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Michael Jackson's Assistant

I Paid MJ's Bills ...

And I Want My Money Back!

1/6/2013 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0102_michael_williams_jackson_gettyMichael Jackson's personal assistant covered a bunch of expenses while the King of Pop was living in Vegas.  Now, three years later, he's finally getting around to demanding payment.

Michael Amir Williams filed a creditor's claim with the Michael Jackson Estate, claiming he's still out $28,569.83.  Among the items listed -- an $11K power bill, a $13K vehicle lease and almost $1K in phone bills.

As for why he took so long to file the claim, it's a little unclear -- Jacko kicked the bucket back in June 2009 ... and most everyone else filed their claims years ago.  In fact, he may have missed the filing deadline by a long shot.

Williams also filed a class action suit against AEG recently ... which AEG didn't really appreciate.


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Danger Baby    

What are you trying to say pedo?
I know, you have no proof, trying, but not suceeding.
Look at you're post
Are you taking drugs??


No mimijane, I am not on drugs, but I know who was, and he was dead!!!!

LOL LOL LOL!!! yeah point the finger, but won't save his life!!! He is not coming backo!!!

647 days ago

Danger Baby    

So, not only are you trying to make a complete mockery out of the seriousness of this case in the UK.
YOU MIS - QUOTE Peter Saunders – The author and misconstrue what he said regarding Jimmy Savile in order to tie a COMPLETELY INNOCENT MAN into your sick agenda?


Same difference, the pot and the kettle, both are pedos, you can fill in the blank, and only pedo lovers will argue!

He was not only a wacko
He was not only a gayo
He was inside out a pedo

MJ, Sandusky, and Savile
all used fame, wealth, and charity to prey on vulnerable innocent children who are too young to safe guard themselves, as parents or adults, we will have to do our best to teach our children, because despite there is a song, these pedos just want leave the children alone!!!

enuff said!

647 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Danger Baby
"only pedo lovers will argue."
I met Jimmy Saville in the 1970s. I was 14 and he was almost 40. Within the first 10 seconds of our meeting, I knew instictively that there was something 'creepy' about him. He was not the sort of bloke you would want to be on your own with. So, from my own experience, I have no doubt that Saville was attracted to teenage girls.

However, when the story first broke the original handful of credible victims swelled quickly into the hundreds. The media reported that organisations such as the BBC and the hospitals involved may be liable for compensation, and I believe that must have encouraged more claimants to come forward. In addition the news reported that anyone who could not join the vicarious liability action may be entitled to claim from the criminal injuries board.

My point is that I could make a claim against him. It would NOT be true, but I would probably get a payout. The man is dead. He cannot defend himself.

That has to lead any rational human being to question the validity of the allegations. For example, in the 400 or so complaints against him, one is an 8 year old boy. Is that believable?
That does not fit Savilles sexual profile. A couple are for older adults on life support machines. Does that fit his profile?

I fully accept that there are victims where the EVIDENCE supports their claim. But there are others, in my opinion, that have simply jumped on the bandwagon.

So, there are serious legal questions to be asked about the Saville case. In the days of 'no win-no fee' legal suits these questions must be be considered.

However, Danger Baby considers anyone who asks such questions is automatically defending paeodophiles. That is nonsense.

There is no similarity between Saville and MJ.
There was NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE against Michael. Just an allegation. There was NO PROFILE HISTORY.

Judgemental people simply ASSUME that the Chandler payout was an admission of guilt.

646 days ago

Danger Baby    

Brigha, no evidence?

Consider this, even the Santas in the shopping mall are trained to keep their hands out in the open in a public area when they are placed with children, MJ invited Children to his bedroom, and surrounded his bedroom with sensor and alarm and told his employees and "his" own children that his bedroom was off limits. Why???

Then there was the penis drawing, the semen stains, the words of innocent young children who have never had any sexual experience and they fit a definite profile, young boys and not one girl who if wanted to accuse him, might be more successful based on the hetro image that MJ tried so desperately to cultivate, even to the extend of getting married and had his own children.

You may argue away all the cir***stantial evidences one piece at a time, but when all the evidences are added together, they made up a guilty picture of a famous pedophile - MJ, and that is only deniable by his/her rabid fans!!!

Think that over, next time you want to defend MJ!!!

646 days ago

♫ ♪♪♫ ♪ Wacko Claus ♫ ♪♪♫ ♪

645 days ago

Danger Baby    

And if your don't respect the posts and journalism of TMZ, then, why are you even here?
Maybe we find it hilarious when TMZ makes statements like "when wacko kicked the bucket"!



Not only did you misquote, you made a mockery of MJ, the correct quote was "Jacko kicked the bucket"!

There is nothing funny about that, only if it was a designer bucket!


645 days ago


@ 117
Danger Troll...
Yep, no evidence, whatsoever, nada, zilch, other than, what YOU and you're fellow tmz TROLLS make up to suit your particular agenda of course,
No circu*mstantial evidence because it just wasn't there –
You can troll until ‘the cows come home’ (which they will in your case)
You’re comment comes across as desperate to argue for the sake of arguing.
‘Danger Troll’ has no TMZ profile…posts under many ‘nics’ therefore is not a legitimate poster.
Go and figure out why that is??
They also, in some cases, have a profile, unless they have been banned.
**Be aware of this and please, don’t waste time posting to these perverts.
N.B - look at the above infintile, land fill trash.

645 days ago


The trolls are too stupid to create a profile.

Just as they (he) are too stupid to know how to post a live link.


645 days ago


Oh that's right. Go call Deb Jackson to come to your defense.



645 days ago


That's ALL you got?


645 days ago

♫ ♪♪♫ ♪ Wacko Claus ♫ ♪♪♫ ♪

645 days ago

Danger Baby    


Who sounded desperate???

I think I hit a nerve of a cnertai desperate rabid however,

I'll say, yeah, good one, hi-five, fingersnap!

645 days ago
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