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Justin Bieber

Party With Me ...

I Own You

1/7/2013 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0106_JUSTIN_BIEBER_COMPOSITE3Justin Bieber's people have smartly tried to contain the teenage singer's hijinks by attempting to make it clear to anyone who parties with him ... any pictures snapped are automatically the property of Justin. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Justin's people routinely place a sign in places where Justin parties -- a sign that says any and all photos taken at the party do NOT belong to the people who took them -- they all belong to JB.

It's a literal and figurative sign of the concern Justin's people are showing for a famous teenager with a penchant for risk-taking.

As for the photos taken last week in that Newport Beach Hotel room showing Justin smoking a blunt, our sources say if there was a sign it wasn't obvious ... because the people who took pictures saw nothing.

In addition to signage, we're told Justin's security people are supposed to "manage" private situations like the one in the hotel room, but apparently security didn't do its job ... or they've been co-opted by Justin.



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Darth Masturbater    

If you want to party in private then simply say no cameras allowed but when you start pulling out the blunts of course those "friends" around you are going to secretly snap photos of you because that's money in their pocket. Anyways, the kid is just doing what any other normal human being does or has done. As for this photo with it like EVERY other celeb has. You are no better. These little diva antics only make your a$$ seem a bit more fruity.

655 days ago


My guess is security didn't manage the situation because your source was not conspicuously snapping pictures . Notice how nobody in the photos is posing or seems to be aware that they're on camera. Where the subject has an expectation of privacy (e.g. Private party), publishing photos taken unbeknownst to them is an invasion f privacy that crosses the line between what's accepted (e.g. Taking photos if celebs in public WITHOUT endangering their lives, your photogs lives, or the lives of 3rd persons) and this. Truly disappointed - not in Biebet unless he was smoking around that bballer's kid- but in TMZ.

655 days ago

Julia Calil    

its not him, you can see that there is no owl tattoo

655 days ago


655 days ago

hank hill    

I own everything. Is that going to work?

655 days ago


Yes but they said nothing about video. :)

655 days ago


Somebody at Justin's party- obviously ignored the signs and took pictures with their own camera; meaning they own the photos- not the spoiled Justin Bieber! They wanted to let the world know that Justin smokes drugs, drink's and is not the clean cut, angel; pop star that people think!

He is pot smoker and on a dark path, if he doesn't smarten up..

655 days ago


i mean im not a genius or law smart but i do think that if i take a picture with my phone then i own the pictures. he have money that can buy the pictures from me but he's not god he cant take them from me and i guess this shut up the people who said the pics was photoshopped obviously he got something to hide.

655 days ago


why is it always tmz fault this is a gossip site and this is gossip. People are on this website to read **** that make our lives better because our lives suck.

655 days ago


Well, this is just a rumor to me. I'm sure a lot of people will be bashing Bieber for this sign thing, but I doubt he thought it up or even knows about it.

Justin take pics with his fans all the time. What would these signs say ... NOTICE: Any photos taken of Justin Bieber doing anything illegal or morally questionable are property of Justin Bieber ... please hand over your expensive cameras or cell phones to security as you leave the party!"

LOL! Never going to work! Privacy is a thing of the past for all of us. The only way to have a stellar reputation is to never do anything illegal or morally questionable. I only know one being that can claim that ... my cat!

655 days ago

andre herring king    


655 days ago


Bieber is an industry upon himself … worth millions … with talent oozing out of his fingertips … ya shouldn’t be jealous but respectful!
What were you doing at his age! Try creating music!
I should know …! I released 60 songs this year!


655 days ago


Well, I hope they had a sign in sheet at the door and when they sign in they have to sign in their cell numbers and the security has to check and the people at the door has the show their cells.
Or will in the future.
The pix show everything on it anyway so they can go to the person.
Anyone that takes the chance to NARK or RAT OUT on ANYONE is the LOWEST form of BOTTOM FEEDER and everyone knows this. The s*** that sold out must have been a desperate drug addict to be willing to be exiled forever from future rappers, artists, etc for life.... the idiot.

655 days ago


WEED Nost? juist like fallther

655 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

Marijuanna will lead him to heroin by the end of the week.

655 days ago
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