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Lindsay Lohan

Sayonara L.A.

My Rental Is Up For Grabs

1/5/2013 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0105-lindsay-lohan-houseWanna live like Lindsay Lohan -- minus the booze and the arrests? Now you can, because the Beverly Hills pad she's been renting is officially back on the market ... for a cool $10,450 per month!!!

You already know the house ... LiLo's been living there since last February -- struggling to pay the massive rent -- and we're told she will be moving out as soon as the year-long lease is up.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... the actress wants to ditch L.A. for good and is in the process of finding a new place to live in New York.

As for what she's leaving behind ... a 2,500-square-foot mini mansion, with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, resort style pool, spa ... and of course $200,000 worth of Bravo's time and effort.

Thanks to our friends at Zillow​ for the heads up.


No Avatar


You probably wanna hose this pad down well prior to moving in...

656 days ago


hmmm....someones gotta clean the firecrotch..ooops,i mean carpet..before anyone else moves in..

656 days ago


No amount of bleach can disinfect that place. burn it down and start all over.

656 days ago


Probably smells like cigarettes and cocaine residue on marble countertops . No thanks

656 days ago


If she can't afford to live in California, how will she afford NY ?

656 days ago


She should have left LA BEFORE she became a criminal. You can run, but you can't hide from the DA. She is about to get locked up, finally !!

656 days ago

Say It Isn't So    

I bet the nasty slore takes anything with her, not tied down, when she leaves. And to think BRAVO spent $200,000+ on renovations. Bet she takes about $100,000 worth of interior loot w/her. She's such a nasty pkin loser. Can't wait 'til the lying, theif, drug-infested and booze-infested skank hits the 27 club. She has 1 year and 7 months until she turns 28, so it's likely she'll make it to the club before her 28th Let's hope.

656 days ago

Say It Isn't So    

Did anyone see over on ROL that she was photographed (after a nite of partying in London) with a HUGE bruise on her left arm, it extends from her wrist to above her elbow. ROL is reporting that it's several days old, i.e., she got the nite the Sheik was in town and she was **cough, cough** paid to attend his party.
I bet you doughnuts to dollars it's from the wh*ring around she did for the Sheik, and she was roughed up/tied up during the nite of s e x, at the party. BETCHA!!! Otherwise, why would the bruise be THAT huge, and she have THAT many of them?!?!? Pkin skank is NOTHING MORE than a paid slore.

656 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

I had a friend who rented to people who smoked in the house. One kind drug or another. I'm not sure. Anyway, my friend is fastidious. After he got the people out he hired company that came in and either recovered or treated every surface in the house. He even moved the other family in the building out until the whole place was done. It cost him tens of thousands to do it but hr was afraid of getting sued if someone came down with a disease that could be traced to living in his 2 family rental. I wonder if they messed up that nice stuff that Kathryn Ireland put in the house. That's on Tuesday right?

656 days ago


Who would want to follow someone with such grooming issues. Can't imagine what that place smells like.

656 days ago


LOL....WATCH OUT NEW YORK! You thought Hurricane Sandy was bad! You've got Tornado Lohan coming your way!

656 days ago


Wasn't Lindsay paying $8000? Surely having her lived there isn't worth another $2450 a month.

656 days ago


I wouldn't live in that house, as dirty as lindsay is the house may have roaches and **** in it.hopefully she changes her behavior when she moves to New York but I doubt it. How exactly does she expect to find a home in New York with her shot to hell credit?

656 days ago


Hopefully she will have us tax payers paying her rent next month!! At least 6 mos in jail is probably the only thing that will make her realize she has to make changes!! She is only a couple years (unless club 27, votes against her membership, Dina's personal reference letter was the deal breaker) from looking like Cortney Love or Amy Winehouse!

656 days ago


I wouldn't leave LA if I were her, the over crowded jails have saved her numerous times!! Hasn't New York been through enough???? Stay away Lindsay!! I thought if you were on probation you couldn't leave w/o court approval!! If working then would that tax debt be paid by now??? Also. Charlie, as an addict why enable her addiction by paying her tax debt??? Give your money to charity, maybe struggling single parents or people who are unemployed due to no fault if their own!! People in New York, NJ, Conn, PA, could have used that $100,000, a d not just used what ever choice of drug she is abiding today!!

656 days ago
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