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Lindsay Lohan


'Do Your F**king Job'

1/11/2013 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an audio recording from the set of "The Canyons" ... in which a pissed off Lindsay Lohan tears into her co-star during a rehearsal ... saying, "Do your f**king job!!!"

Sources tell us ... the audio was recorded on the 3rd day of production, while Lohan was working on a scene with the male lead in the movie, porn star-turned-actor James Deen.

During the rehearsal, the director can be heard instructing Lohan and Deen to walk through a scene and "take it all the way to the kiss ... 'cause that's certainly going to be important."

But when the director yells "action" ... something goes wrong ... and a frustrated Lindsay explodes:

"No, can you do it ... Please James, say your line as you're walking over ... cause we're doing rehearsal ... do your f*cking job."

James tries to respond to Lindsay, but she cuts him off ... saying, "I didn't say anything, I said just walk over ... and do your f**king job."

At that point, the director says, "Alright, I've had it ... I'm tired."

Lindsay responds, "So have I."

As we previously reported, Lohan was reportedly a nightmare on the set ... who was constantly late to set ... fought with co-stars and producers ... and drank on the set.

Lohan denies she ever boozed during production ... but says everything else is pretty accurate ... and the audio definitely proves it.


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Suzy Q     

@Lucky_130, want to start a petition?

614 days ago


For "FUTMZ" when you return.
Lindsay Lohan, and her family are a virtual "TRAIN WRECK, LOL". The only person in her famil more "Bat sh!t crazy, LOL" is her mother, Dina who has been reported to be a bigger train wreck, LOLZ and more Bat Sh!t crazy LOLZ. Than Lindsay herself.
We have to come to the conclusion that Lindsay's career is an "Epic fail LOL" and that Dina's explanation as to why her daughter is so screwed up is an "Epic fail LOL" and the VERBAL and public fight with Dina Lohan and her EX-Husband is an "Epic fail LOL.
To the lohan enablers, "Imma LOL" going to side with them because PARENTS would NEVER lie about their children, would NEVER take sides and would never create WWIII, LOLZ" Dina and Michael are just looking out for the best interest of Lindsay, Imma KNOW this>
Linds will "Prolly" LOL. Get pasted this and not feel the backlash. Dina will PROLLY release a statement to prove everyone wrong and Michael will "PROLLY" try harder to make himself a saint and trying to do the right thing for his daughter, as long as it PAYS.
We all know, Dina and Michael along with anyone else ENABLING Linds is "Cray cray". LOLZ. No really, Dina and Michael are doing everyithing they can to straighten out Linds, get her career back on track and be loving parents in this "CRAY CRAY" industry. It's NOT linds fault she just got caught up in Hollyweirds CRAY CRAY LOLZLOLZ.
This Fcuking movie according to Dina Lohan is a "Hot mess". LOL. This movie according to Michael Lohan is a "HOT MESS". LOL. According the the cast and crew of this movie, Linds is a "HOT MESS". LOL. According to anything related, good or bad with the name Lohan attached to it is a "HOT MESS". LOL

Welcome to FUTMZ's list of BULLSHYTE anologies. Maybe the Lohan camp will take a page out of my book?

Read more:

614 days ago



614 days ago


Just read the bravo blog from MDD and this was the comment abt Linds...... "On that note though I found Lindsay Lohan much more attractive in kind of a sweet but womanly way that I have never seen her before. Anyone else agree? Thank God she was all right in that accident. Where was that house BTW? I have to ask Kathryn. It seemed surprisingly grown up and elegant for what I expected. I am a pink girl so I kind of liked the pink bed number. I am kind of a come hither kind of bed person myself, but please don't."

614 days ago



614 days ago


I despite this chick she gets away with everything under the sun and she still walking free.

614 days ago


She is out of control. I'm afraid that she's never going to get the truth about what her real problem (addiction) is and she is going to die.

614 days ago


James Deen should've put a dent in her forehead. I can't believ this spoiled, talentless, self-centered doper is actually on a movie set again.

614 days ago


I don't blame him for not wanting to kiss Linday Lohan with that filthy potty mouth.

613 days ago


That silly drug-abusing, spoiled cow should be kicked OFF the set, and kicked OUT of Hollywood forever!

613 days ago


Lohan telling someone else to do their "f***ing" jb.....WOW, now thats funny.........!

613 days ago


This will get her a few million...isn't that how it works in hollywood? She is a piece of work for sure. Nasty b*tch!

613 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

Linds, you s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y need to shut your mouth, become a professional and focus on what YOU have been hired to do then do it. Forget the other guy's issues, that's for the director to deal with!!!!
QUESTION FOR LINDSAY: What makes you think a monkey in a purple suit couldn't do a better job than the debachery you cause every time someone offers you an opportunity?? Me? I'd prefer working with a bucket filled with stinging fire ants than to subject myself to this hot migraine mess.
Note to Lindsay: Get over yourself, too many actresses that can actually do the job professionally without making every one on the set miserable.

613 days ago

Jer Kole    

She's beautiful, extremely talented and has demons. Hope she's able to deal with them succesfully before it's to late.

613 days ago


I don't know why she is still getting hired.
She is a mess!

613 days ago
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