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Britney Spears & Jason Trawick

His Lips Are Sealed ...


1/13/2013 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0113_britney_jason_gettyOh, the stories Jason Trawick could tell, but never will ... because TMZ has learned he signed a confidentiality agreement with Britney Spears, preventing him from ever blabbing about their relationship.

According to our sources, Trawick was approached by Britney's team when Jason signed on to be a co-conservator, which came five months after they were engaged. We're told Trawick willingly signed the confidentiality agreement, which prevents him from talking to the press about his relationship with Britney.

However, a source close to the couple tells TMZ the two are still very close and he respects her too much to ever talk publicly about their time together ... confidentiality agreement or not.

As TMZ first reported, one of the major reasons behind the split was that Britney wanted more kids and Jason did not.


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Bobo Frog    

What's he gonna say that we don't already know? That she's totally insane and carries 8 different strains of herpes. We know this.

649 days ago


They didn't need to ask him to sign a confidentialy agreement. They should know better that he is not the type of guy that would do that. Britney, you just lost out on the greatest guy because of your selfishness. You will not find a better man than Jason Trawick.

649 days ago


Well, Duh... Her dad doesn't want the whole world to know just how F'n CRAZY she is...

649 days ago


he could always let people smell his arm, right?

649 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

It's not like we don't already know that she has cancles and bites her toenails.

649 days ago


I thought Jason was her first husband .. And then she married K. and had his two children.

649 days ago


This is all way to strange.

I have analyzed Britney I hear is what i think is happening.

Britney is extremely depressed,and has been for years,since her breakdown she has never been the same. Her Family and Entourage put her under this conservatorship to "help her",try to stabilize her life and make her happy .Taking away her individuality,her rights has a parents,her life,and most of all ,ALL her Money.

They Find Pawns to try and keep Britney Happy.

-Lets Find Britney a "husband',Love is maybe what she needs.She will shut up 5min at least.So they find Jason Trawick.At first it starts off great,Britney likes him,its all flowers and roses.Until She realize that he isn't right at all.(Probably after her Money)

-Lets Put Britney on X-Factor,Easy Money,and Britney would be in the Spotlight again,And What the Heck ,Everyone is doing it even my old pall Christina Aguilera ,and I'm making more money than her 15 MILLION.I SHOULD BE HAPPY.
Britney maintains appearances on the show but quickly people sees she is completely out of it.Looking Drugged and Crazy.She goes into depression.

-She than makes a song with Will-I-am:"Scream and Shout".(hidden message?).Britney way of trying to fight back against everything in her life and the conservatorship

-Britney realizes she cannot keep up this charade with Jason Trawick her alleged "fiance",who at the end,doesn't understand at all Britney.He was just a pawn that her Parent found her to distract her and make her Happy.For a While..

-Britney has than had enough She randomly quits X-factor.This is not for her,and What the heck 15Million is nothing.
She than decide to kick Jason Trawick out.She wants to rebels herself from the conservatorship.
She makes us this Boggus Story about how She wanted more Kids and He didn't.She goes under a depression again.

Her Parents,Entourage out of distressed,realize than they need to something and FAST.Britney our sweet little daughter(Milking cow) is in going crazy let's find something BIG she could be looking for to make her Happy.So we can Keep Living the Good Life.
OH I KNOW,Why not send her off to Vegas and get a 100++ Millions contract to do shows.Because she is a perfomer,maybe Being Back on Stage will make her Happy again and "stable".
Big Money= HAPPY HAPPY BRITNEY ,Smile for the camera.

On going story...Stay tuned

Lets Find Britney a "Husband" so she can shut up.
It work fine,til Britney realized eventhough this g

649 days ago


He seems like a stand-up guy. If Britney gets involved with a new man down the road, hopefully he is as concerned for her as Jason was.

649 days ago


I'm not so sure his lips are "legally sealed." I could be wrong, you TMZ peeps have let me know I have been wrong before, but I think he might have been the last bastion of making Britney be whatever she was without all the entertainment/$$ thing. I can't help the Vegas thing and her family and handlers seeing those dollar signs kicked him to the curb. Maybe he was the last stronghold for her sanity. I don't blame him from running "They" win. I'm not sure she will survive this.

649 days ago


The Devil Brittany looks but Ugly!

649 days ago


What would this guy tells us we dont know already? that she is crazy for wanting his kids and she should stay on with xfactor but knew she was going to get fired so she quit.
Is he going to tell us that she is going to vegas and expects shared custody in another state ?? im sure when she knew she getting booted off xfactor she asked him for babies and then he said no so she told everyone she quit and go to vegas..

i wish her luck as im sure kfed not going to be dropping off kids fridays in vegas for her to be a weekend mom and im sure kfed is not giving up his monthly child support and yank his kids out of a stable school enviroment they have with three other sisters at kfeds house. I cant see kfed giving up shared custody and that 30k a month in child support he gets. cant see it.

if britney was not ill she would retire and raise her kids and get full custody of them . i hope she dosent end up like her grandmother(her fathers mother) who shot herself at age 32 in a cemetary. mental gene pools you know.

649 days ago


Jason Trawick isn't "STUPID"!!! He's not wealthy and needs to attract high profile clients to make a living. Of course, he's not going to say a "WORD" about their relationship. Doing so would essentially end his career. Whatever is really going on behind the scenes, he's no longer "OBLIGATED" to concern himself about what happens to Britney Spears. I suspect she's really not able to commit to "ANY" long-term obligations due to her "fluctuating" mental state. The change of booking/management agencies was probably a "preemptive" move on her family's part to avoid something much more embarrassing. Don't be surprised if this Las Vegas venture goes "NO WHERE"!!!

649 days ago


Yeah, God forbid the agreement doesn't include ner not talking about him. I believe it would be reciprocal. This nonsense you sites make up makes me sick.

649 days ago


...Don't worry people J-Tray just uploaded the sex tape.

Hit your favorite p2p site for the answer we've all been waiting for and wanting all of these years:


As a Christian I won't watch it.

But I might listen to the audio.

649 days ago


At least Jason was decent enough to make his $$, be honest and hit the bricks. He did not hang on to her, make a baby/life time meal ticket, cheat, and make her problems even worst. Clean break.

649 days ago
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