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Kobe Bryant's Wife


1/11/2013 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Kobe Bryant is NOT getting divorced.

TMZ broke the story ... Vanessa -- through her lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser -- filed to end her marriage in December, 2011.  Several months later ... Kobe -- in an attempt to win her back -- deeded over his interest in their 3 Newport Beach mansions. 

Since she filed, Vanessa and Kobe were on-again, off-again like high school students.

But in the last month ... they got very tight.  A turning point seemed to be the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy relief concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC, when the two left arm-in-arm.  They spent New Year's Eve together, were spotted at lunch and have pretty much been inseparable.


There have been reports that Kobe is getting back with Vanessa because it's cheaper to keep her ... but that's just not true.  Fact is ... we've checked property records and Vanessa still owns 2 of the Newport Beach mansions -- she just sold the third for $3.2 mil.  We don't know for sure, but it seems like Kobe may have signed a post-nup, giving Vanessa more financial leverage in the relationship.

So now, Kobe, Vanessa and the 2 kids are one big happy family again.  Congrats.

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No Avatar


cheaper to keep her....he'll still stray, she'll still shop til she drops and they will both tolerate it..

557 days ago


Face it! The "B" is a slave to them Benjamins.

557 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Rumors are Vanessa is a klondike bar lover and not even knowing that fact.

557 days ago


Yay for them

557 days ago

Bossy Potato    

Wow. He cheated on her and she just doesnt care? He creeps me out.

557 days ago

Cheryl David Bailey    

Vanessa , got that who do voodoo on him or she's a beard ..

557 days ago


They look like Kayne and Kim, for sure! Future events.

557 days ago

Mixed Chick    

Great example for your girls, serial adultery is fine as long as you get paid, all this woman would be without him is a rich nobody, with him she is Mrs Somebody and rich, have a little self respect, everyone knows what he does with any woman that offers herself up, how could you go back after the description of what was done in Colorado? That was bad enough...geez

557 days ago


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557 days ago


black mamba ****

557 days ago


Once a cheater ...

557 days ago



556 days ago


She is a ten.

556 days ago


She's such a money hungry gold digger. He's going to pay the rest of his life if he stays with this ugly bitch.

555 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Oh geez...this lady has no identity outside of Kobe. She's done nothing with her life, she sits around the house all day and does jack beside take the kids to school and shop. Maybe she cooks dinner once in a while. Really, without Kobe, what is she but a nobody nothing from Garden Grove. She's never going to divorce him. He's already RAPED a girl and she stuck around. He's already F@@@@D hundreds of girls and she STILL won't move her ass. Kobe probably can't stand her but dosen't want to lose 100 million bucks to some dummy he only married to pizz off his parents.

These two will stay together and he will start cheating by the summer. Vanessa will be back to biatching out the houshold help and shoe store clerks. Vanessa will spend her days getting her nails done, trying on shoes, getting more Botox, and hanging out with her mother and her sister because she has no friends or life of her own.

Ladies: you should NEVER give up who you are and just attach yourself to some man. These two will eventually divorce when the kids are grown. Vanessa will turn around, she will be 45, she will be starting to lose her looks and Kobe will have himself a hawt 27 year old. All this lady wil have to show for anything is a pile of shoes and clothes and an empty life. Her kids will be grown and on their own and this lady will just be some useless ex-wife of some has been b-baller.

Kobe Bryant is no winner. He's a rapist a liar and a cheater who threw Shaq under the bus at the first opportunity. He's a man of low character who any woman with an ounce of self respect would run a mile from.

545 days ago
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