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Lindsay Lohan

Tales of Drunken, Crying

Debauchery on Movie Set

1/10/2013 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0110-lindsay-lohan-canyons-tmzLindsay Lohan was an utter disaster on the set of the movie "The Canyons" ... this according to a writer embedded with the production, who says he saw a seemingly drunk LiLo get into her car and drive off the set after a boozing session.

The man who wrote article is Stephen Rodrick -- who says he was allowed to chronicle the project from start to finish.

According to Rodrick, Lohan was a mess who was initially fired after blowing off two days of filming. Rodrick says Lohan showed up to the director's hotel room, pounded on the door while hysterically crying and begging for her job back.

Rodrick says Lohan stayed in the hallway sobbing for 90 minutes before finally leaving.

Eventually, she was hired back to the production -- and things got worse ... with Lohan constantly criticizing producers and her co-stars.

But the most concerning part, Rodrick says Lohan had been drinking before a scene in which she would be simulating a 4-way sex scene with some real-life porn actors.

After the scene, producers offered Lindsay a hired car to drive her home ... but she refused ... and drove off in her Porsche. Rodrick says producers "all hoped they would still have a lead actress in the morning."

In the article, Rodrick says Lohan also freaked out before a sex scene in which she was supposed to get naked ... and locked herself in a closet. Rodrick says the director had to beg her to do the scene ... and eventually stripped naked himself to show her it was no big deal.

The gimmick worked -- Lohan eventually dropped her robe and shot a 14-minute sex scene.

According to the report, Lindsay once partied with Lady Gaga until 5:30 AM ... when she had a 6:00 AM call time. She eventually showed up to the set at 9 AM, but left soon after a doctor said she was too sick to film. 

Gaga posted a picture of her night with Lindsay on her website last July, along with the caption, "I love to stay up late and take pictures of beautiful celebrities."

We reached out to Lindsay for comment -- but so far, no response.


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@lindsaylohan The New York Times is dead to me!!

649 days ago


f--ked up like a soup sandwhich

649 days ago


i nominate lindsay for the 27 club

649 days ago


God I can't stand spoiled people who don't dersrve what they have. Why do people like her keep getting second chances and special privileges? GO AWAY, you spoiled douche.

649 days ago


You are all witnessing a major Con of Bullsyht going on production and presented by Lohan Inc to keep Lindsay D Lohan whoring ass out of Jail......
They are going for the "She's a Addict and a Acoholic ....she needs Help ...Please don't sent her to prison or jail it would only damage her more Please Judge Please sent her to Rehab....
She NEEDS JAIL......not rehab.....Jail were she will and have to completely dry out and come clean JAil were her emablers can't sneak things to her,,,,Jail were she can't con her way past the Docters like she did before....
Will she go to Jail.......Don't count on it this is major money working here......She will make it to Hell a lot sooner then Jail....

649 days ago

Pierre from Canada    

She should be sent to an institution for her alcohol, drug and mental problems for a long time until a decision is made that she has been cured of her addictions.

649 days ago


This article NEEDS to be sent to ANY director even CONSIDERING as a lark of hiring her in the future . . .

649 days ago


Anyone who hires her from this point forward (after her jail stint) deserves whatever they get.

649 days ago


So, let me get this straight, it takes a guy, sitting around on a set to record Smeghan's behaviour in written word for the rest of the world to stand up and take notice? We've been hearing crap like this for the past 5 years. You know, maybe some DUMBAZZ out there will hire her, YET AGAIN, so he can put her on set, shytefaced and drugged up, he'll take the actual footage and pretend it's for the movie. He'll then sell the footage to every media outlet on the face of the earth and make more money then he ever could have with an actual movie. While we are all laughing and calling him Dumbazz for hiring her, he's going to be waving at us with a fistfull of thousand dollar bills.

649 days ago


This is her year to join the "27 Club"!

649 days ago


Sounds just about right, although I cant understand why this dirty slut has a problem filming 4 way sex scenes. She gets paid to have sex for a living, but she starts crying when its being filmed? What a loser.

649 days ago


I know this was already posted once, but I ask everyone to please read this article. It's really good, and give you an good insight into Lindsay, and just how messed up she really is. Keep in mind, when reading this article, that it was commissioned by the producers of Canyon's so it's slanted in their favor. So, this is showing Lindsay in a 'good' light.

649 days ago


From this point on, I don't believe **** tmz says about the girl unless I read about it somewhere else first.

TMZ = New National Enquirer.

649 days ago


This is PRICELESS. These two things happened around the same time...

Lindsay made this quote:

"Elizabeth was drunk on sets. I've never been drunk on set, ever,"the starlet who will next appear in sexual thriller "The Canyons" claimed. She went on stating,"I did my time and I respect the law."

Meanwhile she was filming the Canyons:

A few minutes later, Schrader yelled cut. The crew packed up. Pope went to check on Lohan. He noticed that she and Gavin had been drinking, which was understandable for a young woman shooting a sex scene with three porn
stars. Quietly, Pope told Lohan that he could get her a driver to take her home. But she refused, jumped into her Porsche and headed down the dark, narrow road toward the P.C.H. They all hoped they would still have a lead actress in the morning.

649 days ago


tmz also left out the part where the writer said lindsay put everything into the part, she was pushed around and flung on the floor numerous times but got up and smiled telling cast and crew she was ok.

649 days ago
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