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'Whale Wars' Star Sued

You Sank My Boat

... and Blamed the Japanese

1/8/2013 10:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The star of the reality show "Whale Wars" LIED about the fate of the show's most famous ship ... falsely telling the media it sank due to a crash with Japanese whalers, when in fact he secretly SABOTAGED the boat himself for publicity ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Paul Watson (above) --  founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society -- has been sued by Ady Gil ... who claims he owned the famous Ady Gil ship featured on "Whale Wars." Gil claims he let Watson's organization use his boat, so long as they took care of it. 

In his suit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Gil says his vessel was rammed by a Japanese whaling ship in 2010 ... and suffered damage to the nose ... but the damage was repairable.

According to Gil, Watson saw the collision as an opportunity to spin the incident into a major publicity and money maker for his organization ... so instead of towing the boat to port for repairs, he secretly gave an order to sink the ship "under the cover of darkness" ... and blamed the Japanese.

Gil claims Watson knew that blaming the whalers for the destruction of his ship would garner sympathy for his cause and spark outrage against the whalers ... inspiring more people to donate to his anti-whaling organization.

Gil is now demanding more than $5 MILLION in damages ... claiming Watson failed in his promise to do everything possible to keep the Ady Gil from sinking.

FYI -- Watson resigned from his position as the President of the Sea Shepherd society yesterday in the wake of other legal issues facing the organization.

So far, no comment from either Watson or the Society.


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watson is slime, wonder how many of the women who join sea shepherd he tries to bang.

591 days ago


It's a shame that the whales weren't ever a true priority.

591 days ago


I have never been much into the environmental stuff but Paul watson is a fckin rebel i love that guy! He doesnt give two fcks about nothin...sad he decided to step down...

591 days ago


Does that tell all of you something about "Animal Planet"? All the saved poor doggy stories and the brave pound employees, etc coupled with all the solicitations for money to help the poor doggies?

591 days ago


Does anyone watch the show? They did try to haul it to port but the damn thing was leaking and unable to make it. So what else were they to do. Also, didn't Andy have insurance? If not, too bad for him. Statute of limitations dummy.

591 days ago

Melanie Stewart    

And TMZ is such a reliable source.

591 days ago

Melanie Stewart    

This is utter nonsense put forth by a very bitter Ady Gil trying to seek the spotlight. PUHLEASE!!!

591 days ago

buzz kill    

This guy Watson is a creep. He would do anything to demonize the Japanese whalers. I guess he suscribes to the Liberal philosophy of "Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste"

591 days ago


Pete was fired the day before the announcement about the Ady Gil for giving false information to the Japanese Police. He was angry and threatened to claim this if he was not reinstated. Paul refused and let the media know before Paul did about his upcoming accusation.

Additionally Pete clearly says, on camera that his ship is unsalvagable. He then proceeded to scuttle it. Paul is also caught on camera saying "It's Pete's boat, it's Pete's decision".

Paul also stepped down and president of the organization to comply with a US court order that named him in an injuction for being within 450 meters of a japanese whaling ship. In order for Sea Sheppard to continue. he complied with the court order.

The misinformation here is astounding.

591 days ago


Whaling, though I disagree with it, is LEGAL to a certain extent. The pretext, "research" , is irrelevant. The treaty is the treaty. If you want to stop whaling, write to U.N. or our own politicians, in that we may offer a concession in the form of a trade agreement to make it worth the while for the Japanese to stop. Does this guy attack Tribal Inuit hunters in Alaska and Canada? You fly a pirate flag. You attack ships in the process of people's livelihoods and the commission of commerce. Expect to be treated as such. Too bad, and lucky for him, the Japanese aren't the people they were 70 years ago. That would certainly make good television. Believe me, they'd treat that fat douche' just like another whale carcass. And I say this as someone whose mother was a Japanese national, and in Japan during the war. My great Uncles and also my grandfather were in the I.J.A. Even in this day and age, he would find Japanese prison orderly, polite, clean, and unbearably cruel.

591 days ago


This is the same Full of S Capt. that claimed he was shot. A-Holes like this do more damage to the cause than good, when will they learn, honesty?

591 days ago


I always thought this guy was a piece of ****. Just like he was supposedly shot in the 1st season but it just so happened to strike a badge he had in his pocket. This guy is a terrorist in my eyes. I hope they take him to the cleaners.

591 days ago


This fat freaking terrorist needs to be locked away for good. His whole act is a joke. He manufactured a phony "shooting." This clown runs around the ocean trying to ram the Japanese fleet, then cries foul when it happens.

591 days ago


I do not suport killing Whales, and as far as the Tv show and what they do i suport fully, BUT snce first time i watched this Fa t A ss , motherfaking watson so called captain i knew he was full of sh itt , and no good lying sob. I just wissh he goes to prison for once, and ya the looser Watson was also on the run from Argentnan gov for stealng money and who know what else,, man i wish he owes me money..:)

591 days ago


Paul Watson is a canadian hero. He was fighting for wildlife in our oceans long before he had a reality show. He has accomplished a lot. Look it up people. Don't just go by what a celebrity gossip site says. Just because someone sues someone else doesn't make their case automatically valid!

591 days ago
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