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Thomas Gibson

DUI Arrest Video


1/8/2013 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It took 5 fully-grown police officers to wrestle "Dharma & Greg" star Thomas Gibson to the ground during his DUI bust in L.A. this weekend ... and TMZ has the crazy arrest video.

We broke the story ... cops believe an intoxicated Gibson tried to drive his Audi SUV through a part of downtown L.A. that had been sectioned off for a nighttime half-marathon around 1 AM on Sunday morning. 

The footage begins with Gibson standing next to his car speaking with police ... when a bike cop arrives to the scene and screams for the actor to, "Get on the ground, NOW!"

At that point, all of the officers on scene rush toward Gibson and manhandle him to the ground as he yells, "Why?! Why!?"

While Gibson is on the ground, he can be heard telling the cops, "I am NOT resisting ... I am NOT resisting!"

After Gibson is successfully placed in cuffs, the cops help him up and escort him away from his vehicle.

Gibson was eventually taken to a nearby station where he was booked for DUI -- and was released later that day on $15,000 bail.


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why why why? because the cameras were running, thats why.

652 days ago


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652 days ago


Dharma and Greg? Wasn't that a little old timey? Try Criminal Minds. Didn't watch the footage but if he was driving drunk, then no pity, he deserves a good beatdown.

652 days ago

Democrats are evil    

I have lost all respect for street cops. Their desire to show their power over you is awful. Kind of reminds you of the Kelly Thomas beating. Best not to have a name like Thomas.

652 days ago



652 days ago


was he pulled over by the cops for drunk driving?????was he driving when he got out of the car to talk to the street closure cop,,,,why the DUI,,,,,,

652 days ago

Peter Sc    

It is police brutality and properly the Jante Law is in play here.

That is not resisting arrest. In fact the police here in Denmark would properly only act like this if you are a foreigner or known by the police due to poor origins.

652 days ago

dirtyzeebra opposed to partially grown police officers?
Um, I hope that bike cop got promoted to a Segway.

652 days ago


I hope TMZ supplies Thomas Gibson and his lawyers a coy of this video, so he can sue for police brutality. There was an unnecessary amount of violence directed towards someone who is just standing there, sounding coherent and sober, rightfully asking why he is being arrested.

652 days ago


Wow .... That sucks .. our police need to be policed ....

652 days ago


I have several friends in law enforcement and I'm told they yell "stop resisting" when they want to rough someone up but they're worried a camera is rolling or someone is watching. Didn't watch the video so don't know what's going on here, but now you know.

651 days ago


That whioe thing was completely unnecessary. Those cops should be arrested themselves. Wtf. Did he pull out a gun or something. He was just standing there, 5 cops jump him is really what happened here, but as usual the cops will get away with it. Asholes.

651 days ago


Poor Hotch. :(

650 days ago


I was trying to figure out what was going on so I watched in slow motion and raised the volume and just closed my eyes to listen carefully. I still couldn't hear everything, but this is what seemed to have happened:
When the footage began, the female cop confronting Thomas was already trying to arrest him. She was saying "Turn around, Sir!" I think she said "cross your legs and turn around" (I just heard "cross your" and "turn around"). Thomas was obviously frustrated and shouted "Why? Why?!" Just as he was shouting that, a couple of bike cops rounded the corner. One female bike cop must have heard him shouting. I couldn't tell because of the TMZ watermark (which is really obnoxious btw), but it seemed that the first cop was already holding on to his arm. The 2nd cop must have thought he was being belligerent and rather than just stop and ask what was going on, she overreacted and screamed "Get on the ground! NOW!" Meanwhile the first cop continued to say "Turn around!". The two cops were giving him different instructions with one more quietly saying "turn around" over and over while the other was saying "get on the ground". The tone of the 2nd cop must have alarmed the two male bike cops who were riding straight. They zerged over to help. From the tone cop #2 used, you'd think he must have pulled a gun or done something heinous. I think the other cops who arrived later did not know what was going on, but wanted to back up their fellow officers. Bikes were dropped and they rushed in. Cop #2 grabbed Thomas by one arm, while a male cop grabbed his other. Thomas sounded like he said "Wait! Stopstopstopstopstopstopstop" as he was yanked forward. Even once he was on the ground he said "Stop" a couple more times. I couldn't hear all of the conversation but it sounded like they were telling him to put his arm back and he said "No, I can't" and then he was saying "I am not resisting! I am not resisting". One of the male cops said "Bend your arm back, Sir". Around 42 to 45 seconds in, Thomas sounded like he was saying "Alright, I was almost home" (or something like that- he said "home") and "My garage is right there!" Then they told him to stand up.
I should note that it looked like maybe only 3 cops touched him. Possibly only 2 were pulling him down. The other cops were standing in proximity in case they were needed. I couldn't tell what was happening physically when he was on the ground.
I do think the police overreacted and it was sparked by the 2nd cop on the scene. The first one could have told Thomas why he was being arrested to have avoided this, but apparently she didn't want to.
This happens when the cops treat average people the same way they treat hardened criminals. The hardened criminals have ruined it for others by making the cops feel the need to overcompensate.

649 days ago


Re: Konoba1970 I think it must have been one of the other cops who said something about it not being very nice and to move. Not sure. I didn't hear that. But Thomas was busy saying saying "stopstopstop" about 7 times in a row as he was being dragged down.
I think he was clearly frightened and everything was happening too quickly for him to process. Rather than recognize that and take the time to stop and reason with him, the cops just treated him like a hardened criminals-- but given the times that they have tried to talk people down and the people tricked them and got violent, I know why the do that in some cases. Maybe they thought he was going to run.
I agree that the press does not use "allegedly" enough. They like to use sensational and misleading titles to their articles to bring in viewers. Sort of like the articles that said a young boy was inspired by Criminal Minds to kill his father. But once you read the article, the supposed episode the boy claimed as inspiration was not even an episode of that show. So they should have said that the boy claimed to be inspired instead of stating it as fact. I think that is irresponsible at best.
Unfortunately, the police have no legal obligation to tell someone why they are being arrested at the time of the arrest. They do have to be told when they are actually being charged, but they can be detained for up to 48 hours (last I checked-- I could be wrong on that now) without being told why.
Since I grew up in a law enforcement family, I learned quite a bit about the attitudes and some of the tricks. I don't know if this is still done, but back in the 70s and 80s, some LEOs were told to carry drop weapons in case they had to kill someone that was unarmed and needed to put a weapon in the hand of the body to make a better case for self-defense (although no one I knew ever actually did that).
It also seems that if a cop just doesn't like someone's attitude, some of them will trump up charges-- like claim that a person resisted or claim that they heard something or smelled something as an excuse. Obviously not all cops do this, but there are some who do, and those ones ruin it for the good cops.
From the video it appears that the cop did not even tell Thomas why he was being arrested-- but it is entirely possible that she had told him and he didn't understand, but we don't know.
The male cop who instructed him to bend his arm back sounded calm and even had a more polite tone. So not all of the cops in this situation were being unreasonable.
That said, a friend of mine who's brother is on a SWAT team watched the footage and said he thought it was excessive force given the situation.
Oh man, that arrow and the DING sound really interfered with watching the video. I'd like to see the footage without that and see if it makes any difference in what we can see/hear. The watermark over the middle was also a problem. I don't begrudge them for wanting to mark something as theirs, but it sucks when it hinders your view of what was happening.
Ideally in this situation the first cop should have explained to Thomas why he was being arrested (if she had not already done so). The second cop should have asked what was going on and what the problem was and tried to resolve it in a calm manner.
On one hand, someone might say that Thomas should have just done what the cop told him to do, but reasonable people like to know why things are happening and I don't think it was unreasonable for him to ask "why". Granted his tone sounded rather upset and almost angry-- and I think that is what made Bike cop #1 so hostile.
I wonder how the cops remember this going down and if any of them looked at the video later and re-evaluated the situation. Although its more likely they will just say he should have complied in the first place.
I hope things turn out ok for Thomas in the end.
Shemar got busted for speeding and DUI back in 2007 (around 1am as well) and he plead no contest to a misdemeanor so the DUI charges were dropped-- but part of the plea deal was that he had to serve 3 years probation, 80 hours community service, and pay a $1,400 fine.
One thing I am curious about is whether or not they did a blood test for alcohol later on and if there were any conclusive results. Someone was telling me they thought for sure that if the blood did not have alcohol that the charges would have been dropped-- but you never know. From my experiences, the justice system is not swift when it comes to the courtroom.
Ever get called for jury duty? so incredibly slow waiting to be eliminated (I'm usually one of the first ones the defense wants out).

648 days ago
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