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Justin Bieber

Let's Be Blunt ...

Whatcha Smokin?

1/6/2013 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber smoking a bluntJustin Bieber kicked off the new year on a real high note -- clutching a smoldering blunt at a big party inside a Newport Beach hotel room this week ... and TMZ has the photos.

The pics were snapped on January 2nd -- the day after a paparazzo was killed while trying to take photos of Bieber's Ferrari -- and it's pretty obvious ... Bieber wasn't feeling too bad about the whole situation.

Justin Bieber smoking weed?Sources at the party tell TMZ, Bieber's BFF Lil Twist was there too -- the 19-year-old rapper who was driving the Biebs' Ferrari at the time the paparazzo was killed.

According to sources, Twist and his brother were rolling all the blunts and smoking everyone up ... and there was a LOT of pot smoke.

Justin Bieber smoking pot?It's pretty ironic -- considering sources close to Bieber were insistent ... the photog who was killed lied when he said Justin was smoking weed hours before the fatal accident.

And there's this -- we're told Bieber had security present ... but no one seemed to mind that people were snapping photos.

As for talking points -- sources tell us Bieber was chatting it up about how tired he was because he'd been staying up late recently. Shockingly, we're told the conversation eventually turned to late night fast food ... and where they could get it.

We're told a girl also crashed in the hotel room with Justin -- NOT Selena.  It's unclear if they hooked up.

Bieber's people had no comment.


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teens will be teens.

562 days ago


well, high sex is great sex. I would love to be that girl in his hotel room that night .

562 days ago


Do you see what you people have done now ? People are self harming .

562 days ago


A teenager smoking pot? Hanging out with his friends? OMG WHAT A CATASTROPHE!!!

562 days ago


Yes Justin Bieber went from hating to loving SPARK THAT FATTY!!!!

562 days ago


TMZ your ****ing kidding right! I know what a blunt looks like and to me that looks nothing like a blunt its a ****ing cigarette lol! Poor JB has now been accused of smoking weed and its a petty cigarette! Paparazzi are full on **** ****s always making up false stories and taking pictures of people smoking cigarettes and try to say its weed! So so pathetic

562 days ago


He'll OD on meth within two years.

562 days ago


Well, now we know what all the arguing between him and Selena has been about. She isn't about to ruin her Disney image by being with him if this is the path he is on. It doesn't seem like anything new for the industry or teenagers, people just expect more from him because of the image his management has created for him. It's going to be interesting to see what people like Ellen have to say now, seeing as how she has always been one of his biggest supporters. I highly doubt it will ruin his career but with all the tattoos, run ins with photographers/tabloids, being seen in public arguing with his gf... maybe that photographer wasn't hit by accident & maybe that really was his baby & they paid the girl off?! He is after all, making them a lot of money & people do a lot of things for the love of money.

562 days ago


10/10 would roll a fatty with the beibs

562 days ago


He's 18 , and acting a hell of a lot better than celebs 3 times his age! Leave him alone. He has a good heart.

562 days ago


...Those look more like cigarettes than a blunt.
I don't think I've ever seen a joint with a big brown filter at the end of it.

Who knows though, it could be weed.
Maybe then it'll help him realize the music he makes is god awful, and might put him on a better path.

Weed is amazing for creativity after all.

People really need to learn to calm their tits.
It's just dope.
So many people smoke this ****.

562 days ago


Really, He smokes POT?!?! DUH, he hangs out with Snoop Dog. Shoot, you can get a contact buzz just be shaking Snoops hand. LOL

562 days ago


Really, He smokes POT?!?! DUH, he hangs out with Snoop Dog. Shoot, you can get a contact buzz just by shaking Snoops hand. LOL

562 days ago


wow they even wrote about "some chick chrashing in the hotel room and it wasnt selena" and they might have hooked up!!! JESUS CHRIST THIS IS BREAKING NEWS! STOP THE PRESSES! oh wait a sec WHO THE **** CARES! what happen to the days when partying was a requirement. get a ****ing life tmz.

562 days ago

This Makes Me Like Him A Little More!     

Thats a blunt, No doubt about it. You can tell by the way hes holding it, Also the look on his face after hitting it. Anybody who smokes weed, can tell. Another thing that hasnt ben ben brought to light is the small sack sitting on the table, and what looks like to be a glass pipe to me. Anothing is the emopty soda bottle on the table, Is mot likely a home made pipe. (most of the time used to smoke the roach of a blunt ect.)
But most of all we have to remember that he is 18 or 19 years old. Rather him smoke some weed, then get drunk off his ass, Or even snort some coke. (we all know its the rich mans drug) Let the boy smoke!!! Hes young not like he has kids, Or a wife at home. And he could be doing way way way worse! Weed never killed anybody, You cant OD. Youll just fall asleep, After eating everything in the house that is!

562 days ago
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