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The Game to Justin Bieber

Don't Be an Idiot ...


1/7/2013 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Game
has some friendly words of advice from one pot smoker to another -- telling Justin Bieber ... it's time he got smart about smoking pot ... and acquired a medical marijuana card.

Game -- a self-proclaimed weed enthusiast -- was getting his hike on in L.A. today when we asked about the Bieber pics, and Game replied, "Let's keep it real. There's a lot of people in high positions ... who smoke a little weed sometimes."

Game added, "I'm not saying it's okay ... but [Bieber] made a mistake. Forgive him. Let him go through the growing pains of his life."

And if Bieber REALLY needs to smoke out -- Game says it might be worth looking into getting a prescription ... for his glaucoma ... or insomnia ... or whatever else he can pull out of his ass on the fly.


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Dan Frederiksen    

oh yeah, the card makes it smart...

because pothead is synonymous with Nobel laureate

651 days ago


How do you know he doesn't already have one TMZ? Or did you pay off his doctors to look at his private medical records to verify?

651 days ago

small asian penis    

Don't take advice from this guy.

651 days ago


And things like that are why cities try to shut down the dispensaries. In the long run it is going to hurt people with legitimate medical issues the most.

651 days ago


Bieber is the Devil's spawn!

651 days ago


It's nice to see that you condone felony fraud, keep up the good work penishead

651 days ago


They should legalize pot and tax the crap out of it.

651 days ago


legalize and tax is right, first thing we save with the money is Hostess!

651 days ago


Why this guy telling to get a medicinal weed card when the other guy is not sick.

651 days ago

Jo Ann    

Oh great, California doctors have been enabling drug addicted actors for years by writing prescriptions upon request. Now they are handing out scripts for "medical marajuana" like it's candy. What a joke!

651 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

The best herb I smoked was in Jamaica and Africa. African - Rasclot! Them people cure it in a banana. In a banana skin. A green banana. They wrap it up in a banana so when you get it, it compressed and, I'll tell you, it great! Blood clot! In *****ia and Ghana, love that herb! Good herb, mon. Music and herb go together. It's been a long time now since I smoked herb since im now deceased. Paul's favorite Herb was lamb's bread Kali. I like Hawaiian. But for some reason, you communicate better with Jamaican herb. The best Jamaican herb, it has more energy, more everything to it.

651 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak

End the War on Marijuana Now - Posted on October 2, 2012

..."To the President of the United States, to members of the United States Congress, and to all Americans,

As Americans we are supposed to be a free people. Our Declaration of Independence even goes so far as to state that we have unalienable rights ordained by God and among those rights are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These three items encompass the whole of how we choose to live our lives from the choices we make about religion to the type of food we choose to consume and how much. It also encompasses our choices of what are acceptable risks for us in our daily lives and our right to self-defense. If we are not allowed to choose what risks are acceptable for us as individuals we are not free at all, but only free to do as we are told. In short, decisions about our own personal health and safety are ours. They do not belong to society or to those who govern us. Our freedom was paid for with the blood of fellow Americans. The most sacred trust we have in our elected officials is that they protect that freedom.

The war against marijuana and the people who use marijuana is a direct assault on those rights and needs to end immediately. We are not the enemy of this country, we are Americans. We have been legally separated from society, labeled criminals, denied employment, had our children removed from our custody, had our property seized, stripped of our Second Amendment rights, and are no longer secure in our personal property due to improper searches. We have neither been represented nor had a chance to present any defense in face of the accusations of our supposed harm to society. Should we not have had a day in court before being stripped of our constitutional rights?

It is time for these hostilities to end. It is time to end the war against marijuana and the people who use it. Our freedoms are just as important as anyone else’s. Of the 3 most common recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana; marijuana is the safest from a medical standpoint and safer than alcohol from an at risk behavior standpoint. What is so horrible about marijuana that society must try to ruin our lives? We are not harming this country. If marijuana use is so offensive that it cannot be seen in public, then forbid public display, but stop ruining people’s lives for choosing a drug that is safer for the individual and society than alcohol or tobacco and leave us alone. All we really want is to live in peace with society. We are not the enemy, we are Americans."

651 days ago


Who cares if Bieber or Game smoke weed. They are adults and can do what they like its not affecting anybodys life. Tell the government to leave us alone.

651 days ago


what a loser

651 days ago


Bieber; is all of a sudden – cool …? Justin Bieber is an industry upon himself … worth millions … with talent oozing out of his fingertips …! Ya shouldn’t be jealous -- but … respectful!
What were you doing at his age! Try creating music!
I should know …! I released 60 songs in 2012!

651 days ago
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