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Lindsay Lohan

'Canyons' Article Was

Pretty Accurate

1/11/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan admits ... she was a bit of a pain in the ass on the set of "The Canyons" ... but she's adamant she did NOT drink and drive. 

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ ... Lohan is well aware of the article published in the New York Times chronicling the madness that went down during the production of the movie.

Lohan is telling friends ... most of the stories in the article are TRUE -- she was late a few times, she was nervous about getting naked and she argued with producers ... but LiLo says stuff like that happens all the time on movie sets, so it's no big deal.

But we're told Lindsay says the allegations that she boozed on set and got behind the wheel of a car afterward are totally bogus. She claims she's not that stupid and irresponsible.

When there WAS booze on the set, sources close to Lohan say it was provided by the director Paul Schrader -- who would often pour vodka shots for the crew at the end of a shooting day. Lindsay swears she didn't partake in the alcoholic festivities.

In the end, Lindsay says she's not mad about the article -- and still has a good relationship with everyone she worked with, including producers, co-stars and even the director -- who she claims has already approached her about a new project.

The feeling's mutual for 'Canyons' producer Braxton Pope -- who called TMZ Live yesterday, and did verbal backflips to say how "excellent" Lindsay was ... and claimed the benefits of having her in the film "far outweighed" the challenges.



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I love you Lindsey

616 days ago


We all know Lindsey ALWAYS tells the truth, right? HAHAHAH

616 days ago


Its a wonder beyond belief WHY any producer would want that drug addict in their film? I know I would not pay any $$ to see that loser if she was in the movie.

616 days ago


Lindsay's career is O-V-E-R.

Go look at her IMDb page. There's really nothing substantive over the past 5 years.

616 days ago


Interesting...............................................................................................................Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael vowed a full investigation after a fake tweet accused him of setting up the brawl in a New York club between his daughter and Tiffany Mitchell, a West Palm Beach, FL psychic.

Several tweets, which turned out to be a hoax, came from an account under Tiffany Mitchell’s name.

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“Truth is, I was approached and hired by Michael Lohan to cause a scene at the nightclub in question to eventually force Lindsay into a treatment facility that Michael Lohan had previously set up. Sorry for the chaos &confusion I’ve caused,” tweeted the person using that account, which has been active for less than a month.

But Michael was instantly suspicious that his ex-wife Dina was behind it, and he told Radar he was gong to take action to discover who really sent the tweet.

“This will be investigated,” he told RadarOnline. “If it turns out Dina is behind this, this will go legal.

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“I sent her a cease and desist letter the other day. I will have to expand that to ‘do not harass or have any contact personally or through a third party.’”

As has previously reported Lindsay is facing charges stemming from an altercation with Mitchell, who has hired famed Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred.

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And even with Mitchell’s name being used on a Twitter account to slam Michael, it has made the war between Lindsay’s parents rage even more fiercely.

Dina recently accused Michael of raping and beating her in the past, producing photographs of herself with a black eye while holding Lindsay as a child.

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616 days ago


After a day of working with Lindsay the crew probably needed a few shots of vodka! Maybe she wasn't invited to partake and that's why she didn't.

616 days ago

Cheryl A.    

She is NOT taking responsibility but I think she thinks she is.

616 days ago


I think we all have learned to not believe a fricken word out of this girls mouth.......or that of her mom or dad.

616 days ago


hahahaha yes Blohan the NYT writer is out to get your skanky lying arse yes yes yes. Loser liar I almost spit my coffee out on your little thing you wouldn't drive drunk. LIAR LIAR Firecrotch on fire

616 days ago


"I don't have any lines." That was her problem, it sounded like she needed bathroom break for a couple of railers. Who taped this and released it? More Gavin stuff? The best part is gonna be when this goes to DVD and Deen spills on what it was like working with her. What a mouth on this broad.

616 days ago


Look at all the free publicity they're getting. All this stuff is planned propaganda.

616 days ago

Freelance Proofreader    

Nice of you to call a reporter from the New York Times Magazine who was there ON THE SET and then wrote about it, "pretty accurate." I'm sure they were waiting for your validation. I'm also sure Lindsay would never lie about drinking.

616 days ago

delusional much LL?    

reminds me of the vanity fair article in 2006 where lowhan admited to an eating disorder and "experimenting" with drugs.

longest experiment in history.

when the article came out lowhan was all "taken out of context" " i never said that" blah blah.

vanity fair isn't 'star' magazine their response was they stand by the writer and that the interview was taped.
not another word from lying lowhan.

then as now you'll notice the suing lowhans didn't and won't.
the truth is kyrptenite to a lowhan.

616 days ago

Herman Munster    

Is this movie coming out soon, I bet this is all B S just so you stupid people will go see the movie. The media will say anything

616 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Every woman that's really worth a damn has a little bit of bitch in her. Some have a lot more bitch in them some time than others.

Lindsays all grown up now.

616 days ago
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