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Lindsay Lohan

Partying 'til 5 AM

with Court Date Looming

1/5/2013 7:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0105-lindsay-lohan-splashWith a court date in New York fast approaching, Lindsay Lohan let off a little steam last night/this morning by partying in London with a few friends until 5:00 AM.

LiLo has been ordered to appear in a NYC court on Monday ... a result of her run-in with a psychic in a New York club back in November.

Lohan will be there to answer a desk appearance ticket, so a number of things could happen -- a future court date could be set, she could enter a plea ... those are just a few of the options. 

If she doesn't show, a warrant will be issued for her arrest.

New year, same old Lindsay.


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It's the red lipstick that pulls it all together

619 days ago


She doesn't care about her 2 up coming court dates, she thinks she will be aquitted in both. Party down Lilo. That is all she knows how to do, since she can't act.

619 days ago



619 days ago


Sharon Stone?

619 days ago


Dina to Lindsay: We need this gig so that I won't lose the house. You need to do this so that your poor brother can go to school. You have to do this so that we aren't thrown out in the cold with nothing to eat. You have no prospects in which to bring in money so you have to do it. We all depend on you........
Lindsay to Dina: But mom there are so many of those sleazy looking guys drooling from their mouths and wagging their crotches at me. I need help mom, won't you help me? could you take a few off my hands?
Dina to Lindsay: Uh, got to go honey, I've got a bunch of Korean guys in line waiting for Ali. Now go make us a wad of money and be quick about it. We got a club to hit up later, more potential clients don't you know. Oh and we only have until tomorrow morning so OPEN WIDE FOR CHUNKY.

619 days ago


Next desperate act of Smeghan: She arrives at the last minute for a red eye flight to NY, problem is, someone Dina hired calls in a bomb threat claiming it's on the same flight that Smeghan is on. Next thing we know, she has a legit excuse for not showing up to court. Judge postpones and sets a new appearance date feeling sorry for the little lush.

619 days ago


Lohan has pulled this before. She gets so wasted she can't make her flights and pulls the lost passport that's never lost or stolen just used as a sobering up excuse that backfires.

Should she party to the bitter end which would surprise no one, she better have that private jet to get her back on time.

If Lohan looks the least bit wasted she's not getting on a commercial flight. Lohan can't pull I missed my flight garbarge. Hello warrent for her arrest.

619 days ago


Hey, you may as well live it up before going to prison.

619 days ago


She suffers from a soul weariness so profound she just wants to lay her head down for good...
This shows in her eyes which 100% are dead already.

619 days ago


I just saw the photo from ROL. I've got to tell ya. I had a friend get tanked up, years ago and trip down the stairs, she missed the last three stairs and landed on a park bench on the landing. Her arm took the brunt of the fall. The next day she had the EXACT SAME BRUISE that Smeghan has on her arm. Somewhere NYE she took a trip and landed on something hard.

619 days ago


I hope that there is a little gremlin that sneaks in and steals her passport for real. Then when she tells the court she can't return because someone stole her passport what do you think they are going to think? Are there any hotel housekeeper gremlins running around? Just think of all the free publicity you could get for your Hotel. You could get a raise! Now get going while she's out partying.

619 days ago


What I want to know is why is she trying to hide from the paps (pics on ROL)? Doesn't make any sense.

619 days ago


I hope that she goes out partying again sunday night and either shows up hours late or not at all so the judge will see she's no good and be tougher with her and just lock her up.

619 days ago


poor ol tmz, trying to dramatize everything, tellin us with a brain what is obvious. when the desk ticket was issued she was told to appear on january 7th, tmz come out with the ORDERED to appear lol, go back to the kartrashian trash, nothing new to report here.

619 days ago


@SWACK..She isn't trying to hide from paps because there isn't any paps to hide from.

619 days ago
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