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Quentin Tarantino

A Real Q & A-Hole

1/12/2013 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Quentin Tarantino threw a total hissy fit when asked if there was a connection between movie violence and real violence -- but he's one of the few people who probably doesn't mind putting his foot in his mouth.

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Home Skillet    

QT - I hope you're cringing today at how you handled this question. Martin Bashir is an excellent journalist who deserves much more respect than what you gave him - and, you know it. Apologize.

627 days ago


A cool dude who stuck it to a foreign thinking reporter who knew nothing about the arms control debate, which is true of most people. QT handled it well and wasn't trapped by the reporter, which was his intent. This whole debate is in the wrong direction and should be towards mental illness, PERIOD. I have played "combat games", been in combat, watched horror flics, combat flics, for over 50 years and own many different types of weapons with large magazines and haven't shot anyone! It's the nuts behind the bolts that do it.

627 days ago

Spicy mag    

He's probably tired of being asked or accused as if he did something wrong, about the violence in his movie and the recent shootings. So he flipped on the reporter. His movies never killed anyone, funny how before the video played there was a commercial for the NAVY.

627 days ago

BB not bb    

Muslim NWO shills like Bashir are pushing mind control. They would love to get rid of freedom of speech and expression. The jihadist rallies have them shouting F FREEDOM. That is what they think of our rights and our culture.

I would be mad too and I am glad that QT got mad and made this shill shut up instead. They tried to say that a youtube movie clip about Mohammaed caused the murders and attacks on our embassies, when in fact it was a planned event to coincide with 9/11. Now they want to say that any depiction of violence is promoting violence.

You know what showing violence does, it makes people think about it and talk about it. It makes it more in the realm of reason and contemplation than the realm of shock and awe. People study violence who want to prevent violence.

If no one studies the ways of the wolf, how can the sheep be protected?

627 days ago

BB not bb

Here watch this video on the Persian Gulf slave trade in Africa, in the 1960...'s!!!!

If this doesn't make your mind explode and bring you to tears and fury, I don't know how you can say you are against slavery and violence. On top of all of that, there is sexual exploitation, which is artistically depicted rather graphically at the end of this clip.

You notice how Bashir tried to be all polished and charming. He was like a dirty little snake trying to seduce Quentin. I will tell you what, the way Quentin exploded showed he was no homosexual either. The Muslims seem to get a very erotic thrill from enslaving people. Watch this video and see who is doing all of the buying.

Imagine if Quentin did a film on that and on rape? That would be awesome.

627 days ago


There's one video out there, I think TMZ, where a camera man asked Tarantino a question as he's exiting a restaurant/building. Tarantino looks at him and says "DON'T TALK TO ME!". It was the funniest damn thing. It happened a couple years ago, and I can't find the video anywhere, but it was freeking hilarious! The guy is a nut!

627 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

Yes but his fit would be so much more convincing if he were in, makeup and wardrobe (something from Queen Elizabeth's closet, maybe in powder blue).

627 days ago


I don't think he blew up, he just did not want to answer the question because like he said the interview was a commercial for his movie. The interviewer like QT said was looking for a shock value for his ratings.

627 days ago

Ozzie X    

So over this guy. ****y and condescending. He thinks his $%^& don't stink.

627 days ago


Oh, TMZ, I am so disappointed that you have jumped on the bias media band wagon. I would have expected to you be jumping on the journalists back for not respecting Tarantino's stand on not commenting. I totally have QT's back on this. The media spins EVERYTHING the way they want to go. This douche was no different. He had an agenda and QT wasn't biting. So the real question.... who was really the D***? More people should take that stand with journalists. The bias is so far out of control and people are such blinded sheep that they follow any spin they are fed.

627 days ago

BB not bb

Check out this video of Ben Shapiro debating Martin Bashir on the liberal bias in the enteratinment industry. Bashir is out to bash anyone who doesn't comply with his liberal, aka anti-gun anti-truth, point of view. Ben solidly handles this poseur of a jounralist and makes some truly excellent points.

627 days ago


Slightly off topic but I have never been able to stand the TMZ commentator. His voice drives me insane!

627 days ago

BB not bb

Here is Martin Bashir shouting down then kicking off the air Trey Hardin who was supporting the rights of military leaders to critisize Obama. Bashir told him that he had to take back a comment or he would be thrown off the air. Then he just threw him off for not taking back an astute remark that the reason chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Martin Dempsey, said the generals had no right to critisize the president, was becasue Dempsey is working for the president right now.

Now you want to talk about someone throwing a fit? Watch Bashir here while his guest laughs in his face before being cut off.

627 days ago

BB not bb    

My head is starting to hurt and I feel like throwing up from watching so many Martin Bashir interviews on youtube. This smarmy little shill is rude and extremely Obama/liberal biased. He is so fake it is sickening.

Now can you read between the lines here? Quentin tells him that he isn't his slave and will not dance to his tune and that he isn't his monkey. It seems that maybe QT is onto Bashir's agenda, and realizes that Bashir is trying to hypnotize people like the pied piper's rodents into dancing to his tune unto their death. Why does Bashir hate this movie so much? Is it because it is about people resisting slavery and mistreatment and dehumanization and fighting back? Does that conflict with the neat and tidy plan of world enslavement brought about by the seduction of Islam? Hmmm. Makes you wonder.

627 days ago



627 days ago
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