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Porn Star to Lindsay Lohan

No Hard Feelings

1/11/2013 10:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The porn star who was cussed out by Lindsay Lohan on the set of "The Canyons" tells TMZ ... he ain't mad at the actress for ripping him on set ... in fact, he's still a huge LiLo fan.

TMZ spoke with James Deen -- the porn star turned mainstream actor -- who says the audio of Lindsay telling him to "do your f**king job" made him smile ... because he had a great time on the project.

So why was Lindsay so pissed off that day? Deen says he and Lohan had a misunderstanding just a short time before the film shoot ... which put her in a bad mood.

“Hours before the rant she asked why I was doing this movie and I said 'For fun.' I meant for personal experience and enjoyment of working on a Bret Easton Ellis movie. I don’t think she understood my intention behind saying 'for fun' and thought it meant that I wasn’t going to try."

Deen thinks Lohan took his explanation as a shot at her craft -- which was definitely not his intention.

When asked if he was upset at the time of the incident -- Deen told us, "Not at all. You didn’t hear me laughing on that clip?"


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James Deen should have just bent her over and do to her what she's been doing to our legal system.

659 days ago


Blohan had the name but Deen was the STAAAAAR!!

659 days ago

Made it Past 27    


659 days ago


Lindsay Lohan.

659 days ago


From Slate Magazine

Stop Trying to Save Lindsay Lohan

By Amanda Hess | Posted Friday, Jan. 11, 2013, at 4:17 PM ET

Why do we keep trying to save the career of Lindsay Lohan? In “Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie,” New York Times Magazine reporter Stephen Rodrick presents an epic account of the making of the low-budget film noir The Canyons. The film is a collaboration of Hollywood has-beens struggling to get back in the game. It’s penned by 1980s It-novelist Bret Easton Ellis, directed by Taxi Driver writer Paul Schrader, and starring Lohan, the lapsed child actress coasting by on prurient interest in her court appearances and sincere appeals to her star “potential.” Lohan still has the talent to make it as an actress, the theory goes, if only she could get it together enough to hit her mark.

But logistics are a challenge for Lohan, and much of The Canyons’ production, as detailed by Rodrick, is spent discerning her whereabouts. Lohan fails to appear on set, blaming a sleeping pill consumed at 3 a.m. Lohan is so hungover after the interference of a hard-partying Lady Gaga that she summons her personal doctor to administer an excuse to leave (“inner ear infection”). Lohan shows up, but only under the threat of being replaced by an unnamed Parisian actress. Lohan recruits a posse of assistants to help her escape her handlers. Lohan locks herself into a closet and screams objections to her porn star co-star, James Deen. Lohan drunk-drives away into the night.

Still, Schrader believes that he can coax a winning performance out of Lohan if only he could catch her at the right moment. “We don’t have to save her,” he says at one point. “We just have to get her through three weeks in July.” Rodrick himself, in a break from do***enting the actress's many professional failures, tells Lohan that he believes she still has a “gift” and that “it shouldn’t be squandered.”

This is the myth of Lindsay Lohan—that she is gifted with a special talent that is hers to employ if she so chooses. Sure, a child actor—Lohan debuted in Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap at age 11—can get by being talented and cute. A teen actress—Lohan broke out in Tina Fey’s Mean Girls at age 17—can survive being talented and pretty. (And was she really so great in that movie?) But a 26-year-old actress can't just show up and dispense her "gifts." Performing is a skill, and Lohan does not exercise it.

While her more successful peers have been busy working hard at their craft, Lohan has spent the better part of the last decade starring in paparazzi accounts of her own misbehavior. At first, we were captivated by this downfall—good girl gone bad! But now we are tired of that storyline, and we're impatient for the comeback portion of her life story to kick in. But that miraculous return would require Lohan to exit the spotlight long enough to actually put in the work of being an actress. By that point, I'm not sure anyone would remember why we cared. And even if we did still care, who is to say she's still any good?

659 days ago


Hi Maddy, Vin & others>>>I spent most of today in Soho...saw a few hookers stumbling out of the hotels that Blo holes up in, but no Blo....she wasn't hanging out on any street corners either.
But it was early.....she may still have been slammed from last night. Anything new here??

659 days ago


FFS…I just gave this a listen…Blo is SUCH a BICHO! Lindsay "Just Keep Me On Set" Lohan

659 days ago


Lindsay Lohan the consumate professional, Right.

659 days ago


Her "craft?"

659 days ago


Oh, that's so sad. He thought he was just doing something on the side, for kicks and the experience of it. She thinks it's something important, like it's going to resurrect her career and help her be a star. Someone sounds delusional.

659 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

He seems like a nice guy. I guess for the first time in his life he needed to fake looking turned on. She must reek of cigarettes and booze. Ewww.

659 days ago


ROL story is that Linds didn't want NY Times reporter on set but she tells TMZ it was "pretty accurate?"

659 days ago


Sam and Diane. Figure it out, folks ;)

659 days ago


Evening friends which pony are you riding tonight this one or the other one TMZ got running ....?
This one seems to be more more run left in it away way ...though by the look of it TMZ may be doing a whole package deal ..."with 5 you get Eggsrolls a" again......
Harvey gets a two with this one....Keeps his Lohan hits coming in and he get to charge The Canyons people for advertizing and getting pubicity for there bomb.......and James Deen get a good shout out to help his career.....
Hell it will pay the rent for the kiddies for the next 3 months and Harvey can go on another winter vacation.......

659 days ago


Ta Da!!

659 days ago
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