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Washington D.C. Mayor

'Redskins' Is RACIST

... It's Time for a Change

1/9/2013 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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It's damn time the Washington Redskins changed its racist name ... at least if the team ever plans to move inside D.C. city limits -- so says District mayor Vincent Gray.

Now that the Redskins are winning again, there's been a lot of talk about bringing the team back to D.C. -- instead of leaving them in nearby FedEx Field, located in Maryland.

But Mayor Gray has some conditions before the Redskins move a muscle -- claiming, “I think that if they get serious with the team coming back to Washington, there’s no doubt there’s going to have to be a discussion about [changing the team name]."

Gray added, “I think it has become a lightning rod, and I would love to be able to sit down with the team … and see if a change should be made. There’s a precedent for this, and I think there needs to be a dispassionate discussion about this, and do the right thing.”

FYI -- the federal government controls the land where a new Redskins stadium would be built in D.C. ... so it does have some say.

There's no question, the term "redskins" is flat-out racist ... but we still gotta ask ...

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Having a group of athletes wearing the name PROUDLY fighting their hardest to have this team RESPECTED does not seem to be an act of RACISM. I have heard and seen REAL RACISM . This is not the correct use of this term, which should be saved and used for the real deal, thus being heard with more understanding. PETTY

599 days ago

yackety yak    

The Detroit lions should change too, remember the hardships faced in the 30s by that poor lion in the wizard of oz? He went through so much to finally get some courage.... the citizens of Detroit should be ashamed to use the name in such a disrespectful and degrading mockery of all that lion went through and overcame in the 1930s when hunting lions was still common practiceIn much of the world.

599 days ago


Funny, he didn't mention the black dude that dresses up like a Native American at games and gets his pictures taken with everyone. Do you think that could be offensive to Native Americans?

599 days ago


Funny how this Mexican *****rdly can tell an American Indian descandent like myself what's insulting

599 days ago


The term redskin is both derogatory and racist. I do not necessarily believe that the players or owners themselves are racist but the name is offensive to many. If there was a team called "The Negroes/N-Word" w/ the stereotypical black man with intense African features there would be an issue. If there was a team called "The Spics" there would be an issue. So come on. It is time for a change.

599 days ago


Yeah they should embrace the name, start handing out pox infected blankets to the fans...
Hell, why not change the Seahawks to the San Fransisco Gooks, New York Giants to Kikes....

599 days ago


I am not sure racist is the right word. The word racist is very misused and misinterpreted. To be racist means you believe you are superior to a race. People can do and say insensitive and even discriminatory things, and not necessarily be racist.
There are three races: Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid. Some people are fairly recently mixed, as is evidenced by Caucasian-Negroid breeding or Mongoloid-Caucasian, etc., etc. Most anthropologist consider Native Americans to be
Caucasoid, as they do most Hispanics and all East Indians and Arabs. So I don't think referring to Native Americans as "Red Skins" is racist at all. It is just describing a prominent physical attribute of Native Americans. And Native Americans are NOT a race. Therefore, it is not racist.
It is, however, demeaning and insensitive. And therefore wrong. It is a "nickname" of times past that identified them by the color of their skin, and not the real human being. It is a very crude name for an ethnic group of people, on par with n!gger. And it should be changed. As a matter of fact, I am very surprised it hasn't already.

599 days ago

Sandy Chenault    

fine. Change their name to the Virginia Redskins

599 days ago


This is ridiculous, we've had the same name for 80 years and counting. Stop being so worried about being liked by the people who think everything is racist and all this BS. Absolutely ridiculous and shouldnt even be a question to change the name

599 days ago


Change their name to "The foreskins". Suits them better and we kicked their ass last Sunday.

599 days ago

BB not bb    


599 days ago


How about the Washington D.C. Spenders since that's all they know how to do over there.

599 days ago


How about the Washington D.C. Spenders since that all they know how to do over there.

599 days ago


If for one second it can be construed as demeanind and someone can justifiably take offense if it their culture, then change it! It's a name of a Team that plays a game, what's the big deal? BC some people don't take offense to something doesn't mean others won't. Change the name

599 days ago

Washington Nevada    

There is nothing racist or political about the name Redskins. Firstly, I am a Redskin, as are millions of Americans, as are my kids. Mayor Gray seems more sensitive over his own name. Redskins is a pefectly fine and politically sound name, TMZ Sports. It wouldn't be around today if it weren't.

599 days ago
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