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Mel Gibson's Dad

Officially Divorced

And She's Got Bank!!!

1/4/2013 9:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
's 94-year-old father Hutton is officially divorced from his wife -- TMZ has learned -- but don't worry, she'll be just fine ... because she's LOADED.

The divorce was finalized Wednesday -- and according to the court docs, 78-year-old Teddy Joye Hicks has over $640,000 in cash and savings as separate property.  And... she gets to keep the Lincoln Town Car.

Teddy Joye's fortune dwarfs Hutton's, who takes away a paltry $22,595 -- but with a son like Mel who pays his dad's bills, Hutton's still got it made.

The former couple had $22,000 in community property -- which they'll split 50/50.

Oh yeah, they also get to keep their own social security benefits -- score!

Hutton and Teddy were married in 2001 and separated last May. Hutton filed for divorce a month later -- and the split was pretty nasty. As we reported, Mel believed Teddy was trying to cut off Hutton's meds in order to accelerate his death.


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I'm just so damn happy that TMZ is laying low with the Kim K stuff I could just kiss that man. On second thought ...

625 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


Hey Pig: You, and your many aliases, were wrong AGAIN all the way around with ALL your stupid hateful 'predictions'. How's that feel, anyway, to be so completely clueless?


Happy year ahead, Gibsons! May all be well and happy for you and yours! You ALL deserve it, big time!

625 days ago


94 is an odd age to divorce

625 days ago


After TMZ tore Tameka Raymond, Usher's wife, apart with no proof of those lies whatsoever and clearly sided with Usher's prestige and money regarding their child custody issue, why hasn't TMZ reported that:

Tameka Raymond and Usher's custody case will be re-tried now that the judge in their case has stepped down due to the FBI investigation initiated after Ms. Raymond's allegations of corruption and mis-conduct regarding the judge's long time association with Usher's attorney?

The law firm Usher's attorney worked for raised approximately 83% of the judge's re-election campaign money in 2008 and Usher's attorney was personally on the judge's re-election committee. The decision to give Usher primary custody is supposed to be reversed as soon as Ms. Raymond's attorney submits a motion, to the new judge, to return to the previous custody agreement which is joint custody.

This new turn of events were reported by Atlanta news outlets on the day of the Newtown tragedy so obviously that was probably why it didn't make the national news at that time but why hasn't this information gone national by now or is it the power of Usher's connections trying to suppress the news?

Below are links to the story:

625 days ago


Whatever she got paid, it's not enough! Congratulations to Teddy Joye Hicks for getting out of that family alive.

625 days ago


this is f ucking news,TMZ IS SO LAME.
Why would any one care about this?

625 days ago


What is up with some of these crazy comments? Maybe there will be a full moon tonight?

Divorcing at 94? I wonder if it was because he believed Mel's theory about his wife trying to kill him? Perhaps there is a cray cray gene in this family?

625 days ago


No matter how good a woman looks, smells or screws, somebody, somewhere is tired of her shìt.

625 days ago


What is the point of getting a divorce at 94?

625 days ago

Bill Leslie    

:-( .... I think its kind of sad that someone gets divorced at age 94 and 78. I mean does he think he's going to find someone else or is he just that unhappy. I think I'd just spend more time in the garage.

625 days ago


Um, since when is $640K considered LOADED? I have that but living in LA I feel anything but...but good luck to her...I'm assuming the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

625 days ago


Weeeeeeeee. Get divorced and have your finances exposed all in the same week. Happy new year...

625 days ago


Father anti semite so close to god like the racist and retar ded repulicants Doesn't the bible talk about loving one another EVIL AZZ FOSSIL

625 days ago


Judgment was filed and issued on this matter on Jan 2. The only thing Pappy asked for was some spousal support, which he was entitled to do. Whether he got it, TMZ isn't saying. If TMZ knows about all their financials, they know about that, too.

The motion Teddy Joye filed to have Mel made a party to the action, was resolved in July, and that motion was denied.

The rest is just surmise and conjecture.

625 days ago


Good riddance! Can't believe she got away with getting that much. At least they got the crazy bitch away from him.

625 days ago
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