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Justin Bieber

Let's Be Blunt ...

Whatcha Smokin?

1/6/2013 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber smoking a bluntJustin Bieber kicked off the new year on a real high note -- clutching a smoldering blunt at a big party inside a Newport Beach hotel room this week ... and TMZ has the photos.

The pics were snapped on January 2nd -- the day after a paparazzo was killed while trying to take photos of Bieber's Ferrari -- and it's pretty obvious ... Bieber wasn't feeling too bad about the whole situation.

Justin Bieber smoking weed?Sources at the party tell TMZ, Bieber's BFF Lil Twist was there too -- the 19-year-old rapper who was driving the Biebs' Ferrari at the time the paparazzo was killed.

According to sources, Twist and his brother were rolling all the blunts and smoking everyone up ... and there was a LOT of pot smoke.

Justin Bieber smoking pot?It's pretty ironic -- considering sources close to Bieber were insistent ... the photog who was killed lied when he said Justin was smoking weed hours before the fatal accident.

And there's this -- we're told Bieber had security present ... but no one seemed to mind that people were snapping photos.

As for talking points -- sources tell us Bieber was chatting it up about how tired he was because he'd been staying up late recently. Shockingly, we're told the conversation eventually turned to late night fast food ... and where they could get it.

We're told a girl also crashed in the hotel room with Justin -- NOT Selena.  It's unclear if they hooked up.

Bieber's people had no comment.


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Lets make a big deal out of it, because we wouldn't want him to act like a normal 19 year old.

600 days ago


I know justin. Well. He doesn't smoke! And if your gonna tell a fake story and do photo shop well then do it good! I don't see a tatto on his leg! Justin has a look alike! And justin doesn't have that color skin tone. He doesn't wear nikes either! So nice try TNZ

600 days ago


I do t think he was even smoking pot in this pic... He has tattoos on his ankles which he doesn't in these pics, secondly: why the hell would he be wearing capris in the dead of winter? Third: he was performing that night and he was not high on stage. Fourth: let's all be honest, TMZ is so out to get him bc one of their idiotic photographers stood in the middle of the freeway to get a pic of him driving. And Fifth: there are no pix of him actually blowing smoke so I think these were easily photoshopped........ If it is true, I am very disappointed. He is a role model for all sorts of age groups and starting at 19 like this only leads to worse things in the future. It could also slow his dancing and ruin his vocal chords. He would seriously let me down as a fan. So I'm hoping this is all made up but it's not like every single person at TMZ DOESN'T smoke weed bc c'mon we've all seen the show and they're some sketchy people

600 days ago


It's a picture of an 18 year old smoking pot.... You make a big deal because he's rich? I don't see the issue here. I don't see him shooting his arm up or anything like that. Its funny how "we" need to find something to nitpick about everyone in the limelight when if you just turned your cameras around, I'm sure you can find something better. That goes for all the hypocrites that work at TMZ. If Justin was so worried about people finding out about his "OMG drug habit" then I'm sure his security would've been a little tighter. As it wasn't, lets just mind our business and go back to smoking our own blunts! :)

600 days ago


first of all to all you die hard fans making excuses, the owl tattoo is further up his arm, you wouldnt see it the way his sleeve is rolled up and the tattoo is not on his foot but his leg and its too blurry to see if its there and, he does where shorts, look at google images and see for yourself and as fair as nike goes, maybe he changed his mind? people do that! also, you need to stop trying to say their trying to ruin his career, its their job to post stories about him, about everyone, their not trying to ruin anything, pull your heads out of your asses, its just weed!

600 days ago


Let's be blunt... who really cares? Everyone in Hollywood does some kind of drug. Get over it, he's not perfect.

600 days ago


Lollllll that's a cigarillo. calm the **** down

600 days ago


Who cares? I'm sure 85% of the people at TMZ do the same thing!

600 days ago


What the **** is wrong with all of u?! Everybody saying its okay?! What's wrong with this world!! This is crazy!!! It's not okay for a 18 year old little boy to be smoking pot and getting huh and drinking!!! He's hurting a lot of young die hard fans!!! And it's not okay. He's really changed because of money. Where's the sweet little boy I used to know?! He's gone. 😖 I hate this world ... It's sucks. I don't know what he's thinking. If this is fake.. I'm gonna sue tmz. **** tmz!

600 days ago


Smoking weed gives him street cred!! Lol! His "friends" that he hangs out with would be the same ones who would be kicking his punk ass if he was just a regular kid'

600 days ago


I love Justin but these photos dont look like they have been altered, everyone on twitter said they have been.

600 days ago


justin do you thing what youre parent say,or do you thing about selena,you are stupid and fake

600 days ago


Really?? Weed? Who gives a fck! Everyone's smoking it and soon the federal government will be making it legal so they can tax it just like every damn thing else. What I hate is how this TMZ writer is implying that Justin smoking weed was direct relation to the photog getting hit because he was standing in the middle of a busy street in LA trying to take a photo of a damn car. Do better TMZ, report the news, stop trying to create it!

600 days ago


Too bad Justin doesn't wear Nike shoes and they guy doesn't have any of Justin's tattoo's..

600 days ago


It's not Justin! it's Robin verrecas! where is justin's owl tatto?? right! so calm down it's not Justin!!

600 days ago
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