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Alleged Sandy Hook Copycat

Threatens to Target L.A.

Kindergarteners for Death

1/8/2013 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 24-year-old man who threatened to commit Sandy Hook type crimes in L.A. claimed he was hell-bent on leaving "dead kindergartners" in his wake ... yet he will not be prosecuted.

Kyle Bangayan posted threats on Facebook the same day as the Newtown shooting ... and claimed he was targeting L.A. schools ... this according to a search warrant obtained by TMZ.

Kyle allegedly wrote, "No really America, if you post one more Facebook post about the shooting at that elementary school, I swear to whatever f**king god you believe in that I will do the same goddamn thing."

The rant continues, "I have the guns, I have the incentive, and I won't commit suicide at the end, I'll just go to the next f**king school and the next and the next ..."

And he goes on ... "So I woke up this morning and said to myself ... Dang you know [what] would be really awesome right now ... some dead kindergarteners ... and Christmas early."

Kyle was arrested in L.A. after a tipster told the LAPD about the online threats -- and when cops searched his bedroom (at his parents house) they found six semi-auto handguns, two rifles and one shotgun.

Now for the kicker.  Kyle was released and the L.A. County D.A. said no charges would be filed, because the threats were not specific. 

A little unsettling .... don't you think?


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welcome to liberal america

569 days ago


Well if he's serious or not our kids need protection...this is just the times we live in...and stop giving these ppl press...

569 days ago


How did he have that many guns and why wasn't he or his parents charged? Even if they were his parents and they had a permit for them the guns were in possession of the son. Who certainly looks like a minor.

569 days ago


Why do you ****out the F word but leave in the use of God's name in vain? Who makes that decision?
Why is one not acceptable and one is?

569 days ago


crazy son of b****

569 days ago


Sure hope they dont regret releasing this sob.

569 days ago


Just goes to show how little the cops and D.A.s in California care about the people they are supposed to protect. They prefer to wait until after the killing and then start prosecuting. Did the guy even have a permit for all the guns?

569 days ago


These crazy people are all about one thing...FAME. I wish the media (this includes you TMZ)...would STOP giving these people their 15 mins by blasting their face and names all over the tv and Internet. If every time it happened they focused on the victims and ignored the horrible person that caused it I bet a lot would think twice. Nothing in it for them if they don't go down in history. And the victims are the ones that deserve our attention any way. In regards to this punk...I thought any time you make a threat they consider it terrorism and you get punished ? Seems we are getting much to relaxed.

569 days ago


This guy is free? Is the DA and the cops for real. So, if he manages to follow through with his original plan before he was picked up by the cops, what are the LA cops going to say. "We are sorry". A little too late after he kills people and children. I just don't get the justice in this country.

569 days ago


Firearms Ownership: It's All or Nothing

569 days ago


Right...So when no one is expecting this little bastard to go through with his threat, I would be arming myself and hoping to see him otw to a school and take him down as the Police\SWAT should do, since they already had the heads up!! Idiots!!! Anyone that makes these threats should be picked up immediatly, and put through serious psych testing, and whatever else they do and not coddle the a**hole either!!! Then he needs a beat down for extra measure!!!

569 days ago


Put him a skirt

569 days ago


Great, so they're going to just wait until AFTER this sick bastard actually makes good on his threats and takes the lives of innocent children! This legal system is designed to help criminals and sick bastards thrive. What's worse is that sick bastards like this guy know this. That's why they can even brag about and make threats like this openly. They know they can get away with it and still be free to commit the crime.

569 days ago


this just shows how mested up the goverment is. after everything the people have been threw, after all the people who have been killed bc of people like this i can not believe they would let him go. this is very disterbing on so many levels.

569 days ago


Why the hell would you cover this story..he is not a celebrity, and it raises his profile encouraging what world does this fit TMZ news?

569 days ago
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