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Porn Star to Lindsay Lohan

No Hard Feelings

1/11/2013 10:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The porn star who was cussed out by Lindsay Lohan on the set of "The Canyons" tells TMZ ... he ain't mad at the actress for ripping him on set ... in fact, he's still a huge LiLo fan.

TMZ spoke with James Deen -- the porn star turned mainstream actor -- who says the audio of Lindsay telling him to "do your f**king job" made him smile ... because he had a great time on the project.

So why was Lindsay so pissed off that day? Deen says he and Lohan had a misunderstanding just a short time before the film shoot ... which put her in a bad mood.

“Hours before the rant she asked why I was doing this movie and I said 'For fun.' I meant for personal experience and enjoyment of working on a Bret Easton Ellis movie. I don’t think she understood my intention behind saying 'for fun' and thought it meant that I wasn’t going to try."

Deen thinks Lohan took his explanation as a shot at her craft -- which was definitely not his intention.

When asked if he was upset at the time of the incident -- Deen told us, "Not at all. You didn’t hear me laughing on that clip?"


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he should be careful about having sex with HOhan.

catching her STDs could make him lose work.

595 days ago


Something tells me "The Canyons" is going to make "Gigli" look like a blockbuster!

595 days ago

kanye east    

Since polygraph-killer Linds "shares equally" in the profits, she's also on the hook for that same percentage of losses. Another lawsuit against her for the 2013 PerpWalk season!!!

595 days ago


Is it weird that I have more respect for this porn guy, than sticky fingers Lohan? Does this girl ever tell the truth about anything? Why do people keep hiring her? She is an awful actress, sounds like a 70 year old chain smoker, and looks terrible. Wake up people, she's not a star. I guess it's no wonder shes so fed-up, look at her looser parents.

595 days ago


What readers seem to forget is that the projects James Deen does at kinkdotcom are violent gang-rape culture features. Anyone who has experienced or who is sensitive to rape or violence from men would have difficulty working with Mr. Deen. I also think that Schrader's interaction with Lohan borders on abusive. What it looks like from the outside to me. sorry =(

595 days ago


Hey when is it going to come out that a body double was used for her.

595 days ago


Is this going to be another all Lindsay weekend? I have to admit I anm getting a little tired of little bits and pieces. Bitcho do something big. Assault someone, get arrested come on I need more. I am a Bitcho addict and I need a bigger and better dose. I know you can relate to that Lindsay.

595 days ago


Now I get it. Lindsay Lohan....future porn star.....just like the Octomom. Eventually that will be all she can do. Don't know the marketability of lesbians.

595 days ago


I listened to the 'explosive' clip, and Lohan was not being a b*tch - she was asking for clarification, and it did sound like Deen was confused at one point when she lashed out. But there was no yelling, and there was no screaming or tantrum - it's unfortunate that every single word the girl says is dissected... because it drowns out the bigger issues she has

595 days ago


@ Sam Re: getting a life
Sam didn't we go through this on the last thread this morning? Here it is again and maybe instead of telling me to get a life-maybe you should do something about your memory.
From this AM
@ Sam
I cannot speak for everyone here only me- but in reference that Lindsay gest me upset and causes me pain-nothing could be further from the truth. I have said here many times that I have no life. I enjoy this-if Bitcho cleaned up her act tommorrow I would move onto something or someone else. I may sound outraged and mad as hell but Bitcho has nothing to do with my life and most likely never will. I also like reading and commenting on legal issue since I work in that field. I know you like to be contrary -so do I and I thank you for keeping me on my toes-your posts are fun and intelligent. Thank you but Lindsay is not my entire life-just a interesting hobby.At my age commenting on TMZ is just about as much excitment as I can take.

Is it coming back to you?

595 days ago

Celeb Gossip Maven    

She seems to have these "misunderstandings" with people a lot.

595 days ago


I can understand if he was taking a shot at her craft. She plays make believe for a living. She should not take herself so seriously too.

595 days ago

kanye east    

Let's all meet the porn-failure Linds
Her career ends before it begins
Endless moaning and belching
Plus the gasping and felching
Can't distract from her multiple chins

595 days ago


I wonder if her cavities can hide her drugs or are they to stretched out? Squat and cough may not be necessary for dear Lindsay. I would imagine that everything would just fall out unles she has some type of trap door-I will have to ponder this.She could shove that entire pink purse up there.

595 days ago


Hmm so it appears the previous accusations were a fail? ;D

595 days ago
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