TMZ Live JWoww That Ain't MY Fat Ass

1/4/2013 11:30 AM PST

TMZ Live: JWoww ... That Ain't MY Fat Ass

TMZ Live

JWoww swears on her fake tan that a picture showing her with a chunky butt was Photoshopped -- so she released a video of her barely-covered backside to prove everyone wrong! Did she succeed ... or just make things worse?

Plus, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan reveals he's got one of the weirdest tattoos of all time -- which looks like his wife wearing Mark Sanchez's jersey. No wonder Tim Tebow's probably on his way out of NYC.

And, the OMG moment on Howie Mandel's show "Mobbed" -- a chick corners her boyfriend with a televised wedding proposal ... which we think is dirty pool ... but did it work? The (happy?) couple joins us.
(0:00) JWOWW swears a photo of her chunky butt was Photoshopped -- so she posts a video of her barely covered backside to prove it. JWOWW's but, you have our attention.
(5:00) Selena Gomez is mum on her breakup with Justin Bieber -- but everyone's wondering if it's because he's starting to show signs of being a closeted bad boy.
(10:00) Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss got engaged -- but we had to ruin it all by posting what some people are calling a "sexist" headline. Guess we'll have to take it up with the staffer responsible for writing it.
(14:00) Naomi Campbell got jumped in Paris -- and Harvey almost suffered the same fate a few years back. Sadly, we don't have video of Harvey's alleged encounter with a mob of potential muggers.
(18:00) This is nuts -- a woman tricked her boyfriend into going on the show "Mobbed" ... and then double tricked him when she revealed they were actually getting married on it. We get both of them on the phone ... and find out if it worked out in the end.
(24:00) Gabriel Aubry's face ... not a black and blue mess anymore!
(27:00) Ariel Winter is finally doing kid stuff again -- and is going to attend school ... most likely with a bunch of other famous kids.
(30:00) Sean Paul's ex writes a book detailing some of his alleged bad habits -- proving that all celebs should have confidentiality agreements when they hook up with someone.
(33:00) Rex Ryan's tattoo -- which appears to be of his wife wearing Mark Sanchez's jersey -- may reveal why Tim Tebow didn't get to play much.
(36:00) One of the stars of Michael Jackson's Thriller video wins a lawsuit for missed royalties ... and we think she got royally screwed!
(38:00) The floor is yours!