

This IS NOT the back woods of West Virginia. This show is so fake it isnt even funny. The waterhole is in a completely different town and the club is a good hour away.

601 days ago


Oh another bunch of idiot rednecks who get a f@@@@@@ t.v. show, what is this f@@@@@@ world coming to, absolutely stupid. Maybe it is time for a world wide cleansing, hopefully the Mayans had another date in mind.

600 days ago


This show by NO means represents WV. We are a hard working culture. If they wanted to properly display WV they should talk to the people who are working two-three jobs trying to keep their families fed. Or the miners who work in horrible conditions because the gov't doesn't make the companies correct the unsafe conditions. This show is disgusting and should be taken off the air.

599 days ago

kentucky girl    

They seam fake as hell, their putting a bad name for country people. the girls act like whores on this show, and pretend to be something their not.

567 days ago

Mandi G    

Not alike? In both shows they go to a club called 'Karma', C'mon!!

564 days ago


Buckwild is a BULL**** show. I went to Church camp with Anna in Cowen, WV, and from what I remember, she was a comeplete spoiled brat. She hung out with all of the "well to do" girls, the ones who wore A&F and American Eagle, and they were like the plastics of camp. They talked mad crap on everyone else, and made all of the boys get hard while learning about the bible.

564 days ago
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