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Jon Gosselin

Proud Father ...

of a 3-Year-Old Tax Lien

1/10/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin became a free man in 2009 -- problem is, he allegedly snubbed the State of Pennsylvania in the process ... and now, the schlubby reality dad's been hit with a $39K tax lien.

If you recall, 2009 was the year Jon and Kate went splitsville ... scoring them both more publicity -- i.e. paid interviews and appearances -- than either could've imagined.

But according to docs filed in Berks County, Pennsylvania ... Jon still failed to dish out the necessary cash to the government that year ... resulting in the massive tax bill.

Let's hope he saved some of that sweet reality cash ... 'cause while the bill might've been a doable amount back then, it's gonna be a pain in 2013 ... considering Jon works a totally normal person job now.

Thank God he bought all those Ed Hardy shirts while he had the chance... Multiple attempts to reach Jon were unsuccessful.


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15 minutes is up pal.. Pay the man.

650 days ago


No no no. This is NOT allowed tmz. We put up with your kim fantasies, and your Lohan obsession, but this is not allowed. This dweeb canNOT come back. I refuse to even say his name. Hes gone. Like a bad dream, no thats to nice; hes gone like a virulent case of diahrrea. He is no more. Never to be mentioned or even thought about except on occasion when you get an omimous pain in your lower gut.

650 days ago

oh paleez    

since he's no longer a celebrity, he can probably get it negotiated down to about $10K

650 days ago


A loser is a loser

649 days ago


Jon Gosselin, another dirt bag who made the news. Good lord with all that is going on in this world do we really care about Jon and his non-payment????

649 days ago


He probably thought that he would be over looked, NOT! The irs will catch up to you, and now he's got a nice bill to pay back. He will be paying this bill back for the rest of his life.

649 days ago

Grow Up Jon    

Did I say I DIDN"T read the book? LOL No one NEEDS to read "the book" before "denying it's veracity" because the "veracity" of the book is irrelevant. The book may or may NOT be the PAST. We are in the PRESENT.


What is RELEVANT is that JON is those children's FATHER and if there is ABUSE then HE is the one to shed light on it to "SAVE" his children. He's NOT doing that, and it has nothing to do with the kids who MADE money (PAST TENSE) for PA. It's APPALLING and PATHETIC that you think a STATE and CPS has their "HANDS TIED" regarding the safety of children because in the PAST they were on a show that made the state money. It's just further proof of mental illness. You tell yourself whatever you need to believe in order to justify your hate for Kate Gosselin, but the TRUTH is that JON, as the KIDS' FATHER, is the one who is RESPONSIBLE for taking care of his kids and if they are being ABUSED. It is Jon's DUTY to do what he can to protect them. JON is doing NOTHING because there is no abuse. The only OTHER possibility is that he simply DOESN'T care. Two choices. Your delusion is just a delusion. I know it makes you HAPPY to cling to it, and that's just SAD. Jon relies on your gullibility to slander the name of the mother of his children, the woman who is raising HIS kids and financially supporting his EIGHT kids since he can't even SUPPORT HIMSELF.

That's the truth. Accept it and it will set you free, Miranda.

649 days ago


I thought Jon quit his work and help Kate do work in the house and take care of kids??

649 days ago


Wonder why Jon sought comfort in the arms of another woman?
"Kate Gosselin freaks out in "Sarah Palin's Alaska" - episode 5 "
@ Youtube

649 days ago

Larry Jr. Esq.    

Haha..Honestly who doesnt have a tax lein on there a$$ nowadays....IRS Brrrrrrr....

649 days ago

Miller Cerasuolo    

Jon Gosselin has had a tax lien filed against him in the amount of 39 thousand dollars. The lien includes unpaid taxes from 2009 which was the year that he infamously separate from his then wife Kate. In essence a tax lien is the government’s legal claim against all of your property, real and personal. After a tax lien has attached, it can severely affect your ability to get credit. Furthermore, a tax lien cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, and therefore, the lien will continue after bankruptcy. As opposed to a tax levy, a tax lien does not authorize the government to take your property. However, if you do not make arrangements to settle the tax debt, it is likely the government will impose a tax levy where the IRS will seize and sell all of your property. Therefore, it is very important for Jon Gosselin to make arrangements with the IRS to settle the tax debt before the government would move forward with a tax levy and seize his property.

628 days ago
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