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Britney Spears

Here's Your

Ring Back

1/12/2013 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The newly-unencumbered Jason Trawick is once again the proud owner of a $90,000 engagement ring ... because we've learned Britney Spears has already given it back.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Jason did not ask Brit to return the 3.5-carat, Neil Lane ring ... she returned it on her own.

By the way ... there are reports that Britney bought the ring herself. Not true.

FUN FACT:  In California, the ring -- which in legalese is a "gift in contemplation of marriage" -- must be returned if the wedding is cancelled, UNLESS the dude is the one who called the whole thing off.  If it's a mutual break-up, or if the woman is the one who pulls the plug, the ring goes back to the guy.

The question -- If Jason gets engaged again, is it bad luck to give that ring to his fiancée?


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hot diggity
the Louisiana slam pig is back on the market

627 days ago

Laura Kennedy    

Why is the headline 'they broke up over kids' yet no mention of that in the text? Stupid!

627 days ago


I was enaged and we went our different ways, I gave him his ring back and now he's married and she's wearing my ring! it made me feel good somehow, like she has my " scraps" him, and the ring. I had no reason to keep the ring, whats the point?

627 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if he got $150,000 for that ring if he advertised it as "Britney Spears engagement ring" on Ebay or Sotheby's or whatever.

I bet some super rich Middle East oil sheik might buy it just to show it off on a wall somewhere.

627 days ago


Forget luck -- that is just about the most disrespectful way to get engaged. Run, woman, Run quick. Run far.

627 days ago

Throwback kid    

Britney should date Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart cheated on him and no longer deserves him as her boyfriend. I know Britney would be loyal to him and Robert is mature beyond his years and would be a great father figure to her. Robert is a true gentlemen and Britney is a Southern Belle, these two would be amazing together and would have really cute babies. I could even see them doing a romantic comedy together, maybe a remake of 1972's What's Up Doc? Robert should call Britney for a date, take things slow to see where she is mentally first

627 days ago


Seems like TMZ is trying to make this into a bigger story than it is. Jason is a nice guy, the relationship ended, Jason walked away without any drama.

TMZ has nothing else to report this weekend so here we go....

627 days ago


omg does he really have that kind of money? im sure he wont be putting that on any other womans hand and will probably sell it for a huge profit to some britney fan will to pay three times whats its worth from japan or something. yup thats what i think he will do. i woudnt be surprised if her whole union with him was a pr stunt to make her look stable in the last two years.she has the money to hire a pretend fiance for to years years.

627 days ago


The law about the ring is common etiquette that has been around for ions. I guess California took it a step further by making a law about it.

627 days ago

Lisa G    

I don't know if him giving that ring to someone else would be bad luck but it's certainly in bad taste. Who would do that??? Not Jason...he has shown himself to be a really decent guy. I knew he was too bland for Brit Brit from the beginning - even tho he is really good for her. That ring is gonna be sold to the highest bidder, someday.

627 days ago

Lisa G    

New year, new Britney? She's making a lot of changes. Maybe she's taking the reins back...The Vegas gig sounds like a good idea. I hope there's some truth to it and she really considers the stability of being in one place and letting fans come to her. Just for a year or so...not forever. If Celine got 100 mil per year, Britney should get a least that or more for a year's contract.

627 days ago

tired of hearing about them    

First .... Way to go Brittany for showing how it is done with class.

Second.... My ring was recycled, my hubby just added some extra stones to make it mine. I don't have a problem with it. Reset it and use it, don't leave it locked away.

627 days ago


too bad skank kartrashian can't learn a lesson here. She is a greedy ho.

627 days ago


Sad, I thought that they made a good couple. To bad for the kids that have become close to him considering that they have been together for quite a while now. As for the ring... No he should not use the ring for any other woman, It was meant for Britney.

627 days ago


Auction it off on Ebay.

627 days ago
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