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Justin Bieber

Sued By Ex-Bodyguard

He Punched & Berated Me!

1/10/2013 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


Justin Bieber beat the crap out of one of his Israeli bodyguards ... and berated the former soldier after a disagreement ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Biebs -- who's 5'7" and MAYBE 130 lbs -- is being sued by Moshe Benabou, an ex-member of the Israeli army.

According to Benabou -- who claims he worked for the singer from March 2011 to Oct. 2012 --  JB berated him and punched him in the chest multiple times during a disagreement about how to handle a member of Bieber's entourage.

Benabou is seeking unspecified damages for assault and battery -- and more than $420,000 in unpaid overtime.

But sources in Bieber's camp tell TMZ ... Moshe is nothing more than a "disgruntled employee looking for money." They say the claim that Bieber struck him is "absurd."

As for why Moshe was fired, our sources say he told multiple lies including a big one -- that he had worked closely with Justin Timberlake before being hired by Bieber.

Our sources say it was discovered that he never worked for JT a day in his life.

You may recall, Benabou was the guy who got into a physical confrontation with a photog at LAX back in February. After a brief struggle, both men fell to the ground ... and Benabou landed a pretty solid punch while the pap was being restrained by another person. 

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Nonetheless, sources say Justin and company think Moshe is a "good guy" and would like to have a good relationship with him.


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Being small doesn't excuse this type of obnoxious behavior. The more I hear about this kid the less I like. Thank goodness he'll soon be heading off to 'Member Them-ville along with Nick Carter, Fred Durst, Vanilla Ice and the like. Bieber is nothing more than a baby douche novelty act.

613 days ago


Little Justin Bieber beat the crap out of a former soldier and bodyguard? LMAO I'm having a lot of trouble believing this story.

613 days ago


getting hit with a purse must've been brutal

613 days ago


If that idiot let that little wimp Bieber beat him up, then he should be too ashamed to make it public.

613 days ago


Time to send old Moshe back to his country....

613 days ago


Awwww! I want the doggie!!!!

613 days ago


So why didn't the tough guy kick the kid's ass? What a wimp.

613 days ago


I am not a "BeeB" fan. He's a pansy assed punk that is still wet behind his ears. It is hilarious to think that this wimp would have the balls to strike any other human including females. He's ball-less and throw the case out of court.

613 days ago

Fat Jesus    

Bieber couldn't beat his meat, much less a grown ass man twice his size.

613 days ago


JB this and JB that! Who cares about JB?! Can i get a hell yeah for a BJ?!?!!!

613 days ago


LOL. TMZ is a bunch of BULL****. They make up the dumbest rumors about Justin. Most of them not true.. They've said he was a father and died how many times?.. They're just trying to make Justin look bad tbh

613 days ago


MOSHE WORKED WITH JT THOUGHT JUST GOOGLE IT. Anyways Justin's white privileged ass will get away with it again.

613 days ago


MAYYYBE he could have beat the crap out of that Israeli guy.

613 days ago

Janice P.    

Justin Dweeber needs a smack on is scawny little ass. He is a complete ******* and needs to be put in his place. Big boy wanna be.

613 days ago


lol...this is too funny almost for words. Justin Beiber beating on his bodyguard...OK.

613 days ago
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