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Lindsay Lohan

Dodges Legal Bullet ...

For Now

1/7/2013 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1214_lindsay_lohan_01Lindsay Lohan was a no-show in a NYC courtroom this morning for her nightclub assault case -- but, luckily for her ... prosecutors delayed the proceedings.

Lohan was scheduled to make her first court appearance for the nightclub fight she got into with a woman back in November. LiLo allegedly punched the woman in her face, then got arrested (below) and booked for 3rd degree misdemeanor assault.

This morning prosecutors announced, "The investigation into this case is continuing."

Good thing, since Lindsay never made it to the courthouse, and it was touch and go if she'd make it anyway ... since she's been hanging in London for the last week.

Attorney Mark Heller -- who says he's representing Linds -- was there and claims she's "a victim of someone trying to capture their 15 minutes of fame." He also said a psychic told Lindsay Lohan she will have a great 2013 ... so there's that.



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It's like throwing chum in the ocean, these Lindsay stories.

652 days ago


All I can hear is the sounds from Charlie browns teacher 'Wah Wah Wah' and BITCHO OF COURSE:)

652 days ago


Hey all--I've got so much to say

1. Mark Heller: When was the last time you saw such an absurd post-hearing press conference? Yup. That would be Milo and his minister friend. When was the last time you saw Shawn behave in such a manner? Never. (now you know why I didn't think Shawn would want him as the NYC attorney)

2. Nicole--you mentioned that Heller is a family friend--yeah of her "he is dead to me" father.

3. We really don't know whether Lindsay skipped the hearing or was told by the DA's Office she didn't have to show up. Either is plausible.

4. The same split reasoning applies to the case. They weren't prepared to move forward but they also didn't drop it.

5. I did some quick research: LL was charged with 3rd degree misdemeanor assault. One of the elements of the crime is causing physical injury to another person. According to one of the leading cases in this area "pretty slaps, shoves, kicks and the like" which don't cause injury do not constitute 3rd degree misd. assault. BUT, there are lesser offenses such as attempted assault in the 3rd degree and harassment in the 2nd degree. Look up the latter--it's interesting.

6. Justice moves slowly.

7. Nicole--I think your glee in nothing happening to Lindsay today is so misplaced. One of my nieces lives and works on the West Side of LA--near the Chateau Marmont. If this was your relative and she was hit and injured by a car driven by a drunk/drugged Lindsay how thrilled would you be?

652 days ago


What do u mean "for now"??? She does it every f*cking time! Same sh!t different day!

652 days ago


stfu!!!! she's a f**kn dumb ass...she needs to do time...with her bi-polar

652 days ago


One more thing--Milo AND Dina were/are terrible parents

652 days ago

delusional much LL?    

how convenient now lowhan's "screwed-up" thought she was always "fine" ?!!

someone needs to inform that shriveled up monster mummy that lowhan is 26 years old not 6!

save the BS excuses !!!

letting your spoilt brat do whatever she wants from a young age doesn't mean society should too !!!

time for this nasty sociopath to pay for her crimes !

652 days ago


Heller continued, "After being booked and spending 4 hours at the police precinct last November, Ms Lohan's best friend Gavin Doyle arrived to post bail for her. [DUIna had declined to do so.} Upon leaving the precinct, Ms Lohan politely screamed to Mr Doyle, 'Get OUT, get OUT, GET OUT OF THE CAR GAVIN, GET OUT NOW!!!!'"


652 days ago


Can someone fill me in, I haven't had time to read thru all the comments, been busy at work! So Liho had an option to show or not to show? She wasn't required to show, only her attorney?

652 days ago


NIC-HOLE.... Why do you HATE Revel so much? She gave your precious little Borderline Crackie 2 weeks to surrender herself to jail. Crackie spent the 6-7 days prior to her jail sentence DETOXING in her new atty. Shapiro's recovery house(when she temporarily fired Holley). That was a GIFT from Revel. Are you on your knees praying that this new Judge will give her 2 weeks before she surrenders to jail so that she can detox in PRIVATE? Detoxing as a PRISONER will not be kept private. EVERYONE will know and she and her POS MONSTER MOTHER-aka her PIMP and drinking/druggie buddy-won't be able to deny it. TICK TOCK....BORDERLINE CRACKIE...Judgement day is looming.

652 days ago


Will she or won't she bother to show in LA next week?

652 days ago



.....White Oprah is half-right, LiLo is messed up because her father is messed up, but she's also messed up because her mother is messed up too. Usually when one piece of trash fvck-up (see: Michael Lohan) makes a baby with another fvck-up (see: White Oprah), the baby grows up to either be a fvck-up or realizes they don't want to be a fvck-up and escapes their family by entering a monastery far, far away.

Yes, that's Cody Lohan's cue to shave his head and start heading for the giant holy building up in the mountains.

And LiLo was supposed to be in court today for slapping that psychic in a club, but the hearing was pushed back, because prosecutors realized she has more important things to do like party in London.

652 days ago


so DUIna lying all this time when she said HOhan is just fine or is she lying now?

652 days ago


Enough is Enough...Leave the girl alone. She's young, hasn't she had enough?.. I'm sure all you people dogging her never made a mistake in your life either.

652 days ago


When Michael was raping and beating mama bitcho was he wearing a little tie and a little suit? That would explain Dina's trauma of seeing Dr. Phil in his little suit and tie.

652 days ago
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