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Britney Spears

In Talks To

Headline in Vegas!

1/11/2013 11:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is in "serious talks" to move to Las Vegas and headline a "Celine" type show -- TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us ... Britney and her people are talking about establishing residency for the singer in Sin City and are also in talks with one of the hotels to do a "big, nightly show."

We're told the negotiations are with one of the CAESARS group properties, and they have "been wooing her for awhile."

As we first reported ... Britney has cleared the decks by quitting "X Factor" and is in the studio recording her 8th album.

Our sources say there is "a lot of interest" in Britney's camp over a Vegas move, and -- obviously -- a lot of interest on the Vegas side of headlining a show.

Celine Dion scored nearly $100 mil a year for her gig.  Our sources think Britney could do even better.



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Well, finally !!!!!, the end is near. Going Vegas will finally kill off this little tarts career.

She, in NO WAY can compare to Celine or Bette!!! "She is still singing teeny bop songs" !!
and has only teeny bop fans, WHAT TEENY BOPPER GOES TO VEGAS??
and ...any teeny bop fans from her past that have matured, have left her and moved on!! to better things.
what an idiot!
Celine and Bette started off with mature fans and they follow them everywhere.

I personally will be glad to see the end of Britninny!!


we'll leave her alone when she get's out of our faces and goes away !

627 days ago

Grow Up Jon    

I seriously doubt Brit will make more than Celine. I also seriously doubt that it's BRITNEY who wants to do Vegas. Can't help but feel sorry for her, somehow.

627 days ago


I think it will be to much work and time consuming for her......her mental health is fragile and it may throw her over the edge once again. I hope they close all the barber shops; no more baldy Brittney.

627 days ago


Who Cares about Britney????

627 days ago


Aside from the focus and dedication it would take, she doesn't have the material in her repertoire. Look at the other Vegas shows, those singers have 20-30+ songs we know and love or the voice to do cover tunes of timeless classics, Brit has what, 5 hits?

627 days ago


Brittany has made all this money and can't sing, she barley whispers. If she had not had a nice body she would have had only the Micky mouse club as her fame. she sing's like Minnie Mouse. Damn I am pretty let me go sing with a animated voice and see if I can land a Vagas gig. All jokes aside she cant' sing!!!! but she had made the money anyway go Minnie Mouse Brittany!

626 days ago


I know how she is going to get 100M she is going to marry Al Gore.....

626 days ago


I know how she is going to get 100m she is going to marry Al Gore....

626 days ago


First off she has many mature fans that grew up with her, like me. And why do you have to b so mean about someon u dont even know? Why dont you just shut the f@

626 days ago


When you look at performers on the strip, all have to appeal to almost an "older" age group. Years ago, (I think) Neal Sedaka who said Vegas gives his generation of performers a venue to perform because they can no longer sell out the larger venues in other cities. Fans who've followed singers such as Cher, Barry Manilow, Neal Sedaka, Englebert Humperdinck have the income to come to Vegas and see their favorites and the hotels know these types of singers can fill an 800-160...0 seat theatre.

Britney's fan base is younger. IF her fans are under 21, these fans don't have the disposable income to come to Vegas for a week and see all her shows. IF Caesar's is paying her THAT much money, they'll have to charge at least $200-$250 a ticket. And, while she does have fans, Britney is more known now for her personal struggles than her singing voice.

626 days ago


There are oodles of reasons why Britney doing Vegas is an all-around win.

Let's start with Britney's wins: steadier paydays with a higher overall income; more regular daily schedule that'll include time with the boys and opportunities to record new material; less pressure to perform absolutely on top; less press scrutiny of any missteps; a firmer and more cohesive support network in place to prevent and manage any issues and, if it comes to that, a smoother transition out of the spotlight if she chooses.

For Vegas, particularly whichever hotel chain is offering her a stint at their venues:

-a younger tourist demographic (I'll say under 35) that will grow old with her if she stays long-term;

a high-profile act that is young enough and current enough and clean enough for families to attend (Las Vegas has been aiming for that family travel budget for years)

- a "moldable" star who can still grow creatively and over the long-term make some serious moolah.

Let's be open about this: she won't be in this bubble where all she'll sing is "Baby One More Time" over and over. People will come to her with their tunes, or she'll write them herself, and build her show with new material. She's young enough to change over time, and she'll make Vegas a fortune, I think. Given the state of the music industry these days, this would be the best thing to happen to anyone.

626 days ago

Cinderellas Glass PR    

Vegas is hot right now? MobWives Vegas anyone?? Hint Hint

626 days ago


She deserves all the success possible. She has worked hard and has overcome many demons. Good for her.

626 days ago


I think that would be a great idea for her to do a show in Las vegas. It would keep her close to her family and fans.

626 days ago


I would definitely save up and go see Britney in a laCHER type show. I'm not sure older people would though? I mean older like 60 plus because that is the type of audience that goes to those shows overwhelmingly. That's why CHER said she doesn't like doing Las Vegas. She prefers a younger audience but younger people can't afford those expensive tickets.

626 days ago
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