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Jon Gosselin

Proud Father ...

of a 3-Year-Old Tax Lien

1/10/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin became a free man in 2009 -- problem is, he allegedly snubbed the State of Pennsylvania in the process ... and now, the schlubby reality dad's been hit with a $39K tax lien.

If you recall, 2009 was the year Jon and Kate went splitsville ... scoring them both more publicity -- i.e. paid interviews and appearances -- than either could've imagined.

But according to docs filed in Berks County, Pennsylvania ... Jon still failed to dish out the necessary cash to the government that year ... resulting in the massive tax bill.

Let's hope he saved some of that sweet reality cash ... 'cause while the bill might've been a doable amount back then, it's gonna be a pain in 2013 ... considering Jon works a totally normal person job now.

Thank God he bought all those Ed Hardy shirts while he had the chance... Multiple attempts to reach Jon were unsuccessful.


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And here I thought we would NEVER have to hear or see that couple again! UGH

597 days ago


Dam u guys beat me to the ed hardy punchline

597 days ago

Grow Up Jon    

Can he file for bankruptcy? How does that work? I'm totally lacking in knowledge when it comes to owing Uncle Sam money.

Here's the thing. Jon did this to himself, and I'm NOT talking about his bad marriage. I'm talking about how he went about leaving his bad marriage, acting all rock star with the ridiculous shirts and the young girls and lounging on yachts in Europe while Kate stayed with the kids. That's fine if you ARE a rock star because you have your rock star money to fall back on. All Jon had was his persona as an inept husband who was bossed around by his wife. When he dumped that life he showed the world that he is an inept human being who NEEDS someone to boss him around and tell him to save his money, to budget, to be aware. And so, here is Jon, no one to guide him, no money, no career, and he owes back taxes.

It's just further proof that the reason Kate was so bossy with Jon is because she had 8 minors at home and one grown husband who wasn't capable of taking care of himself like a GROWN up.

When are you going to GROW UP JON? Probably never. I hope you do, for your kids' sake and for yours. I's time to get an education and face the reality of who you are and who you should be. You have kids to consider. Work to support them and work to make them proud, Jon. Do it.

597 days ago

Grow Up Jon    

Ginger, do you understand what taxes ARE? Jon had INCOME and assets and OWED the government their cut and he didn't give it to them. He had the MONEY, the tax man doesn't want all, just their PART, but Jon spent THEIR part and HIS part and is now living only God knows how.

Obscene name who thinks TMZ should delve into "child abuse" by Kate? You know JON is their FATHER, right? If there really was "child abuse" then Jon kept quiet about it. If there is child abuse going on NOW then Jon can simply call the police and "rescue" his kids. Do you really think that Jon would let his kids be with Kate if she was abusing them when he could be getting all this free positive publicity for himself by shouting it from the rooftops that his kids are in danger and he wants to protect them? You must really think NOTHING of Jon if you think he doesn't KNOW HOW to call the cops to save his kids. How can anyone believe the kids are being abused and believe that their father (who has an axe to grind with Kate) wouldn't be fighting to save them from that abuse? The only way you can believe that is if you believe that Jon is S***, because he certainly is smart enough to take advantage, if that was ACTUALLY going on. Even JON doesn't believe his kids are being abused or he'd do SOMETHING (if only for publicity and to get revenge on Kate - would be nice if he cared about his kids, but...), so you crazies that do believe the abuse "allegations"- you be craycray. Good luck finding a good mental health program.

597 days ago

Me Too    

Kate is a very disturbed human being, and Jon is (or at least was) a very immature guy. I do feel bad he had to live with that she-devil woman as long as he did, though. Hopefully he's forgoing the douchey ed hardy t shirts and gets this bill paid.

597 days ago


Oh brother,
This seems to be his pattern of irresponsibility. play and not think of even paying. Didn't I see an article about him not even paying child support? He claimed it was breaking him, so Kates lawyer stepped up and said Kate already months before told the court she'd take care of supporting the kids by herself so I suppose Jon could afford rent & food so the kids could visit? Then an article where his power was turned off for non payment?
This guy has some major problems with the way his head works ( or doesn't work) if he snubbed the IRS and blew thru his money.

Makes me glad Kate got rid of him, who needs dead weight with 8 kids to raise?
The best he ever did was when he was with her. Which is another thing I read- his dad wanted him to marry her because she had ambition, does that mean his own father saw that Jon had none?
I see these howlers of hate on every article written about this family always blaming Kate, but Jons actions paint a clear picture of the true REALITY of it all.
For those of you hoping he'll grow up and become responsible- stop holding your breath . If it hasn't happened yet, its not happening.

597 days ago


This guy is an a**hole he should get back together with Kate and help raise his 20 kids!

597 days ago


Kates been able to keep the kids in a great school because she took care of the earnings this family made with their show.
Shes responsible so shes been able to keep the house to make sure the kids have a roof over their heads.
Obviously the kids are well fed, so THANK GOODNESS Jons not in charge!

597 days ago

Scamuel Jones    

Put his soorry s*** POS azz in jail for 10 years like any ordinary citizen would be!

597 days ago


Does anyone really care about this nobody, his media whore wife, and their lives now? Puleeze, give us some news about people of importance, not has been reality "stars" and I use the term loosely.

597 days ago


Does anyone really care about this nobody, his media whore wife, and their lives now? Puleeze, give us some news about people of importance, not has been reality "stars" and I use the term loosely.

597 days ago


We all saw the difference between Jon and Kate on the TV show.
Jon was mature, quiet, considerate, thoughtful and approachable.
Kate was immature, loud, inconsiderate, rude, bossy, manipulative, controlling and selfish.
Remember when Kate pretended she was doing all the work and then Jon stepped in to help her in the house and she just screamed at him telling him to get out because he was making it worse?
What a catch she is *snicker snicker :D

597 days ago


Am I the only to notice that this lien was not filed by the IRS, it was filed by the PA Department of Revenue. Chances are he owes the IRS too, but I found that part of the article misleading.

597 days ago


He needs to cut down on his food bill, he's a huge porker now.

597 days ago


Reality stars (lol) let their fame go to their heads. Those poor 8 kids will soon be hitting their teen years and look out, mama Gosselin will have spent all their money leaving nothing to bail these kids out of jail.
Did Jon Gosselin really think HE was the star? I feel so bad for those kids.

597 days ago
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