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James Deen

Did You Bang Lindsay Lohan?

1/12/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Deen sounds like a man with a secret ... 'cause when we asked "The Canyons" star if he ever hooked up with his co-star Lindsay Lohan on the set of the film ... he didn't say "No."

Deen called in to "TMZ Live" on Friday to discuss Lindsay's on-set tirade directed at him ... when we asked if the argument could've stemmed from sexual tension.

After all ... it's not uncommon for a leading man to sleep with his leading lady ... especially when the leading man is a very active, very "talented" porn star.

Deen wouldn't give a definitive answer ... instead playfully tried to deflect, deflect and deflect.

So ... we gotta ask ...


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Who hasnt banged her thats how she gets hired in Jollywood thats her secret. Of course he boned he never said no she threatened to get him fired if he didnt give her the bone with all that BS screaming she was doing!

615 days ago


Don't care who banged whom, but his theory about the "misunderstanding" that supposedly led to her bad mood on set makes no sense except as a diplomatic maneuver to avoid trashing her. She's always in a bad mood when she hasn't has a vodka or happy pill fix in a while, anyway.
There wasn't any misunderstanding on her part, but my guess is that she was trying to insult him by the initial question. Why would an actor ask another actor why he took the same job she did? If she bothered to read, she would know he's hoping to move on from hard core porn. Getting in a bad mood over the casual answer "For fun" makes no sense either. Obviously he's not doing it for the money. She was trying to act superior to him, the subtext was "I'm a real actor and you're just a lowly porn star, didn't you see Parent Trap, Mean Girls, and Herbie Fully Loaded? Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah" and he didn't take the bait. That's why she tried to insult him again in front of other people during rehearsal. She was trying to prove how wonderfully experienced as a "real actor" she is compared to him and get him mad. He didn't get mad and even laughed at her nonsense. She really is the stereotypical mean girl, putting newcomers in their place since she rules the school. She must really hate him now. But he's on the way up and she's on the way down. Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah, Linds.

615 days ago


I think he did only if the script called for it and he had to. I don't think he'd want to take his work home. Strickly business and that had Lindsay pissed!

615 days ago


He tried to, but Jimmy Hoffa and Judge Crater were already in there.

615 days ago


@Regina Phalange

The problem with Sam is he/she is smarter than the average nut job. I like Sam because he/she keeps me on my toes. But I see how Sam stirs the pot.

615 days ago


If he did, I bet he was severely disappointed.

615 days ago


Even though James peen is suppose to be a whopper donkey dong even he couldn't fill that wind tunnel of Lindsays. She's pissed!

615 days ago


@ Sam you are bringing up valid intelligent points today. Excellent job. Could not agree more about porn-it is no longer on the fringes -it is mainstream and is not likely to ever go underground again. Long Live Porn.

615 days ago


When shooting was done, James took his peen and threw it over his shoulder and walked out on a bewildered Lindsay. She didn't get to come and was pissed.

615 days ago


Good Morning Regina sorry I missed it in my reply.

615 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Seriously, who cares? Like that would be some big achievement or something? Think he would **** her if he knew she had a history of shooting dope?

615 days ago


Why oh why didn't the nurse call the cops on Lindsay about the Taylor bracelet? She wouldn't have been able to squeese out of that one. We would be on the road to shutting this Ho down once and for all.

615 days ago


Morning Quiz:
Lindsay “I just want to be on set again, and left alone to just work!”Lohan was a nightmare:

a) "The Canyons"
b) " Glee"
c) "Liz & Dic"
d) "SM5"
e) all of the above

615 days ago


Have there been any Bitcho sightings? I am wondering if she is still in NY or has she headed west?

615 days ago



Did anyone catch the TMZ Live interview? He came out and said there were no vodka shots waiting at the end of a shooting day, so that was a lie. Lohan said, "But I never drank the shots."

What I can't wrap my head around is how Lindsay can so blatenly lie. Doesn't she realize that the person she is lying about can see and hear everything she says and does on TMZ and other rags. In this day and age you can't hide anything for long before the info is out there everywhere. She really is living in a delusional little world she made on her own. Thing is no one wants to go there.

615 days ago
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