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Kim & Kanye

Dropping $11 Mil

On New Mansion

1/8/2013 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West aren't committed in matrimony ... but they ARE committed in 11 million (and one) other ways -- TMZ has learned the duo just bought an $11 MILLION MANSION!

Sources close to K & K tell TMZ ... the future parents will be the proud owners of a 10,000-square-foot pad in an über-private, gated community in Bel Air, CA.

Kim and Kanye made the deal a few weeks ago ... and they've already gutted it and are designing a 14,000-square-foot dream home in its place.

The new home will be an Italian-style villa  ... with a gym, movie theater, full hair and makeup salon, bowling alley, basketball court, indoor and outdoor pool ... oh and probably a baby nursery. Just a hunch.

Not included ... a wedding date.  We're told there are no plans.

FUN FACT: Kim & Kanye's new neighbors will include Jennifer Aniston, Chris Paul, and Joe Francis.



No Avatar


Who the **** cares about these people? in the words of George Jefferson! Zebras!!!!! I am sure the neighbors will have for sale signs out soon!

617 days ago

Mr. G    

Expect plenty of "For Sale" signs to be going up in the neighborhood. Who would want a porn queen turned tramp and a talentless, ignorant, black wannabe thug for neighbors? Watch property values droppppppp!

617 days ago


Do you seriously think even if she has a gym in her home, she WONT go to the public gym? LOL! Yeah right! Those publicity shots are her bread and butter! She'll continue to drag her fat as* to the gym for new photos.

It will be 'working out pregnant Kim" to Post baby working out KIm" to "I lost all my baby weight Kim".. she will milk this bastard for everything. Come on now people!

617 days ago

Enough Already    

What a couple of self-absorbed, wanna be A-listers!!!! I'll bet those neighbors are on their phones, calling their realtors to get the hell out of there before the trash moves in. Must be nic, however, to earn millions by screwing the public over by having a fake wedding and endorsing a diet drug that she obviously didn't take to afford these kind of luxuries. Could have saved alot of grief for everyone had they just crawled back under the slimy rock from which they came. They are nothing but a couple of whore mogrels, flaunting their knocked up, adultery ways. matter how much money you have, or how big your house is (which hopefully will have double wide doors so your wide load can get through), or how important you THINK you are, you will never, ever, have the respect from the public. EVER. That ship sailed a long time ago. Just too bad your arses weren't on there when it launched!!!!

617 days ago

Enough Already    

What a couple of self absorbed, wanna be A-listers!!!! I'm sure those neighbors are shaking their heads and calling up their realtors to get the hell out of there before the trash moves in. They are about as worthless as a $2 bill. Both are nothing but a couple of whore mongrels, flaunting your adultery. You should have saved the money and just moved back under the rock from which you came. Oh, but wait. That's right. I can afford this cuz I got over $1M for my fake wedding that kept. Got paid for endorsing a diet drug I obviously didn't use. So I CAN buy expensive stuff from screwing over the public. At least the square footage will accomodate that fat ass of hers. Hope all the doors are double wide. matter how big of house you buy or where you live, you will NEVER, EVER, have, get or earn the respect of people. That ship has sailed. Too bad your fat asses weren't on there when it launched.

617 days ago

arale norimaki    

“Since we're all saying things we say all the time. I'll just reiterate. kim, we don't care about you, or your body, or that baby bird.

I'm watching this glorified porn star wondering how someone can get so caught up in a work of fiction...

617 days ago


Wow, and I figured she would have waited till she was divorced. I bet she felt so proud when Kanye referred to her as his "baby mama"...

617 days ago


It seems all kIM k does is flaunt her wealth. How about what she does for charity. A

617 days ago


I wish this mansion were on a deserted island far out with no means of communication or travel service of any kind.

617 days ago


No Yard? 11 million and there looks like there isnt a yard. Is the kid gonna play in doors forver?

617 days ago



617 days ago


Of what concern is it of the general public what anyone pays for anything?

617 days ago


Ok TMZ, I am confused are they building the house at the bottom or the top that is circled? I have seen and know the house you have circled has been built and been on the market for over a year (brand new) is the house you have cirlced:

617 days ago


Be interesting to see what the landscaping looks like in a few months

617 days ago


I doubt I'd have a house built inside a big red circle. Tacky!

617 days ago
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