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Jimmy Kimmel


He's an Unfunny, Sellout

1/5/2013 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0105-jimmy-kimmel-jay-lenoJimmy Kimmel's hatred of Jay Leno continues to fester ... so much so, he RIPPED the late night talk show host a new one ... calling him a "sellout" who hasn't seen a laugh in years.

Jimmy unleashed a flurry of insults in a new interview with Rolling Stone ... telling the mag "Leno hasn't been a good stand-up in 20 years."

For the nail in the coffin, he adds ... "As a comedian, you can't NOT have disdain for what he's done. He totally sold out. He was a master chef who opened a Burger King." Snap.

FYI -- Kimmel's had beef with Leno for years ... starting way back in 1992 when Leno beat out Kimmel's comedic hero David Letterman for "The Tonight Show" gig.

Kimmel is slated to go head-to-head with Leno and Letterman when his show moves to 11:35 PM this week.


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Hey Kimmell

Aren'y you goint ot look like a FOOL when you start your 11:35pm time slot and get LOWER RATINGS then Leno.


Prett embarassing when you can't beat someone that you say is unfunny and hasn't had a laugh in 20 years.


Whats your excuse going to be then?


And difn't your hero/idol Letterman just say that Leno is the best comedian out there?

595 days ago

lil rudeman    

Watch Leno's interview of Kimmel on the great Jay Leno show of a couple years ago and honestly say that Leno is funnier than Kimmel. I do think Leno is a funny guy, but Kimmel is more of a comedian (like stand-up and quick on the feet type of comedian) while Leno relies on scripts to be funny (not to say he can't improvise), but he's funniest on Louie or Fairly Oddparents (as the Crimson Chin and yes I loved that show)

595 days ago


Hey! JK! Who the *blank* do you think you are? You non-laughing, no talent hack! How is it that you are even remotely revelant? Funny how he's starting the b.s. when his show is moving to compete with Leno and Letterman. LOL Jimm K! It didn't work. Leno is gonna chew you up and spit you out. As for Letterman..Yeah...cry to your "hero" and see how much he has your back. You remind me of another loser..that Sarah nobody.

595 days ago


Ho-hum, a ratings ploy... how predictable, how boring...

595 days ago


I don't understand how Leno sold out. I don't know the history but is it because Leno has a show? Because so does Kimmel?

595 days ago


If God ever grants me just one wish I'd have to skip the whole "world peace" thing and ask him to resurrect Johnny Carson the funniest man in TV history

595 days ago


Jimmy is just making himself look stupid and childish.

595 days ago


I don't watch any of these clowns.

595 days ago


Uh ...Just look at Jay's ratings....always high

Jimmy ..get your brain back !

595 days ago


These a have been fueding for years and it started with this interview

595 days ago



595 days ago


Instead of trying to be funny which is his job, new late night prime contender Kimmel is now acting like a politician in attacking Leno. But the talk show wars are about getting laughs and not dissing competition. If you have to resort to foolish put downs, this is a giveaway that you have no comedic talent and are a pretender who belongs back in the after midnight time slot.

595 days ago


Kay hasn't been funny in over a decade. The only people that enjoy his corny jokes are small children and the elderly. He should have just stayed "retired."

595 days ago


Jimmy who? Nobody

595 days ago


I really don't understand Kimmel's attacks on Leno. Kimmel is not a stand up at all. In fact, he just presents clips like The Soup which he ripped off. Much of his videos and comments seem to be "inspired" by a couple of very well known websites. Letterman has been phoning it in for YEARS and is pretty sleezy with his interns. Jay was screwed over by NBC and Conan until he was asked BACK. Was he supposed to say no?? I don't get all the animosity toward Jay but he is usually the one that stays classy. I hope Kimmel and his show BOMB in its new time slot. B O M B.

595 days ago
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