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Suge Knight & Katt Williams

Club Fight Started Over

Racial Slurs ... and Obama

1/5/2013 7:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0105-suge-knight-kgatt-williams-tmzSuge Knight and Katt Williams claim they are NOT TO BLAME for that massive parking lot brawl last week ... saying it started when some jerks flung racial slurs at them and shouted "F**k Obama" repeatedly.

As TMZ first reported, Suge and Katt were caught on video tangled up in a huge fracas last weekend outside Eden nightclub in Hollywood (see below).

A rep for Suge tells TMZ ... the rappers in NO WAY started the fight. The rep claims while Katt was talking to a TMZ photog ... a horde of guys started calling him the N-word, specifically shouting "f**king ni**er" and then "F**k Obama."


We're told Katt walked over the culprits to ask them to stop, but the group wouldn't quit. The verbal exchange got heated and Suge's rep says one guy got physical with Katt.

The rep tells us that's when Suge stepped in, trying to keep the incident from escalating further ... but Suge and Katt realized it was two against 15, so that's when they decided to get out of there. 

But you'll recall ... an eye-witness that night -- who claimed Suge punched him -- said it was Katt who started the melee by calling some guy "a Mexican" and it escalated from there.


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So a verbal altercation where racial slurs were already being thrown out was exacerbated by a 5 ft tall, hundred pound black man, who thought he was tough enough to run over there and start mouthin' off, probably due to that he had a HUGE black dude with him. Tell me again how this isn't Suge and Katt's fault? Here's an idea. Next time someone is yelling racial slurs at you, you ignore them. They wanted to get a rise out of you, and they did.

471 days ago


He looks like the lucky charms man on crack

471 days ago


Everywhere Wat goes someone calls him the n word. Poor Wat can't go to Target,club, on stage. Damn guess no one told him the definition of that word is a stupid person. If he quits acting in the manner he is then the public perception of him will change. Another thing. Get away from Suge Knight. He will take out a life insurance policy on you like he did 2pac

471 days ago


I think the guy is funny, but he needs to get away from Suge. Suge living off Katts fame cause Suge is yesterdays news. Leave Katt alone before you get him killed Suge

471 days ago

Brent Jorgensen    

Yeah sure-- some guys were throwing out the N-word to Suge & Katt. Such B.S. but just another easy Racial card excuse so the blacks can continue their thuggish, gangsta ways.

471 days ago


never his fault is it? he's sounding like lilo as of late. sad, when I see a katt headline I think of a whiny little spoiled white girl.

471 days ago


I agree with the horde of guys.

471 days ago


I don't think this piece of dirt called Katt could speak the truth even if he wanted to. He seems to be a pathetic compulsive liar who conveniently uses the "race card" whenever his foolish temper gets him in trouble. People like him are the BIGGEST RACISTS OF ALL!

471 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Couple of queerz.

471 days ago


Advice to Suge

471 days ago


No defense for them and certainly no defense for OBAMA the pres. who wants to those who don't want to work for it. HIS PEOPLE!!!!

471 days ago


Seems like that is Katts excuse for everything. It's getting old. He goes out and starts fights then says "Oh they used the N word at me". It's compelte horsesh*t. He thinks if he claims it then he can get away with acting like a jerk. I love his comedy but I have had it with him. Not going to watch his shows anymore until he gets his act cleaned up.

471 days ago


Since Obama's election ANY comment that isn't positive toward a black is racial. Try to fire a black who does perform...GOOD LUCK...they scream discrimination. The credo is simple the Pres is black...I'm black...don't tell me anything!

471 days ago

Katts Attorney     

Suge and Katt - a hit reality show in the works somewhere

471 days ago


So ghetto, both of them..Suge, go back to prison..and Katt... Skip to ur future and start smoking crack now..

471 days ago
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