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Michael Lohan to Dina

STOP Saying I Raped You

... Or Else

1/9/2013 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
is threatening ex-wife Dina Lohan -- either stop accusing him of rape, or face his legal wrath.

Michael's attorney just sent a cease-and-desist letter to Dina -- following a recent interview in which Dina claimed Michael raped her during a coke binge in 1990.

In the letter, Michael's attorney calls Dina's allegations "false, defamatory, and unlawful."

In the letter the lawyer claims Dina has been harassing Michael of late by leaving a slew of messages on his phone and on the Internet.

Michael wants Dina to shut her mouth and stop contacting him once and for all -- or he'll sue.


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"Michael Lohan is fuming that Dina Lohan is threatening ex-wife Dina Lohan" HUH???

655 days ago


What a pair of idiots. What chance did Linds have of ever being normal?

655 days ago


This story is poorly written. I can't tell if Dina was raped during Michael's coke binge or her own coke binge. Or perhaps they were both on coke? Get you coke binge facts straight, TMZ!

655 days ago

Good riddance!    

Grifter knife fight!
Grifter knife fight!

655 days ago


I like the knife fight idea

655 days ago


they are so ugly they had to rape each other

655 days ago


keep talking dina because if he does sue, he will have to explain every medical record and every police record she has on him. i've never seen her send any messages to him through social media but i've seen him attack her on twitter plenty of times.

655 days ago


told yall, if they cant sue someone they will sue each other..wait unti lindsay sues Dina, and Hobie sues Ali..

655 days ago


maybe he should concentrate on the 7 warrants for his arrest for non payment of child support for the $300,000 he owes.

655 days ago


For the sake of the children, Michael should have snuffed her, eh?

655 days ago


Dina is showing her desperation to save her meal ticket Lindsay. There was a time people hated Michael, and he's, sadly, appearing like the only voice of reason in that insane family. He just always makes everything too public, and that's when he loses his credibility. Just keep this one between the lawyers--nobody believes Dina anyway--she lies too much.

655 days ago


This family is so pathetic and embarrassing! Lindsey will never get the help that she needs as long as she has these two morons in her life. I think they should all take a family trip to rehab...

655 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

What a horrid mother. Doesn't she ever watch that Dr. Phil guy, with his little shoes and his little tie? He says that when you bad-mouth your child's other parent in front of him or her, you hurt your child. She has four kids made from Milo, they know they're made from Milo. Everytime these classless *******s slap at eachother, their children feel it.

655 days ago


Poor Lindsay never stood a chance with those two as parents. My father was an abusive alcoholic, but my mom was my strength, my pillar of fortitude. She sought help and got out of the relationship and ALWAYS protected me and my siblings from physical and mental harm. And through it all, she always showed us to be compassionate and respect our father, for after all, he WAS our father.

655 days ago


Why telegraph it? Just sue her, period.

These two are in cahoots. They talk to each other and plan what one will say and what the other one will say.

Afterwards the barfly will comment. All thru the tabloids that will pay them for a 20 year-old story.

655 days ago
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