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Lindsay Lohan

Dodges Legal Bullet ...

For Now

1/7/2013 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1214_lindsay_lohan_01Lindsay Lohan was a no-show in a NYC courtroom this morning for her nightclub assault case -- but, luckily for her ... prosecutors delayed the proceedings.

Lohan was scheduled to make her first court appearance for the nightclub fight she got into with a woman back in November. LiLo allegedly punched the woman in her face, then got arrested (below) and booked for 3rd degree misdemeanor assault.

This morning prosecutors announced, "The investigation into this case is continuing."

Good thing, since Lindsay never made it to the courthouse, and it was touch and go if she'd make it anyway ... since she's been hanging in London for the last week.

Attorney Mark Heller -- who says he's representing Linds -- was there and claims she's "a victim of someone trying to capture their 15 minutes of fame." He also said a psychic told Lindsay Lohan she will have a great 2013 ... so there's that.



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Wow, DiLO dropped a dime on MiLO to the Daily News, same exact allegations as his current girlfriend Kate.......rape, cocaine addiction, physical abuse......

619 days ago


Wait for it, about 5 o'clock this afternoon a freshly pulled back faced Carrot Top will emerge for dinner then party into the wee hours again. She's behaved herself so far with no charges up until this case, can she carry off another week of partying without getting into trouble?

619 days ago


Lohans a legal pro. She knows how to play the game, christ knows she's had years of practice at it.

I would love to see Lohan get the trifecta....jail time, passport pulled and DL revoked.

I'll say it again, if no jail time at least pull her DL and passport.

619 days ago


I don't understand how a deal can be made here. She has no money to pay.
Perhaps she will offer up her unborn child but the genes of her unborn child will be 1/2 Lohan so not so good to barter for!

619 days ago


Will some have the common sense to finally lock the bitch up

619 days ago


A Psychic said it's going to be a good year for her? Thought the girl in the frackis in NYC wanted to tell her future as the chick was a psychic and was referred to as a f*cking gypsy. So now it's a viable statement to be believed from yet another psychic. Suddenly this medium is not a f''''ing gypsey. WTF?

619 days ago


If Lindsay uses psychics, I foresee a loss of money!
Lindsay did not even show up for court? She is lucky that the prosecutors are still investigating the case!

619 days ago


The "psychic" predicted LiLo would have a good 2013 and then sued her? Can't wait to see how this turns out. Now this is a good story to follow. just sayin'

619 days ago


Is she still hanging with The Wanted which is dangerous since she is WANTED herself?

619 days ago

Tracey B    

She's in London at the moment, we have celebrity big brother running here and there are rumours she's going to appear. I'm guessing thats why it was ok for her to not show up, she's here for work.

619 days ago


Fear not h8turds. The case has just been delayed. If they didn't have a case, it would have been dismissed today. It took 6 months for Borderline Crackie to be charged in LA . Especially in a high profile case-which this is-the prosecution wants a slam dunk. This is not over, by any means. And while we wait-these 8 days- let the Borderline Crackie keep boozing it up beleiving she's invincible. When the judge finds her guilty of VOP and IMMEDIATELY orders her jail, it will come as a complete surprise to her. Her court date will be televised and we will watch as the Borderline Crackie bursts into tears as she's handcuffed and taken to jail for 2 MONTHS. The boozing Borderline Crackie will detox as a prisoner and it will become public knowledge. Also, keep in mind that she hasn't gotten away with anything. Borderline Crackie might have skated going to jail but at what cost? Not only is she broke but she owes the IRS and Visa money totaling over 500K and she's whoring herself to pay for the FORECLOSURE-'cause you know that POS Dina ain't paying for it. Plus, her career has tanked now that everyone knows she can't act. And after the dust settles and she's done her 2 months in jail, she will keep us entertained constantly by running afoul of the law, because a she's etoh/drug addicted Borderline Crackie. It's that simple.

619 days ago


TMZ gets scooped by the Sun AGAIN! They knew she was staying in London a few days ago.

Damn, TMZ, maybe you should stop worrying about people smoking pot, and focus on being better reporters.

619 days ago


Is this Heller douche really her lawyer? I thought Blohan said this man was NOT her lawyer. This guy, really?

619 days ago


At the end of the day, Lindsay's delusions of grandeur doesn't really matter. Everyone knows, including Hollywood, what she has become...just a tabloid train wreck for the gossip websites. If TMZ was a tabloid print publication, Lindsay picture would be wrapped around the "catch of the day" at your local fish market.

619 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

I’ll hand it to Dina. Not only has she managed to (almost) completely deflect from the fact she’s been doing blow and partying with Lindsay from the minute the Disney money started rolling in, but after reading this I completely stopped blaming Lindsay for being such a ****-up and simply marveled at the fact that all she’s done so far is become an international hooker who runs overs babies. Seriously, it’s a miracle James Bond hasn’t shot her for detonating a Doomsday Device in the middle of Queens. “Looksh like you’ve been shnuffed out, FrecklePushy.”


619 days ago
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