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Jenni Rivera Crash

Victims' Families SUE

Jet a 'Bucket of Bolts'

1/10/2013 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Family members of the people who perished alongside Mexican singer Jenni Rivera in a gruesome plane crash last month have just filed a lawsuit -- blaming the plane's owners for negligence ... and they're also going after Jenni's company for money -- calling the plane "a bucket of bolts."

Relatives of Arturo Rivera (Jenni's publicist), Jacobo "Jacob" Yebale (her makeup artist), Jorge Armando Sanchez Vasquez (her stylist), and Mario Macias Pacheco (her lawyer) have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Starwood Management, the owner of the Learjet that was carrying Jenni and her entourage when it crashed into the mountains of Northern Mexico, killing everyone on board.

According to the lawsuit, the families claim Starwood negligently allowed the plane to take off that fateful day -- among other things, they say the 78-year-old pilot was not licensed to fly "passengers for hire."  They also say the pilot didn't have an instrument flight rule license, something that was necessary at 35,000 feet.

The families are also suing Jenni Rivera's company for the same negligence. They want unspecified damages.

As we reported the DEA has been investigating Starwood Management and its planes for a while now, and even seized two of the company's planes early last year.

Jenni's plane -- a 1969 Learjet 25 -- had reportedly logged 43 years worth of flights and been previously damaged in an accident back in 2005. An exec at Starwood said the plane was perfectly maintained.



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Fred h    

As for the people that are wondering WHY suing Jenni Rivera? Easy, she was their employer and was responsible for transportation et,all

620 days ago


Rip u

620 days ago


And she was Mexican -American *Jenni *

620 days ago


The pilot of the plane was 78 and the co pilot was 20. The co pilot did have a license to fly that type of jet. Many mistakes were made. In accidental death someone is always held accountable, be it the employer, the owner of the plane or both.

620 days ago


****en Hispanics want money like hungry.... Wtf is that going to do. It isn't going to bring back your people.... Ow why sue Home girls family.. They got paid well don't be so damn greeeedy you wet backs...

620 days ago

Throwback kid    

If I had a choice of flying in a plane from 1969 with a 78 year old pilot, or have Snoopy as my pilot flying me in his dog house I would pick the Snoopster every time!

620 days ago

Throwback kid    

1969? Why didn't they just fly a plane with a propeller where the pilot yelled Contact! then manually started it

620 days ago


The Plane Exploded It Didnt Crash My Friends Dad Works At The Airport And Says They Lost The Radar With Them To Fast. And All Her Body Parts Were Everywhere ?

620 days ago


Fist let me inform TMZ that Jenni is not Mexican she was born here in California USA. Make sure you correct this the next time if you start the article the same way!!!

620 days ago


It was said today that the plane was built on December 9 1969 and crashed December 9 2012 .jenni Rivera and her publicist Arturo Rivera were both born in 1969. Weird coincidences

620 days ago


Considering how bad 78 year olds are behind the wheel of a car, there is no way I'd hop into a plane being flown by one.

620 days ago


sad they all died but look at their last picture together, it don't look to me like jenni's friends minded riding in a "bucket of bolts" or standing in her spotlight

620 days ago


I understand how hurt the families are and rightfully so, they should sue the company who owned the plane, but not Jenni's company. It's not Jenni's fault the plane went down, its not like she knew it was in bad condition or anything, after all she went down with alongside all of them unfortunately.

619 days ago


Stupid, frivolous lawsuit. It's not as though Jenni herself wasn't on the plane. If it was good enough for her, it was good enough for her entourage.

It's a tragic loss. Stop being greedy.

618 days ago


I don't understand how some 78 years drive a car let a lone an airplane. I just don't get it. THank for looking,

606 days ago
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