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Justin Bieber

Let's Be Blunt ...

Whatcha Smokin?

1/6/2013 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber smoking a bluntJustin Bieber kicked off the new year on a real high note -- clutching a smoldering blunt at a big party inside a Newport Beach hotel room this week ... and TMZ has the photos.

The pics were snapped on January 2nd -- the day after a paparazzo was killed while trying to take photos of Bieber's Ferrari -- and it's pretty obvious ... Bieber wasn't feeling too bad about the whole situation.

Justin Bieber smoking weed?Sources at the party tell TMZ, Bieber's BFF Lil Twist was there too -- the 19-year-old rapper who was driving the Biebs' Ferrari at the time the paparazzo was killed.

According to sources, Twist and his brother were rolling all the blunts and smoking everyone up ... and there was a LOT of pot smoke.

Justin Bieber smoking pot?It's pretty ironic -- considering sources close to Bieber were insistent ... the photog who was killed lied when he said Justin was smoking weed hours before the fatal accident.

And there's this -- we're told Bieber had security present ... but no one seemed to mind that people were snapping photos.

As for talking points -- sources tell us Bieber was chatting it up about how tired he was because he'd been staying up late recently. Shockingly, we're told the conversation eventually turned to late night fast food ... and where they could get it.

We're told a girl also crashed in the hotel room with Justin -- NOT Selena.  It's unclear if they hooked up.

Bieber's people had no comment.


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At first, I thought it was one of those cigarellos.

But the last pic removes all doubt. You wouldn't hols a cigar or even a cigarette like that. If you were to smoke a cigar like that, it would taste like hell and not be fun at all.

So now we pretty much know he's getting high. Maybe that's the problem with his on / off girlfriend.

This will not be good for him or his career because one of two things will happen.

Either, the little ten year old girls are going to get turned off by this and dump is arrogant little a$$. This would actually be really good thing.


The little ten year old girls are going to think this is cool and start getting high too at the bloody age of ten. Not a good thing.

If the little ten year old girls are smoking, you know damn well the little ten year old boys will be doing the same thing.

This where I'm going to get all preachy and stuff but this is based an actual researh.

Autism has shot up in kids whose parents were getting high in the seventies. It's a fact. Do research.

I and my ex would get high back then. The quantities of drugs were way bigger than today because of the price. Long story short, we had a baby in the late 90s and it turned out he was born with Asperger syndrone. It just made me go Huuummmmm!!!!!

I think if we were to start educating kids at the grade school level, that if you do drugs, you run the chance of having kids with certain difficulties much much later on, drum it in their heads, they would be turned off and the smart ones will not take that chance.

626 days ago


Wtf is wrong with you people he's a teen. Practically all teens will get mixed up with weed but honestly why would you try to ruin his career like this. It's just wrong. Why should you democrats even care weed is practically not even illegal anymore. Now instead of ruining kids futures by outing their secrets how about you go and face up to your own problems like getting a real job instead of sitting around on a computer and stalking children. That's right tmz. -beliebers

626 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Bieb is a dweeb. Zero street points on the weed.

626 days ago


Who honestly gives two sh*ts if Beiber is smoking marijuana? It's 2013. It's California. Pot is defacto legalized and no one really cares.

I love it when TMZ gets all pious about stuff like this. Especially when it comes from a bunch of West Hollywood types.

626 days ago


Why should bieber feel bad that someone walked in traffic? And who gives a **** if he smokes weed?

626 days ago


Puff puff pass... Every fool knows that. Looks like he's sitting on that, and that so-called blunt is too skinny to be an actual blunt rolled by any bro named "Twist" so it ain't no blunt. No black person ever rolled me a blunt that wasn't at least as fat as my finger. NO BLUNT THERE. Yo.

626 days ago

Rob Cotton    

It's obvious Bieber's people released these photos. They had to address the rumours head on.

626 days ago


TMZ - if, in fact, he was smoking pot, and , I don't know if he is? As I'm not a pot smoker, but, from the looks of it - could be a cigar, of some sort. what I am concerned about is HIM and all the user, 15 minute money grabbing losers that get paid for tawdry photos. Justin needs to fire his security team, that is unless he is working on a rep - this could give him street cred beyond the pretty boy that he has been presented as - no publicity - good or bad = dying dead gone (I'm sorry for the family of the lost pappo, but seriously, by all celebs - this is definitely a win in the "stop your stalking you bonehead ******* and go get a real photography job that we can respect - Duh - #nationalgeographic comes to mind - for one!!!! (Again sorry to the family that lost their child - wish you taught him better)

626 days ago


Why exactly should he feel bad about that some idiot paparazzi got himself killed chasing a car he wasn't even in? And do these pictures prove that the photographer was telling the truth? Nope. Besides, like all paparazzi, I am sure that the deceased stalker/photographer rarely spoke the truth. Here's an idea... quite chasing around and trying to tear down these people. That includes you TMZ.

626 days ago


Nothing to do with his smoking habits but that Selena girl just seems so out of his league. Like when he ends up like Lindsay she might not want to be part of it. He seems very up himself. JMO.

626 days ago


to be honest that doesnt look like a blunt or any kind of weed..looks like a cigar. one of those little thin swisher sweets. about the size of a cigarette. people are to quick to jump the gun when it comes to Bieber because everyone wants to see him fail, or do something bad, because his image has been so squeaky clean.. I say leave the kid alone,!!!!!

626 days ago


calling a dead man a LIAR?? Justin Bieber you can lose that fame as quick as you earned it. You owe his family an apology. Pot Smoking freak!

626 days ago


Bieber kinda looks like James Dean in that top pic.

626 days ago


Hes smoking obviously, doesnt mean its a blunt. Could be a black n mild!!

626 days ago


And this is a big deal ????? So F-ing what at least he is not smoking crack. Geeze people get a life.

626 days ago
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